Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memo to Jon Russell: Lying about your education.

Reading the American Legion Magazine today, I came across a fascinating article on page 62, "Congress, by the numbers."

The most interesting factoid?

27 Representatives and 1 Senator have no degree beyond a high school diploma.

So Jon, when you lied about having a degree, it was totally unnecessary. It clearly didn't make any difference to those elected to the highest levels of government in the country today.

Odd that they could do it without lying, and you couldn't.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Guilt by Association?" The wierdness zone, Jon Russell and Steve "Cold Hard Cash" Stuart.

So, Steve "Unmarked Bills" Stuart was out and about today. And what was he doing?

He, Stuart, was PERSONALLY taking his 4x8'S off Russell's 4X8 frames, removing Russell's signs, and then replacing them with the signs he'd screwed on directly over the top Russell's as shown in the post below.

How weird.

Of course, I'm sure Stuart's had a few questions to answer just like Russell over his strange bed fellows.

How sad is it that Russell is so screwed up that he's given his locations and his wood to a fringe left democrat like Stuart, instead of Alan Svehaug, Stuart's GOP challenger?

And how sad is it for Stuart that he can't use his own wood and put up his own signs?

But to take Russell's signs down... and then put his own back up using Russell's wood, as if none of this had happened?

That is totally bizarre.

Note the Svehaug 4X8 attached to what had formerly been a Republican sign. Note the obvious signs of removal and re-attachment on Stuart's 4X8.

Why didn't Russell invite Svehaug instead of Stuart to use his sign locations and frames?

Inquiring minds want to know.

And Steve... Jon... I've got people everywhere.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Guilt by association?" The curious case of Jon Russell... and Steve "Easy Money" Stuart

What's wrong with this picture?

In a political world where likes attract, here's the curious case of Jon Russell and Steve "I can be bought" Stuart.

Now, the scummier elements touting both Russell and Herrera generally, but Russell specifically, TRIED to run the scam that one of Russell's many political opponents was only masquerading as a Republican and that, in fact, she was a democrat. Russell's slithering lackey, Gary Wiram, was particularly fond of lying that way.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that Russell had given at least three of his 4X8 sign locations and frames to Steve "Unmarked bills, Mr. Barnett" Stuart... democrat... who proceeded to put his signs directly over the top of Russell's.

(Note the first layer of corregated plastic behind Stuart's sign. That's Russell's sign.)

No hypocrisy there, eh, Gary? Where's your sniveling about that?

Stuart, the most corrupt elected official known here locally today, who holds his office by virtue of a little $100,000 "gift" bundled through Progressive Majority (Not unlike a $40,000 gift bundled through "Unite Here", likely from the same source for Tim "The Liar" Leavitt. (Never forget: "Cash" Stuart was a major player in Leavitt's campaign)) from Cowlitz Casino developer David Barnett; Stuart is one of the people making a serious effort to saddle 65,000 commuters with a thousand dollars or more in tolls per year to screw them to pay for a bridge and loot rail system Stuart wants, but certainly won't have to pay for.

That brings me to the Russell-Stuart connection.

This entire blog is devoted to the fact that politically, Russell isn't anything close to the act he puts on. So now, I've got to ask: why is Russell doing Stuart this particular favor?

Now, I get that Stuart is terrified. There's enough money being put together out there to end his political world, especially now, where Stuart is caught up in having the decidedly wrong brand (democrat) and the decidedly wrong plan (hurting tens of thousands of county voters for his own agenda.)

Stuart is pro-abortion, pro tax, pro big government.

So, how is it that he's been given at least 3 prime Russell sign locations to the extent that all he had to do put his own signs directly over Russell's?

Is this what David Madore had in mind when he maxed out to Russell?

I don't think so.

Is it possible that Stuart is just taking the sign frames without Russell's knowledge or permission?

I don't think so.

All of which begs the question:

Why would Jon Russell allow Steve Stuart to do this? I mean, all of TeacherJudyBanks' followers were/are leftists, save one... but this is ridiculous.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

I've got to wonder: when is Russell going to endorse Rivers?

OK, the dust has settled. Russell's had a few days to get used to the idea that his political life is over.

The question is this: when is he going to endorse Rivers?

There's a been a lot of talk about unifying behind Ridgefield Barbie, no matter how unearned, undeserving, clueless and ignorant she may be so that we can get someone... anyone... in the seat with an R after their name.

But none of that talk seems to have seeped over into the 18th District, where Jon Russell brought all of his abysmal campaign skills from his disastrous run at Congress to an equally disastrous run in at the state representative level.

In large part, Russell himself bears the responsibility for that. In another part, a complete political moron by the name of Gary Wiram bears responsibility for helping Jon acquire the reputation of sliminess he's achieved, with a series of slithering pieces that seemed to mostly fail to mention that he was still getting a pay check from Russell... what little Russell could afford given his unbelievably awful fund raising abilities.

Hopefully, all of Russell's supporters have learned some valuable lessons here. Now the question is this:

Will Russell unequivocally endorse Rivers?

And why am I not holding my breath, since he hasn't done it yet?

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So... what happened to Jon Russell's campaign Facebook page?

I mean, he's still lying about having a degree of any kind on it... and his mention of McKenna (as if McKenna knows he's alive) as a faux endorsement is still in his picture package... but that's not what I'm referring to.

Go to Russell's wall,
and dozens, if not hundreds of comments have, well, disappeared. His last comment was March 19th. THE last posting was June 15th.

Does that mean he doesn't want to pray for the winners of the primary any more?

Facebook has been a useful tool in documenting Russell's lies about himself and nailing him over his sock-puppets. Is that why he took all that stuff down? Is it a "technical" issue?

Time will tell... and so will I.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A little more perspective, please, Jon.

I saw this blurb in the Columbian:

Russell concedes in 18th, urges prayers for winner

Blog: Political Beat


Republican Jon Russell, who made a strong showing in the competitive 18th District primary race, kept his fingers crossed until Friday, thinking he still had a chance to edge top fund-raiser Ann Rivers for the second spot. But on Friday, trailing by 1,400 votes, he conceded.

Russell, a Washougal city councilman, did not endorse either Rivers or Democrat Dennis Kampe, who took the top spot. Instead, he congratulated them both and issued this statement:

"I encourage my supporters to lift them up in prayer, to be equipped to meet the extreme pressure they will face, if elected in November. I also ask you to hold the winning candidate accountable to abide by the Founding Fathers' view of the Constitution on every vote."

Russell noted that he spent just $16,000 and managed to win 7,293 votes, while Rivers,a Republican political consultant, raised more than $60,000 and received just 8,729 votes.

Kathie Durbin

It seems just a little odd to me that neither Russell nor the paper mentioned the $30,000 he raised and spent along with the 6 month advantage of campaigning for the 3rd Congressional seat that Russell had over Rivers.

So, in reality, Russell spent $46,000 for this effort and campaigned for 6 months longer than Rivers.

Now, I understand why Russell wouldn't want to mention that, since his congressional race was a train wreck from the get go and his state race was a disaster.

But at the end of the day, Russell effectively campaigned for FIFTEEN MONTHS and spent a fair amount of money only to wind up with this typical-for-Russell abysmal outcome.

Perspective, Jon. It's what's for dinner.

Face it, Jon, you got beat by a superior candidate. A superior fundraiser (How embarrassing is it that even after running for Congress you couldn't raise any money?) and someone who didn't have to lie about her education; superior to yours as it is; or what her spouse was as opposed to you calling your wife a "doctor."

YOU had EVERY advantage when Rivers started to campaign, in everything from money spent to name familiarity to the fact that you were an elected city councilman who could, and did, use their position as a campaign prop.

And you lost anyway.

You need to learn the fine art of introspection. You didn't lose because Rivers had the money.

You lost because of who you are and what you did during the course of the campaign. It was, in fact, yours to lose and you pulled it off brilliantly.

The end.

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More Russell supporters check in!

EVERY... body... is a critic!

You can tell the most hardcore Russell supporter... primarily because literacy isn't a hallmark.

Everyone in Clark County hopes you get hi by a bus.

By Anonymous on Local wrap up. (Leg races) at 8:33 AM

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Local wrap up. (Leg races)

Most votes are in, and few races at the primary level are subject to change as a result of late ballots.

The top two in the 18th were essentially pre-ordained. The democrats ran a single candidate, Dennis Kampe, so his ascension to the general was more or less assured, and his 33%+ got the job done.

Unfortunately, for the dems in the 18th, the 33% figure is particularly weak going into the general when the remaining 66%+ represents an activated GOP in what is increasingly certain to be a GOP year.

Ann Rivers is the leading Republican. Her 27%+ represents almost half of the entire GOP vote in the 18th (Spread out among 4 GOP candidates)… with around 11% going to the 2 independents.

Kampe is hamstrung by his classic democrat themes that have been such a poor fit in this fiscally conservative district. His support of the bridge/light rail project dooms his candidacy as that support dooms the candidacy of anyone outside the Soviet Socialist Republic of Vancouver, since no justification that passes the straight face test can be found for this colossal waste of time and money. He will have to support the unconstitutional and hated-in-the-district state income tax, all while opposing privatization as a philosophy generally and the effort to privatize the state monopoly on liquor sales specifically dooms him out of the gate.

It is not government’s function to provide jobs, particularly the most expensive jobs imaginable (union) as a justification to slam the residents of Clark County generally and the commuting population in particular with billions in debt that will not be paid off over the life of the next generation merely to get light rail into this county.

Further, Dennis has the wrong letter after his name. Any democrat elected makes it just that much more difficult to bring some level of fiscal sanity back to the legislature.

Rivers rightfully opposes any bridge that will burden the local economy by blowing a $100,000,000+ hole in the disposable income of 65,000 commuters through tolls.

While I would go much farther by opposing the replacement of the current, perfectly serviceable bridge, being replaced entirely and only to bring light rail into Vancouver; making this the most expensive and unnecessary public works project for its purpose in, perhaps, the history of the planet; if we must have this bridge, requiring that it be built without crippling economic impact locally is not a bad compromise.

Further, she has ideas concerning true government transparency, budgeting processes, restoration of I-960, small business tax and regulatory relief that would, even if Kampe did support such concepts, put him at odds with the rest of his caucus.

Rivers’ understanding of the district, her experience in the system, her vision, her use of available assets to address the issues confronting us and her conservative values make her the obvious choice in the 18.

The remainder of the candidates ran various types of races. Some, like Russell, used character assassination, lies and exaggeration as campaign techniques. As the Columbian pointed out:
“Russell, the owner of a Washougal medical clinic, dropped out of the 3rd Congressional District race in February and entered the 18th District contest, where he struggled with fundraising and questions about his educational background.”
With increasing rumor of the formation of a recall effort abounding, formal investigation by the Health Systems Quality Assurance Board, several pending Public Disclosure Commission Complaints all looming on the horizon, Russell isn’t in a terribly comfortable place. Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of him at any political level, given his rejection by the voters.

Next is Brandon Vick. Brandon was hamstrung, perhaps, by bad advice from Hal Palmer, who wound up working with Vick after Shannon Barnett ran into “personal problems” and had to leave the election. Palmer had been running Barnett’s abortive effort, and Barnett ran into the problem of his almost 20-year long employer maxing out… to Ann Rivers while not giving him a dime, certainly a problematic issue for Barnett.

Much like Russell brought his abysmal congressional campaign fund raising skills to the table, Palmer brought his abysmal political skills to the table for Brandon. Vick could not overcome bad advice and a horrific work schedule (a schedule that forced him to run a minimal campaign as real life job requirements limited his available campaign time) so he received a very small vote (5.6%)

But don’t let that fool you. Vick is quality goods with a strong core and good values. He speaks very well in public, connects with his audience and has a very good future in the political world. He’s one to keep an eye on.

Bittner was a joke who will cause major problems for anyone else who tries to run from his position of, effectively, being a child. The 350 votes he got was about 349 more then he deserved.

All in all, it was a tough race, made tougher by the interference of Russell’s goon squad, buttressed by misguided Herrera supporters who rather stupidly believed they could attack Ann by attacking me.

What a waste of time that was for them.

In the 17th District, Brain Peck smacked Tim Probst upside the electoral head. Peck should wind up with 52%+ of the vote as the traditional right-breaking ballots come in over the next few days. Probst, using incumbency, has raised 3 times the money of Peck. Peck, on the other hand, has proven that money isn’t everything. Message, party affiliation and energy all have an impact on outcomes in races… and this stands as additional proof that the 17th, a classically swing district, is swinging back to the right.

Paul Harris gained 54% in his race in the 17th, taking out Martin Hash and Monica Stonier.

Hash filed short form as he mailed in his campaign, more or less, and wound up getting the endorsement of the Columbian. Stonier, who has the democrat establishment behind her, is laboring under the misconception that as an Obama delegate to the democrat national convention, Obama’s horrific performance won’t hang around her neck like a big gold chain.

Put these two in the R column as pick ups.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update 4: The growing List of Reasons to Vote Against Russell

(This post will remain at the top of the post list until after Russell is defeated in the primary. Please scroll down for new posts. Check the Blog Archive list in the right column for new listings)

The fact is, and this blog makes no bones about it, I despise Jon Russell.

It has been my misfortune to have known Russell for 6 years on a professional level.

Back in 2004, I was consulting on a local House campaign when HROC foisted Russell on us. Russell was fresh out of the Midwest... and he proved to be an unmitigated disaster.

It got so bad that we demanded, and HROC acquiesced, to keeping this guy away from the campaign.

The entirety of the relationship between Russell and myself is summed up in my second phone call from Russell, where he asked me if I had our campaign opponent's social security number.

I didn't have it. I didn't want it. And if I DID have it, I wouldn't have given it to him.

But that he would even ask me for such a thing? That's set the tone for the years that have followed.

Make no mistake about it: this guy is the prototype of the career politician.

Everything he's done has been aimed at getting elected... to something. Every position held? A campaign prop.

Right now, he has a pregnant wife that he will cheerfully leave behind with an infant and two toddlers as he's playing the big shot... first in DC, until it became even obvious to him that his congressional campaign was DOA, something I had known for months; and now in Olympia.

What kind of man would do that?
The kind of man that would ask for someone's social security number to do them harm.

The kind of man who would send out canned letters as part of a campaign ploy, acting as if they were spontaneous expressions for support of this clown.

The kind of man who would deny any responsibility for the debacle of Washougal City Government that HE, PERSONALLY, is responsible for.

The kind of man who would deny us the right to choose our own candidates, and who, were he to get his way, deny us the right to vote for people like Joe Zatrelli, Ed Orcutt, Don Benton, Marc Boldt and Tom Mielke.

The kind of man who would lie to others about the role he's played in working to stop the Cowlitz Casino.

The kind of man who would lie to the Precinct Committee Officers of this district about how much money he's raised and what his wife's job is.

The kind of man who would talk a great game about illegal aliens, but not even bother to show up to speak at or listen to the Woodland Resolution debate about that very subject.

The kind of man who claims to be a conservative, but who made thousands trying to ram the Vancouver Port Levy down our throats... like any other political mercenary.

The kind of man who would leave Washougal's government in a mess with a missing $100,000 so he could climb another step on his political career ladder.

The kind of man who would hire an unbondable buddy as Washougal's city finance director.

The kind of man who would support that horrific bridge replacement/loot rail plan that will blow a $100,000,000 a year hole in our local economy.

The kind of man who would lie about someone personally in an effort to discredit them.

The kind of man who would take balloons away from kids because they had the wrong logo on them.

The kind of man who would take credit for getting rid of Sellers while failing to explain his cowardly silence while she was still around.

The kind of man who would attack others for being the very thing he, himself, is: a career politician.

The kind of man who would constantly portray his wife as a doctor, even advertising that lie, when she clearly is not.

The kind of man who would lie about getting a college degree.

The kind of man who would lie to the 18th District Precinct Committee Officers about how much money he had raised, his education and that his wife is a doctor.

The kind of man who would deliberately violate state Public Disclosure Commission law.... and violate that law for months.

The kind of man who would make up a fake name to comment on stories involving his political opponents.
These are many of the reasons I oppose his candidacy. He has a history of tossing others under a bus, lying about others, exaggerating his own accomplishments and denigrating those opposing him... quite unnecessarily.

And THAT is what WE should have representing US?

I think not.

Who I voted against.

Well the first ones were easy. I'd dive face first into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before I'd vote for Ridgefield Barbie or Jon "No Traction" Russell.

For senate, it was tough, but the coin flip determined that GoodSpaceGuy gets the nod (The other choice was "Mike the Mover" but he doesn't stand a chance. heh.)

For Congress, I voted against the empty suit and Hedrick. The military issue was just too big to overcome. And while I haven't yet received confirmation of anything (ahhh, bureaucracy) the web site and DD 214 issue were just too much for me to get past. Jaime Herrera Watch explains the dozens of reasons to vote against the political waste of skin foisted on us by Cathy McMorris, who doesn't even live here.

In the 18th, I voted against Russell and Bittner and Carson. Jon Russell Watch lays out the 100 or so reasons to keep Russell from getting elected to anything; Bittner is a disgrace to the electoral process, and Carson just flipped out in a despicable effort to gain attention for himself.

For judges/justices: I voted against "democrat party endorsed" Wiggins, Chushcoff, Rumbaugh and Johanson

For County Commissioner, I voted against Steve "I can be bought if the price is right" Stuart. As a wholly owned tribal subsidiary, voting against Stuart was an easy choice.

For Assessor, I voted against Weaver and Horowitz. Neither are remotely qualified.

For Prosecutor, I voted against Golik. He's a union thug, supported by union thugs, and unfit to de-weed the Padden Parkway, electorally speaking.

For Clerk, I voted against Parker, since she's also a union thug and has no problem breaking the law with her campaign signs.

For Treasurer, I voted against the democrat.

While it sucks for the local GOP, there's a major likelihood that I'll be the next PCO from this precinct. And I do so look forward to reorg this December.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take 2: Jon Russell: With "friends" like these, who needs enemies?

Earlier, I pointed out where someone who was "friends" with Russell on Facebook keeps sending me "stuff."

In this case, the "stuff" I've been sent includes a little tidbit that confirms an allegation I made against Russell on June 12: Man: That Russell and his canned letters... a real yuk fest.

Seems he was so desperate to find people who'd lie about him that he actually sent out an email recruiting them.

Now it sucks bad enough if you have to beg people to write letters for you, but something like this?
From: Jon Russell <jonrussell75@gmail.com>
Subject: Letters to the editor....Additional Info
To: jon@electjonrussell.com
Date: Saturday, July 10, 2010, 12:56 AM

Dear Supporters,
Time is running short for this primary election. Will you take 5 minutes to write a paragraph or two in support of campaign? If so, I need you write a letter to the editor and send it via email. These letters really matter. Please let me know when you have sent your letter. If you are not a strong writer or don't have the time, we can send you a prewritten letter crafted by one of our volunteers, if you agree with its content you can sign off on it and send it in. Be sure to add your name, phone & address at the bottom on the letter. BCC your letter to the media outlets listed below.

Thanks Jon

Various links.
Only a "Russell" could provide "pre-written" letters.

This particular blurb came from someone named "Chuck."

"Chuck" also sent me a screen capture of Russell's personal Facebook page, where, if you're a "friend," you get to see this:

Yup. Even after have been caught lying about his fake, non-existent college degree, Russell still insists on lying about his education; here claiming to have a 4 year degree in Political Science from Thomas Edison, class of '09.


Well, politically, it's all going to be over soon. After he loses the primary, he'll soon be facing a recall election from what I hear, and then, of course, the investigations from the Public Disclosure Commission and the State Health people over that fake doctor nonsense his wife's had to deal with...

I get that it sucks to be him. But after he becomes a footnote in this election and in politics generally, it's going to suck a whole lot more.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

So, Russell keeps telling us he "owns" this Medical Clinic.

Odd, that.

We see it here on his campaign web site:

Owner of Columbia Gorge Medical Center and
Grass Valley Medical Clinic (Coming September 2010 on the corner of 192nd & 20th in Vancouver)

We see it along with his lie about his wife being a doctor in the Vancouver Business Journal:

We see it on his Facebook page, where he also continues to lie about having an AA:

But you know where we don't see it?

Anywhere in the state records.

So, I look up "Jon Russell" and "Columbia Gorge Medical Center" in the State Licensing Data Base and you know what I get?


You might be wondering what, exactly, is "Northern Concepts, LLC?

Well, that was the company name he used to get paid almost $10,000 from the Port of Vancouver to dry and jack our taxes up to the stratosphere.

According to the PDC, From the “Citizens for a Strong Economy Pac” (The Port’s Levy PAC) in the recent election debacle.


How do I know he’s “Northern Concepts” and “NW Concepts?”
Jon Russell

Russell, 31, was appointed to serve on council in September 2006, after Mary Bosley resigned for health reasons.He owns Northern Concepts, LLC, in Washougal.

The address?

1431 D St. Washougal, WA. 98671
NW Concepts?

That’s reported under a non-existent address in Vancouver, purely an oversight, I’m sure.

1431 D St. VANCOUVER, WA 98671

It’s probably safe to say that it isn’t “Vancouver,” it’s Washougal.

So, what we have here is a history of something less than stellar campaigning… and something less then fiscal conservatism. In fact, the IDD Levy, had it been successful, would have cost the taxpayers of the Port District millions.

So, we have a candidate here that, by his own actions, puts the TAX in TAX AND SPENDER.

Taking it a step further, we look for incorporation papers at the Secretary of State's Office.

Corporations Division - Registration Data Search

Neither the State of Washington nor any agency, officer, or employee of the State of Washington warrants the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information in the Public Access System and shall not be liable for any losses caused by such reliance on the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of such information. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, portions may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity who relies on information obtained from the System does so at his or her own risk.

UBI Number 602632670
Category LLC
Profit/Nonprofit Profit
Active/Inactive Active
State Of Incorporation WA
Date of Incorporation 07/14/2006
Expiration Date 07/31/2011
Dissolution Date
Registered Agent Information

Address 1431 D ST

State WA
ZIP 98671

Special Address Information

Governing Persons

Title Name Address

So, what's it all mean?

I've got to tell you... I don't really know.

But isn't it the tiniest bit bizarre that the name of an owner isn't also listed as a "governing person" or at least a "Registered Agent?"

Seems weird to me. And I bet he's got a darned good reason to have disappeared from the paper work.

I just can't think of one off hand.