Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Richard Blumenthal of the 18th Strikes again: Jon Russell lies about getting his college degree.

So, on Russell's web site, it says this:
Jon’s experience in politics started as he was working on his degree in political science first at Vincennes University and finished his degree at Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, NJ
And that's fine. Thomas Edison is a fully accredited College.

There's only one problem:

While Russell may have attended there... he didn't graduate. So, while lying about getting a degree is right up there with getting a matchbook cover degree from a degree mill, that all begs the issue:

Why does he lie about it?

I checked with the fine folks here:

Thomas Edison State College
Office of the Registrar
Phone # 609-984-1180
Fax # 609-777-0477

In discussions with the Office of the Registrar at that school, a records check indicated that they had not "awarded any degree to Mr. Russell."

Unless, of course, the plain meaning of the phrase: "and finished his degree at Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, NJ" has some other meaning besides the obvious meaning of the term.

Why am I not surprised?

This is from yet another anon tip I received that said the following:

Anonymous said...

He was questioned last year about his education as well. He would write on his bio the colleges he attended. When questioned about degrees it was left blank. Now he states he has an AA in Political Science. Which is only offered as a BA..You calls himself a Christian...Reminds me of Sarah Palin, all smiles no substance...Full of sh*t...

The Palin issue aside, I did not publish this remark until I could verify it.

It is now verified.

Richard Blumenthal has nothing on Russell.

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