Saturday, August 7, 2010

This one made me sick: Russell sock puppet comments on his FaceBook page.

As I stated below, I believe the ubiquitous "Judy Banks" is, in fact, Jon Russell.

I believe that because of the verbiage, and because Russell has assumed fake identities in the past (The Black Hand immediately comes to mind... do a web search on it and "Washougal." I know that Russell was that person because he has disclosed that to at least one friend of mine) and I know that Russell has an extremely hard time staying out of these kinds of things.
Now Russell, of course, has a history of lying; to include his fake college degree and his bizarre and quite proven insistence on referring to his wife as a "doctor" or "physician", his lies to the 18th District PCOs concerning his education and fund raising and his efforts to take credit for the start of the local Tea Party organization here locally.

So, when I see him post something like this on his Facebook page (The same Facebook page where he continues to lie about his education, I might add, and where he manages to leave out his chairmanship of the Washougal City Council Finance Committee during the Sellers debacle, ) I literally had to blow chunks.

Now, it is of note that oddly, Russell is in a position to comment on this "find" at exactly the same time "Banks" posts it.

Sheer coincidence, I'm sure.

Russell posts this from an identity he made up, and then comments on it.

I looked up Banks "friends." Here's a list:

I was quite taken by Adrian Matanza, "her" first "friend."

Among his other talents?

He claims a membership in the DEMOCRATIC National Committee. Sounds about right.

Looks like precisely ONE local person on the list, Assessor to be Van Nortwick. And no one else?

And another little group of interest to "Banks?" Human Rights Campaign Seattle, a gay rights front group.

Isn't that just the tiniest bit strange? That a fringe left nutter list like this wouldn't run away screaming from a fringe right fake like Russell?

So here's a clue, Jon. I don't need your prayers.

I need you to actually get some integrity, honor and courage and start telling the truth.

I need you to be transparent because you want to be and not because I hammered on you for weeks to get you to comply with the PDC law of this state.

I need you to just admit that you went to college, that you never "earned" or "completed" anything there, and that you lied about all of that.

I need you to stop lying about your wife's title of "Doctor."

I need you to take at least SOME responsibility for the debacle YOU helped to make in Washougal City government.

In short, I need you to man up, stop hiding behind a bible like the fake Christian you are, and to begin that long journey towards becoming honorable... if you can understand the term.

But the last thing I will EVER need is for you, or your "designed out of whole cloth" fake friend to "pray" for me.

Good God, is it any wonder that your sort is so universally reviled?

And I need you to put your sock puppet away.


  1. I had to check this out for myself. He must be reading your blog because he has removed this lovely little post from his Facebook page and Judy and Jon are no longer "friends". I just don't know what to think of my life anymore...if I can't trust my Facebook "friends" what can I trust? Jon is destroying my trust in FB. And honestly doing nothing to "restore my trust in government" BTW how do you do that when you can't even be honest about your education background and what your wife does for a living?

    Add this to the local fish wrappers obsession with everyone's FB friends list and this is getting truly disturbing. I am sure next week the editorial will be about Jon Russell and his friends list on FB too. Whatever will I do now. I can't go back to Myspace I don't remember my password.

  2. Nice to join social networking sites... Fake College Degree