Thursday, June 10, 2010

So, back in May.... why did Jon Russell lie to the PCO's about the money?

Earlier, I smacked Brandon Vick for lying to the PCO's at the District 18 meeting on 22 May about how much money he had raised to that point. He had claimed he'd raised $8100 when records he submitted showed he had raised $6000 in cash and in kinds or so at the time of the meeting... overstating the amount he had by a third or so.

That leads me to Jon Russell. Russell had already told us his wife was a "physician," which is completely untrue. So, the moment he told the PCO's that he had $10,000, I knew he was lying... again. But lacking the proof, you've got to let it go... which I did... until today.

According to the records provided by Russell, who for whatever the reason continues to file manually instead of electronically, Russell had raised $5421 in cash and in-kinds at the end of the last filing period: May 10 for April.

Now, when it comes to cash for this race, Russell shows that he's raised

March - $3125
April - $1496
May - $2031 (+597 from himself)

$6652 (plus, of course, the 597 from himself.)

He has raised, he claims, $9024 in cash and in kinds.

Now, at the time of the meeting when he'd claimed he'd raised $10,000, the record he'd submitted shows that he had raised $1445 or so in addition to what he was showing at the last reporting period: $5421 in cash and in kinds.

So, when he claimed that he had raised this mythical $10,000, he had, in fact, raised closer to $6900 or so... overstating the amount he'd raised to the PCO's by roughly 40% or so.


His congressional campaign proved beyond any doubt how badly he sucked at raising money; that ability hasn't magically improved. Jon, you suck at raising money.

Why lie about it, especially to your own PCO's?

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