Saturday, August 7, 2010

Columbian smacks Russell for using Washougal city council as a campaign prop.

Three or four months late and several dollars short, the local paper busts Russell in the jaw:
Jeers: To more grandstanding at the Washougal City Council meeting over illegal immigration. This is a legitimate national issue but a distraction at a small-town city council meeting. With little public notice, the council last month passed a motion asking the state Legislature to adopt a law similar to Arizona’s, which is already being challenged in the courts. This week it was back before the council. It’s no coincidence that its most partisan supporter on the council, Jon Russell, is running for state Legislature. Rather than arguing the issue within Washougal’s government, a much better way would be to organize a debate and invite informed speakers from all perspectives.
Russell, who previously has whined that nothing in the debacle of the Washougal city council is his fault, now seems to be able to make them do anything he wants, whenever he wants it.

Odd, that.

He's even sniveling on Facebook about it, as are some of his winged monkeys, at least one of them a paid weasel, Gary Wiram.

But more and more people are seeing through the facade of Russell, who seems incapable of accepting either responsibility or telling the truth.

Yeah.... it sucks to be him. But it's going to suck even more when the state's done investigating the fake doctor scam, and the fake degree scam, and all of the other issues outlined on this blog.

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