Sunday, August 1, 2010

Destroying Trust in Government: The Daily News endorses Rivers and Russell.

Apparently proving the old saw that you can fool at least some of the people, some of the time, the Daily News endorsed Jon Russell for the 18th District seat vacated by Jaime Herrera. Of course, the primary endorsement went to Rivers, but the reasoning for that is self-evident, so I won't go into that here.

Clearly, the Daily News was unaware of Russell's foibles (Checking the evidence on this blog, painstakingly developed and completely unrefuted by Russell) which calls into question his veracity and integrity. It's difficult to believe they are or were unaware of his false claims of a degree, or his almost systematic touting of his wife as a doctor (Now under investigation by the State of Washington), his falsehoods concerning the amount of money he'd raised to the 18th District PCO's and his equally systematic violation of this state's Public Disclosure Laws, violations all detailed on this blog. While they do mention Russell's tenure as a city councilman, they also seem either unaware or unconcerned of his deliberate use of that body as a campaign prop, and the results of his abysmal tenure on the body, which includes the loss of $100,000 in city money while he was chair of the city finance committee, the approval of the former mayors expenses in Vegas; and the former mayor's ability to walk all over Russell, without public complaint from him, which he alleges is the true source of these losses.

While they filled in some space mentioning Russell's endorsements, they left out the long list of those endorsing Rivers, available here:

It is personally disappointing to me that the newspaper failed to drill down and take a hard look at Russell.... not only by what he claims to have done, but by what he's actually done... which kind of goes far beyond those issues discussed in an editorial board.

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