Tuesday, August 3, 2010

18th District Wrap Up.

More numbers are out for the 18th. Most of them speak for themselves.

Details BITTNER ANTHONY R... $4,571.77....... $1,338.08

Details KAMPE DENNIS C D ........$29,868.75 ..$21,202.19

Details RIVERS ANNA M R...........$64,319.15...$51,893.62

Details RUSSELL JON D R............$16,097.49......$13,437.02

Details VICK BRANDON P R.........$7,633.04...... $6,943.65

The others running but not fund raising include the excitable Rich Carson, and Jon Haugen.

With the NRA's endorsement of Ann Rivers and her continuing enviable fund raising prowess, unmatched by all the other candidates combined, The Vancouver Business Journal called it right when they named her the Republican front-runner. She banked around $8700.... last week.

Dennis Kampe, the lone announced democrat running (Jon Haugen ran for the state senate against Zarelli as a democrat back in 08) Banked a respectable $2400 or so for the week.

Jon Russell impressed, just not the way he might think; by banking $160, $60 of which came from Russell himself.

Brandon Vick, whose family landscaping business must be in the height of their season, has not raised any reported funds since June 20.

Anthony Bittner stopped campaigning months ago. He last reported income in April, and last filed a C4 (Expenses) for May; he's skipped all campaign events to include parades, editorial boards, forums and CVTV's video voter guide. He does not have a picture or statement in the Voter's Pamphlet, although he claims he submitted both.

Do these kinds of numbers guarantee victory for Rivers? Of course not. In a primary scenario, one need go back no farther then the legendary Burkman-Campbell primary for state representative back in, what was it.... 06?

But the fact remains that Rivers is receiving the most POLITICAL support in addition to her monetary accomplishments.

Russell has gone increasingly negative, following the pattern that, well, has resulted in precisely zero political victories around here for candidates where Russell has received a pay check, to include $16,000 from Liz Pike.

His minions are scrambling. But he lacks the time and money needed; too many people know about his proclivity to lie and exaggerate; too many are turned off by his use of Washougal City Government as a campaign prop and far too many find it impossible to believe, as he finds it plausible to believe, that he bears no responsibility for the Beverly Hillbillies type government in place on his watch.

Brandon Vick has worked hard and well. He hasn't been able to devote the time he's needed to run an all out campaign but he's done the best that could be expected under the circumstances.

Bittner, on the other hand, seemed to think that all he needed to do was file and put up a few signs.

Good luck with that.

The "independents" running for this gig have yet to address the "how are you going to get anything done" aspect of the "what next?" in the equation.

Out numbered 97 to 1, chances are few that they could get anything done, or keep anything harmful from getting done.

It's been a fascinating 8 months are so... a learning experience for some, and exercise in futility for others. And we'll know 2 weeks from today who moves on... and who moves into obscurity.

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