Thursday, July 1, 2010

Complaint filed with Health Systems Quality Assurance Board: It is illegal to advertise or identify yourself as a doctor unless, well, you're a doctor

Yesterday, Clark County Politics filed a formal complaint with the Health Systems Quality Assurance Board concerning Jon and Sarah Russell.

The complaint alleges that Jon and Sarah Russell have deliberately misrepresented Sarah Russell as a doctor.

The evidence consists of the article that Jon Russell arranged to have changed almost 90 days after it was published, and the ad in the Camas Post Record, both identifying Sarah Russell as a doctor.

The evidence concerning the article where Russell indicated that Sarah Russell was a doctor, only to change it when I mentioned it in my blog is located here; the screen capture where they advertised Sarah Russell as a doctor in the Camas Post Record is here.

Again, I have no idea why they felt compelled to lie about Sarah Russell's status. I cant even begin to understand why they feel the need to advertise an "Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner" as a doctor... or as anything else besides, well, an advanced registered nurse practitioner... unless there's some sort of requirement that a health clinic have medical doctor oversight.

ONCE may be a mistake. THREE times? Well, that's a pattern of lies.

Regardless. That this alleged Christian conservative would systematically and deliberately lie about his wife; both verbally (I witnessed him telling the 18th District PCO's on May 22 that his wife was a "physician) AND IN WRITING (In the Vancouver Business Journal and in the ad in the Camas Post Record) WOULD tend to cast doubt on his fitness to hold office.

Because if he would lie about something as unnecessary as that... where does it end? What else would he lie about? When do we believe him?

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  1. On the clinic door it says:

    Sarah Russell FPN C

    Whatever that means?

  2. Haven't a clue. What I know the state calls her is this:

    "Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner."

  3. It'll probably say something else tomorrow.