Sunday, August 1, 2010

Opening the floor to Russell Supporters.

As one might expect considering, I'm getting a fair number of "you lie" comments by the Russellians.

So, here you have it.

I want all of you who actually support this guy to come in here and set me straight.

"I lie" about Russell?

Swell. Prove it. Show the world where I lied.

Russell has violated the PDC law of this state.

Russell has claimed a degree he doesn't have from a school that doesn't provide the degree he says he completed.

Russell has repeatedly referred to his wife as a doctor.

Russell lied to the PCO's about his education and how much money he had raised.

Russell was chairman of the City Finance Committee while $100,000 disappeared.

Russell was in the same position when he supported hiring an unbondable buddy as city finance director... a job that it cost the city 10's of thousands of taxpayer dollars to fire this guy from.

Russell made over $10,000 as a consultant, trying to get the horrific tax increase of the Vancouver Port Levy, the largest locally imposed tax increase in our history.

Russell's supporters condemn Ann Rivers for a Liz Pike fundraiser... and Jon Russell raised $16,000+ for his company from her, himself!

Russell has claimed congressional expenses from his state representative race.

Russell supports term limits, a cause that would keep us from voting for Sen. Zarelli and Rep. Orcutt... or Tom Mielke if he were still in the legislature.

There are other places where's he's been less than honest.

That said, I open the floor to all of you.

Provide your evidence... show me where I'm wrong, and I will publicly withdraw the allegation in question.

You guys talk big in the comments section... anonymously, of course. So, here's your chance.

But in the end, we all know you'll do nothing.

Because that's just the kind of people you are.

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  1. The silence is deafening.............