Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, Russell's scammed this new gig with an outfit called "Students for Life of America."

In some ways, I'm sorry to see this.

Given Jon's myriad, documented and well-known inabilities to tell the truth, working with the more impressionable among the pro-life (Or any other, for that matter) movement is not something I believe he should be doing.

I'm sure this amounts to just another notch on his political gunbelt, a polishing of his social "cred," as it were.

But if, as it appears, it begins the process of removing the cancer that is Jon Russell from our local political scene, then I'm all for it. And, at least he finally told someone the truth about his education.... for once... and, except, of course, Washougal is NOT Russell's "hometown," but to expect him to do anything without SOME level of exaggeration or falsehood is, I suppose, too much to ask.

Now.... let's see how long he can keep THIS job. His other efforts haven't lasted all that long.

Jon Russell, Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator

Jon Russell, Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator
Jon Russell 
Jon started his pro-life work as s full-time fundraising coordinator for a Crisis Pregnancy Center and maternity home in 2000. He has worked for the House Republican Committees in Indiana and Washington State. He served as Executive Director for Faith and Freedom Foundation where he lobbied for prolife and pro-family issues. 

Jon holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Thomas Edison State College. He is a City Councilman in his hometown and an alumnus of the American Council of Young Political Leaders where he traveled as an American delegate to the Philippines. Jon & his family are actively involved in their local Pregnancy Resource Center and Salvation Army.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Why is Jon Russell blowing off the city council? Expect him to resign soon.

Russell is a flake. He's always just viewed his city council gig as a small rung off of his self-induced political ladder.

So, why is he blowing off his responsibility to his constituents? he's missed the last two city council meetings... is he doing an Aaron Christopherson?

Probably. Likely.

Expect him to resign in a matter of days. And expect him to push a genuine slimeball as his replacement.

Right, Jon? One of your lackeys? Living in that double-wide?

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jon Russell continues to comment under a fake face: Jessica Bowen.

Since Russell has scammed a temporary gig working for people who haven't gotten to know him yet, he's gone almost completely dark.

That is, it's hard to find statements attributed to him directly. Few quotes in the newspaper... practically no comments on their web sites.

In the past, Russell has been known for his multiple fake identities, used so he can shoot off at the mouth at others without having to be responsible for his lies, exaggerations, mischaracterizations and the like.

This blog is replete with documented instances of some of the few of his fake identities. And Jessica Bowen is but another of them.

Following the past pattern, where Russell used a fake sock-puppet identity by the name of "Teacher Judy Banks," Jon Russell is now using another fake identity, this Jessica Bowen person.

There are a few "Jessica Bowens" in Seattle. Here's one.

Now, the question might be asked: how do I know that identity is fake?

Well, it's simple, really.

No one single by the name "Jessica Bowen" is registered to vote anywhere in the Seattle area... entire state. Just like "Judy Banks."

No one is registered to vote in this state by the name of Jessica Bowen who was "Born on June 20, 1981."

Both his fake identities are cute, little and blond.

Oddly enough, the ONLY place "Bowen" comments is the Columbian.

She lives in Seattle is the claim, but.... doesn't comment anywhere... on anything.... but the Columbian?


How many women list "Red Dawn" as their favorite movie?

As politically active as she appears to be, she doesn't have a single political friend anywhere... but down here.

Russell rather moronically shills for term limits. And so does his sockpuppet "Bowen."

So, keep reading his comments. Just be advised... they're the property of one Washougal City Councilman, Jon Russell... and not a non-existent blond by the name of Jessica Bowen... a name that doesn't exist in the real world.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Redistricting and the 18: what's it all mean?

We all remember the feeding frenzy of candidates in the 18th District last go-round: in fact, I can categorically state for sure that I was the only person in the 18th who actually did NOT run for the vacant House seat left open by the horrific ascension of Ridgefield Barbie to the US Congress of all things.

The democrats ran their typical downtown Vancouver leftist union hack, an abysmal failure doomed to political destruction because the 18 was, perhaps, the most conservative district in SW Washington... so, running a pro-huge government, pro-union rip-off bridger/looter who never stopped lying about "20,000 jobs" (The number seemed to go up with every speech) on the unneeded, unwanted and unaffordable I-5 Bridge/loot rail extortion project scam... which, of course, pre-destined the poor sap's slaughter at the polls. (Ultimately, he was massacred, on the losing end of a 60-40 vote, the political equivalent of Oregon playing Hockinson Middle School in the Rose Bowl, with an outcome just as predictable.)

It's not that the democrat didn't TRY.... it's just that he lacked any cards to play with.

That left a very large GOP field that no one in political leadership did anything about... stupidly... because that leadership of the Clark and Cowlitz county GOP was entirely focused on getting the Camas Manikin into Congress.

In Clark, the county chair was bought off with a job offer: Ryan Hart is now the District Director for our occasionally resident idiot in Congress; that was the deal and she bought him with it like the 13th Amendment was, in fact, the 13th Suggestion. We've been suffering with monumentally poor representation ever since.

In Cowlitz, Shannon Barnett was hamstrung both with his enamoration of Barbie and the fact that he was such a poor candidate that his employer maxed out... just not to him. In fact, he didn't give Barnett, an almost 20 year employee, a dime.

So, we woke up and found ourselves with candidates like Barnett, Anthony Bittner (who was arrested and convicted of so many crimes.... and got away with so much… that he was, in a way, a caricature of a politician in his own personal corruption) Richard Carson, (who announced one day only to find his pet reason for doing so (Allegedly, none of the legislators listened to his concerns over the proposed BPA routing through Hockinson of a power line.... the same Hockinson I live in, I might add) get yanked out from underneath him THE NEXT DAY when the BPA announced that Hockinson was off the table)….

Robert Dean (Who could be a solid representative, and under other circumstances, I likely would have supported him.)

Jon Haugen, (who has filed as a democrat, a Republican and, if memory serves, an independent, supports/opposes many of the same issues most GOP'ers do; he was/is/rightfully and militantly opposed to the bridge scam... but his presentation is kind of Ron Paulish...)

Then there was Brandon Vick, who was hamstrung by a lack of experience AND time; as a part of a family business in the landscaping arena, he was fighting for financial survival while running a campaign…

Then, of course, we had to deal with failed Congressional Candidate Jon Russell... who is such a poor candidate... and a poor human being as far as that goes, that I've developed an entire blog devoted to his idiocy.

And, the ultimate winner, of course, was Ann Rivers.

But that was then, as they say. And things will be different, logistically. All candidates and incumbents must research their new district configurations. In the 18, as we face the upcoming election, we're struck by three issues: the first is that it's likely that Rob McKenna will get elected Governor. Out here, where the rubber meets the road, we won't notice any difference, of course, because McKenna is a King County Republican, which means he's kind of a democrat-light. Referring to McKenna as a Republican is kind of like confusing Lou Brancaccio and his Pit Yorkie with a "journalist." Any resemblance is purely accidental.

But in the event the planets align, and Rob becomes the Captain of the state Titanic, the buzz is that Joe Zarelli MIGHT get an appointment of some sort... baggage from collecting unemployment while a sitting state senator notwithstanding.

That, of course, is out there: but the dominoes have to fall in the right direction for that to happen... and if it happens, it will, of course, be post election in 2012.

So, we are likely to see Zarelli running for re-election in 2012 for the Senate, along with Ann Rivers in the House.

In the election, that leaves the open seat, currently held by Rep. Ed Orcutt.

Immediately after the election that leaves the possibly open seat held by Ann Rivers, who would likely be appointed to the Senate seat if Zarelli DOES get the gig from Rob.

Thus, the second issue: we're going to have, likely, not ONE, but TWO feeding frenzies: first for Orcutt's seat and then the likely appointment for River's seat, shortly thereafter. Presuming Ann gets the prospective senatorial appointment, she’ll find herself in the unenviable position of having to campaign, almost full time, for two straight years.

There isn’t a job in politics alive that’s worth it.

Now, I'm much more concerned about this seat than most because this is MY district. That is, I live in it...

Even after redistricting.

Which leads us to the third issue: who are those going to run for these positions? There are a few people that I simply will not abide being elevated to the state House to represent ME. Some were, thankfully, re-districted out of contention. Some, unfortunately, were not.

Jon Russell is one such person. I will do everything I can legally to keep him out of my House of Representatives.

He is a miserable candidate, a miserable politician, completely without honor or integrity, and he has proven that time and again over the 7 years I've known him.

The likelihood that such a narcissistic career politician isn't going to run is equal to the likelihood that our local excuse for a paper will ever tell the truth about either their agenda... OR the democrats... and do so on purpose, instead of accidentally.

So, expect Russell to both announce for election, and when I kick his ass in that, expect him to announce or make yet another effort (having failed the first time) for the likely appointment for the open seat.

Other names I've heard include Brandon Vick, Chris Boyd (Former WA-03 congressional candidate), Washougal Councilwoman Jennifer McDaniel, and... and... Brian Peck (if he was redistricted into the 18th) as well as, no doubt, a host of others.

Political leadership calls for tough decisions. Those running this next time ought to remember they will not be running in the ultra-conservative 18th. Those foolish enough to buy into Russell's faux Christianity, which amounts to nothing more than one of his many empty political props, will not be enough to overcome the more moderate, less rural aspects of a much geographically smaller district.

Will the House Republicans and local political leadership have the sense and courage to cull the herd to strengthen our chances in the 18th to keep this seat? Will they send the same mixed and muddled and confused messages they did last time, dividing the party and the electorate?

With the same people calling the shots this time as last time.... what do YOU think?

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Monday, December 12, 2011

So, Jon has sure gotten quiet, hasn't he?

Low profile, and except for one fake Facebook identity, he's essentially disappeared.

Wonder why?

Blogs down... FB page private... gotta wonder:

What's up with that?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Memo to Jon Russell: When you leave a comment, don't be anonymous about it.

Look, I can understand how frustrated you are. But leaving anonymous comments when I can trace your IP address probably isn't the smartest move you've made.

So, here's the deal. As much as I'm aware of the horrific inferiority complex that envelops you, causing you to have to lie about who and what you are, if you want to be posted on this blog that you believe to be so insignificant, you've got to leave your name at the bottom of those posts.

"Anonymous" simply won't do.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Madore's "C.A.S.H. model." When he runs against Boldt

I've been thinking about it since I first read it in The Reflector.

You know, in theory, something like that makes sense.

His application of it, however, is, well, lacking.

Let's take each letter of the acronym, as reported in the paper:

C = Character.

OK. One of his newer chief minions is Jon Russell, a man who has proven repeatedly that he HAS no "character." He's a fake conservative, he's a fake Christian, he's a liar, time and time again...

Freeman has a fake college degree. Plinski claims herself to be a "small business owner," arguably untrue by virtue of the fact that the Secretary of State's office and Department of Revenue have never heard of her... like they have every other legal small business owner in this state.

So why is Madore even talking to him, let alone shilling/supporting him? Or the other two?

Is claiming to be a born-again Christian the secret key to getting Madore's checkbook?

A = Attitude.

"Attitude" can mean many things to many people. It can also be an act, and, frankly, it has no place as part of a candidates skill set by virtue of his or her electability. "Attitude" can be, and frequently is, a front. Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's attitude and his lies got him elected. Does that make him a good candidate, worthy of Madore's support?

S = Skill.

Again, Jon Russell has no skills. Neither does Freeman or Plinski or Zandamela. So why is Madore supporting them?

H = Habits

Russell has a habit of lying to get elected. There's nothing he won't say to make you believe he's "worthy." He has a "habit" of selling himself to the highest bidder: making bank on both the Library levy and the massive Port levy tax increases... selling out his alleged principles for a pay check.

I, for one, won't do it.

I would rather be homeless then support or work for a candidate who willingly violates the principles I uphold.

All of which makes me ponder: there is an OVERWHELMING buzz out there that Madore is coming after Boldt... that is, that he, personally, will be running against Boldt, that Madore has put a campaign organization together and is, with his unlimited check book, about to bust a move on Boldt.

Madore has, apparently, recently put together that I am Boldt's brother-in-law. That fact doesn't make any difference to Marc, who has sold out every shred of the conservative values that saw him get elected for the downtown mafia/Identity Vancouver types who now own him like the 13th Amendment never passed, and as a result, it doesn't make any difference to me.

I will be assisting in Boldt's removal from office next year... because I have enough information to accomplish that fact.

The only questions are these: do I help someone else? Or do I do it myself?

Because, due to Madore's actions and support of many (but certainly not all) candidates and people who shouldn't even be IN politics, let along hold elective office, and because of the people he's surrounded himself with, it's not going to be him.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

OOOppps! Looks like ANOTHER internet casualty for Jon Russell; his quasi official, moronic facebook page that used the city seal!

You remember it, don't you? Russell breaking ANOTHER law by electioneering using the city seal:

Russell's never been one for either telling the truth OR following election laws. But the link for that page is no longer functional... meaning that someone has removed it.

Of course, "screen capture" is my middle name, for all the good it will ever do him.

Feel free to try out the link yourself.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh, oh... Russell's leaving the sinking ship: Now ALL of his blogs are gone, or marked "private" so they can't be read.

Took the daily cruise, and what to my wandering eyes appear?

Russell's blogs all seem to be gone ( ? really?) or marked private. (

That all begs the question: why?

To the readers, if you know of any others he's involved with, please provide them in the comments section, and I'll follow up on them as well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another sign Russell wants to run in the 18th: the moronic posts in his blog have all disappeared.

So, doing my roughly daily job of looking for the all-too-typical Russell idiocy, I happened upon this:

So, the election was a few days ago... and what has Russell done?

More importantly.... why did he do it?

One wonders.


Now even that much has disappeared: now a window comes up saying the whole thing is gone... "marked private."


Apparently, Russell has forgotten about the google cache function. His idiocy is available for all to peruse for all time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Russell at least takes down his likely illegal use of a community facebook page with the city's seal he used for electioneering.

Made my daily trip over to Russell's facebook agitprop pages today, both his personal and pre-run for the legislature political scam site.

As noted here:
Thursday, November 3, 2011

So... why is Jon Russell using the seal of the City of Washougal for political purposes?

Russell's been running a couple of empty-suited sock-puppets to try and pack the council. From his "Community Page about Washougal, Washington" is first, his mug shot with the city seal on it, and then second, this:

Notice the Seal of the City of Washougal covering part of Russell's picture?

Kind of infers city approval for his babble.

And that's not right, is it?
I pointed out that, once again, Jon Russell was breaking the law... a law he KNEW he was breaking.

So, what do I see in tonight's visit over to the den of inequity for the 25th of October?

Absolutely nothing. He took it down.

Because he got busted for, once again, breaking the law.

But then, that's how he rolls.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Impressions on election night.

As expected, most of Russell's Herd was crushed... losers including Delavar, Plinski, Anderson, Bang and Zandamela... footnotes in political history.

Freeman, Russell's lackey from his campaign may win, holding a tiny lead of 52 as of this writing. But the balance of the city council will remain firmly out of the control of Russell, re-enforcing that even the people of Washougal are sick of his hijinks, as are the people of Camas and Battle Ground.

These races ARE close, and the final outcome is subject to change. But so far, it looks like Russell's electoral efforts have wound up like they typically do: failing.

I called all of these races, save the Coston-Freeman race... and it ain't over until it's over.

The Vancouver City Council Races also came out the way I thought they would, with Smith, Hansen and Turley getting it done, save for last minute changes in the vote.

Scott Higgins crushed his competition in the Camas mayoral...

The state rep race went as anticipated as well. The problem for a Republican winning in a socialist district is that the things he has to run on... accountability, smaller government and reduced spending, are the exact opposite of what the people in such a district want. Heavily dependent on the welfare state and utilizing a superior ground game, there was little chance of election for a fiscal conservative by a government dependent district.

Marc Boldt's illegal campaign tactics were obviously successful in the carefully gerrymandered district he was instrumental in developing from his position on the CTrans board.

The buzz now is that Boldt will use Steve "The Liar" Stuart's wife, democrat Heather Melton, as his campaign manager.

Why am I not surprised?

The statewide initiatives went as expected as a county wide expression of support for the Costco plan and Eyman's effort to rein in the rampant tolling scams so supported by Steve "The Liar" Stuart, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt and Marc "Turncoat" Boldt.

I'll make a decision over filing a PDC complaint against Boldt and those he was shilling for over the next few days. Needless to say, once again, I'm ashamed of this fake Republican.... even if he is my brother-in-law.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sources: Jon Russell's grubby little paws are all over the "Steve Bang" race in Camas.

As we all know, Jon Russell would sell his own mother into white slavery to get a pay check... or to get elected.

Well, the "Bang Race" is no different.

Russell is behind a group that he's designed to use as a fund raising base for his next self-inflicted massacre, his run for an open 18th District seat in the next House elections. He has no chance, of course... pathological liars rarely do.

The name of the group is available on any of the signs that have mysteriously popped up: The Clark County Business Association or some such.

The problem?

Russell is all over this.

The connection?

Multiple sources have contacted me and told me Russell is setting this group up. Added to that, he uses a real moron named Steve Jones as the treasurer for the group.

Jones is chillin' in his single wide in a trailer park in Washougal. Like Russell, he's fond of using fake names to attack... and he's been Russell's political butt-boy inn the past. Oddly, he's using his employer's phone number as his contact number. I guess he can't afford a phone.

Now, this group CLAIMS they won't be receiving... or spending.... more then 5K. Well, considering that Russell will be doing his typically worthless consulting job, that he isn't being legally paid for any of this isn't surprising.

Russell, who's made up a poorly disguised PAC, has ILLEGALLY made himself involved with the Bang effort to use a write-in candidacy.

I say "illegally" because his involvement is no where to be seen... but he's out there.

And Russell ain't doing this for free.

I freely admit that I don't know Bang from Adam. But Jon Russell's involvement, the obvious coordination between Bang, Russell, and this "PAC", the illegal Bang web suite (You do have to list who paid for it) and the PDC scam ALL have Russell's modus operandi all over them... and if Bang is supported by Russell, that's all I need to know.

Vote for whoever else is running.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So... why is Jon Russell using the seal of the City of Washougal for political purposes?

Russell's been running a couple of empty-suited sock-puppets to try and pack the council. From his "Community Page about Washougal, Washington" is first, his mug shot with the city seal on it, and then second, this:

Notice the Seal of the City of Washougal covering part of Russell's picture?

Kind of infers city approval for his babble.

And that's not right, is it?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jon Russell is crushed: Post Record now requires Facebook identities to comment.

Except for the fake facebook identities Jon Russell has made up (and he's made up a few) the Post Record acted to end his charade of multiple identities to attack opponents and support sock-puppets.

While this doesn't make it impossible for Russell to continue to lie about who he is when he comments, it does make it more difficult.

Expect the appearance of another of his fake identities, one Jessica Bowen. This post here explains it all.

Oddly, Russell has a thing for cute blondes with the initials J and B... thus his fake identity Judy Banks that I exposed during the last election.

In the meantime, the PR has implemented the policy of their Columbian ownership:
Post-Record unveils new website commenting system

Posting comments will require a Facebook account

Today the Post-Record will launch a new commenting system on its website to improve the reader experience and encourage community members to join the conversation. All readers who wish to comment on stories must now use their real name and post their remarks with a Facebook account.

The goal of the change is to bring accountability to website article comments, while also encouraging thoughtful and critical discussion about local topics and items of interest. The concept is similar to what is demanded by letters to the editor in the print edition, which require the author’s name for publication.

Commenters can choose to share their thoughts on local issues with their Facebook friends by posting comments to their walls. Other readers will see the comment on, but the commenter’s profile information will not be visible, depending on his or her Facebook privacy settings.

The Post-Record will continue to moderate comments, and will remove those that don’t meet community discussion guidelines. Commenters using fake Facebook accounts and/or names to comment or violate community guidelines will be banned.

Once the changeover to Facebook based commenting takes place, comments made on past articles using the previous system will no longer be visible on the website

Monday, October 24, 2011

A typical Russell supporter: your[sic] still going to loose.[sic]

For anyone to actually support Russell or his stooges, they have to be both functionally illiterate AND stupid.Delete One wonders: what, exactly, does "loose" mean in this instance?

Anonymous said...

Keep digging man, your still going to loose.

12:16 PM

"Loose" what?

Does this anonymous clown mean LOSE?

Well, I've been in politics just long enough to know that anything can happen. After all, look at Vancouver. They actually elected a slime ball like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt as mayor... so anything CAN happen.

But is it likely that scum like Jon Russell actually has any political support among the rank and file?

Anyone paying attention knows he's a liar with the integrity of a hyena.

He DOES seem self-deluded enough to actually believe that his endorsement in the democratian actually HELPED these people, instead of clobbering them...

But that is what I believe to be the case. That is, Russell's ongoing, pathological ability to lie is a symptom of his self-delusion.

And in this case, there is practically no chance that this repeatedly failed candidate's puppets are going to win. The people of Washougal seem to have had enough, a fact Russell has ferreted out... as he makes nice with Ann Rivers and actually posts over his OWN NAME.

But yeah, the run of the mill Russell supporter is ignorant and expresses him or herself this way. And will that make any difference at the polls?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

More trouble for the Russell Posse: Caryn Plinski? She's only voted twice since she got here.

Yup... she's blown off the general every year except 08 and 10.

She's not voted in a primary...ever.

Yet ANOTHER candidate wannabe that can't find time to vote?

Good God, Jon.... don't you VET the sock puppets you have running for you?

So, why would you want to be a city councilwoman when you rarely vote... like once in 10 years?

I've got documentation which indicates that candidate for Washougal city council, Nicole "Niki" Anderson has only voted once... in the last decade!

Here's a snap of Niki Anderson's voting record... a public document, I might add.

I have verified this through the Sound Politics Voter Database:















Yes, the last time Anderson voted seems to be Novemeber of 2004. In fact, it seems to be the ONLY time she's voted in the last decade.

Now, we've had other examples of those running for office who failed to take this responsibility seriously:

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt comes to mind. The bizarre aspect here is that Leavitt blew off voting WHILE HE WAS ELECTED TO THE VANCOUVER CITY COUNCIL.

Then, who can forget the legendary County Assessor candidate, Janet Seekins, who hadn't voted in the entirety of her LIFE. (The rag endorsed her anyway... because, well, she was running as a democrat.)

In this instance, and in the interests of consistency and non-hypocrisy, I can't view Niki Anderson as someone I would want elected to anything either.

After all, the last time anyone was elected around here with a horrific record of voting in the general or in primaries it was The Liar Leavitt. And he's turned out to be an unmitigated disaster of Obama-esque proportions.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This could be very bad for Jon Russell: Stacy Sellers is writing a book.

Hopefully, it'll delve into what was happening while Russell was approving her Vegas expenditures.

Just sayin'.
Stacee Sellers is back on top

It's been nearly two years since former Washougal Mayor Stacee Sellers lost her bid for re-election and disappeared from Clark County.

But like Elvis and Tupac, reported sightings continue to trickle in.

The latest: Sellers is penning her first book.

The best part: The title. "Foreplay: How to get back on top."

No joke.

Here's the description of the book, as written on her LinkedIn page:

"This is my experiences of letting go of negativity, self doubt, judgment and fear and living the life I always dreamed I could."

She's still getting handsy with her massage therapy business called a la paix on the potomac (which translates to “peace on the Potomac”).

She has also apparently started another business, iRealtorAssistant, and is a social media and marketing consultant for Talk The Talk Fusion.

On her LinkedIn profile, she gives more insight into what the last two years have been like and makes a mention of her time in Washougal.

"Like so many others all over the world I spent a great portion of my life miserable. One day I decided that I had been feeling sorry for myself long enough. I made a decision to get my life on track and spend the rest of my days empowering others and building the best relationships possible."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I'm shocked... SHOCKED... but Jon Russell thinks he's got me blocked... BLOCKED from his facebook page!

Recently, Jon Russell seems to have suffered some sort of epiphany, and he's ACTUALLY STARTED POSTING OVER HIS REAL NAME! Can you BELIEVE IT?

After years of lying about who he is, what his education is, what his wife is and how much money he raised for his abortive state representative race... and after me beating on him like a rented step-child for his lies, deceit and distortions since he markets himself as some sort of Christian when his acts are anything BUT Christian, Russell FINALLY seems to have figured it out... at least the part about the dozen or so fake names he posts under to attack those who oppose him and put the curse of political death on those he supports.

A great deal of the information I use on this blog and in my commentary about Mr. Russell has been, you guessed it, readily available on Russell's Facebook page(s).

This blog has many screen captures, taken directly from Russell's facebook pages, where he's lied about some aspect of his life for political gain. One of my faves:

At the time of this screen capture, Russell had no degree of any kind. (September 1 of this year) yet he couldn't help himself... and he had to lie and say that he had TWO degrees... when he had neither.

This, of course, is on the heels of the FIRST time I busted Russell for lying about his nonexistent college degree... this one in political science.

You remember, don't you, Jon?

That one was a beaut.


Of course, the rag investigated... and of course, they verified what I had written.

Russell's response? Classic political double-speak: “I’ve always said I’ve earned my degree. I’ve never said I obtained my degree.”

Of course, Russell's problem here is this:

He had NOT, in fact, "earned a degree." and that fits in nicely with his bizarre explanation that he hadn't "obtained his degree."

Isn't it nice when those in elected office have a level of arrogance that enables them to parse words that way?

Russell, has, on September 9th, FINALLY picked up an AA degree... a mere 15 months after he told the rag that he had, in fact, "earned" it. And the AA degree he picked up? Well, suffice it to say that it wasn't the non-existent "political science" degree he'd claimed.

So, my number one source for smacking Russell for each one of his lies is, well, Russell.

Russell HATES that sort of thing. He hates that his wife outed him for his fake identities... he hates that I caught him making up identities on facebook during first, the campaign, and now so he could, again, use the fake name dodge to comment on the democratian.... and now, all of a sudden, he's actually begun to COMMENT OVER HIS OWN NAME!

In his delusional state, Russell is, no doubt, planning yet another attempt at running for the open seat in the 18th District now that it looks like Ed Orcutt will be "districted" out.

I say delusional because no one will want to elected a self-aggrandizing liar to this, or any other office.

Anyway, at the end of the day, Russell thinks he's blocked me from his facebook page. He's now commenting on the democratian, and he oddly believes that I can't see it... or what's on his wall... or his pictures... or whatever.


That said, I point this out for one reason and one reason only:

Jon, if you were just telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.... well, why, I wouldn't have anything at all to write about.... now would I?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Will wonders never cease? Jon Russell actually comments on the Post Record... OVER HIS OWN NAME!

Imagine my surprise!

After YEARS of making up fake names to comment over in local newspapers and blogs, he has apparently been struck by something of an epiphany... and has ACTUALLY STARTED TO POST OVER HIS OWN NAME!

And yes, the world continues to spin. AND, the sun continues to come up in the East as it has for the past few weeks, anyway.

Why in God's Name did Russell ever stoop to hiding behind fake names in the first place?

Well, besides the obvious, I mean.

Anyway, for those actually amazed at the very thought of such a thing, head on over to

And check it out. It's a sight/site (heh) to behold!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Russell slithers out onto Facebook... again.

One of the more entertaining aspects of keeping an eye on Jon Russell's latest skulduggery, is that he typically runs away when I smack him on the blogs... or call him out on those rare and infrequent occasions when he actually posts a comment over his own name... given his year's long habit of making up various fake identities to attack political opponents or support political lackeys.

A couple of weeks ago, I pounded him... again.... on facebook. I reminded him that calling others out and accusing THEM of "libel" is the height of hypocrisy, among other things.

Russell mixed it up, a little bit
... but he hates being reminded of all those lies during his campaign... and he REALLY hates to be reminded that he was paid a total of over $25,000 on campaigns to jack up our taxes... both on the Port Levy tax rip off and that massive waste of money called the Library Levy.

He REALLY hates that.

Anyway, his response has been, typically, to shut everything down until he thinks the dust has settled... and then he slowly re-emerges... both bloody, AND bowed... so I can repeat the process.

And today is no exception... since a facebook page has re-emerged. Again. And even THAT page leaves out the things Russell wants you to forget.

You remember, don't you, that Russell fancied himself as the de facto chair of the city finance committee... the committee that had to approve all the Washougal credit card expenditures... like those Russell approved as a result of Stacee Sellers' Vegas trip with Russell buddy Bivens, the city finance director?

Oddly, in the "biography" Russell has on this page, he goes to great lengths to tell the reader what committees he's served (ing) on and that he was mayor pro tem (Until he lost the job) back in 2010.

But not a peep on there about his tenure on the city finance committee.

You gotta wonder:

Why IS that?

My guess?

He doesn't want to remind anyone.

Which is OK... because that's what I'M here for.

So, expect more posts on the subject as I use the source documents to further indict this underhanded, backstabbing, multiple identity liar of a politician.

And yeah, Jon... I'm watching.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

More hypocrisy from Russell, this time from his bizarre blog.

Washougal Kissbutts blog, the bizzare and nether-worldly effort of the namesake of THIS blog, has gone off the deep end.

Jon Russell, faux-conservative, always touts himself that way, and on his blog, he's doing a Jeff Dunham imitation so rankly amateur as to be sickening.

Russell's latest spew?

Nothing of substance and nothing that matters.

That Freeman is doing this is as likely as Russell telling the truth about his education or his wife's job; in short, not likely.

Freeman has shown she knows about as much about politics as she does performing an abdominal resection. She's a talking head, moving her lips when Russell's hand moves... like Jeff Dunham and Achmed.

That's also not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to again remind everyone that "conservative" Jon Russell was a consultant (THE consultant?) on the moronic Vancouver Port Levy, as horrific and unnecessary a tax proposal as ever presented... what ultimately would have been the largest single tax increase in the history of this area. In addition, he made a nice pile off the equally idiotic Library Levy... Around $13000 on the Port Levy, and around $13,000 on the Library Scam

So, it's hard for me not to comment on Russell's rank hypocrisy when HE (Not Freeman) is calling someone ELSE out on a non-existent "conflict of interest."

Sickening, actually.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jon Russell freaking out that Delavar might lose.

After finding his posse blown to pieces, rhetorically speaking, in the Post Record, Jon Russell's head has, literally, exploded.

The PR's endorsement of about everyone BUT who Russell wants has caused him to go nuts on his bizarro-world blog, Washougal Kiss-butts.

He is HAMMERING on Mike Delavar's opponent, Joyce Lindsey, with a bunch of irrelevant crap that in the end, doesn't matter. The problem?

No one reads his tripe.

Here's a graph of how sad an pathetic Russell's readership numbers really are, provided by this nut job on his own blog.

Now, as a rule, I don't support democrats. But Russell's influence/support of Mike Delavar is not a good thing, and Delavar hasn't done anything I can find to separate himself from Russell, who Delavar now wears around his neck like an anchor.

That Russell has now focused exclusively on Delavar's opponent to the exclusion of the rest of his posse makes it appear that Russell has, wisely, dumped them as a lost cause and is now working double-overtime to save the one chance he's got left.

None of Russell's little comments are germaine to city issues, you understand. Lindsey is, gasp, A DEMOCRAT!

According to Russell, she favors partial birth abortion (She donated to I-694 13 years ago... when Jon Russell hadn't even heard of Washington State, let along lived here (He's been a resident for all of 7 years)) is THAT a city issue? Affirmative Action (Is THAT a city issue?)

He busts Lindsey's chops for her party affiliation.

For me, the question is this:

Would it be OK if the favor were returned, and it were Russell?

Hard to say. I'm sure he wouldn't mind, right?

But keep this in mind: Russell's actions here are driven by fear, because it's alllllll falling apart.

Right, Jon?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Russell's posse takes it in the chops: Post-Record endorses everyone else.

So, The Russell herd has been corralled and loaded on the box car to head for the slaughterhouse.

Russell is joined at the hip with Mike Delavar, Connie Jo Freeman and Caryn Plinski. Delavar is the incumbent; Freeman and Plinski are the challengers.

Ultimately, Russell's political career is over. His insistence on the unforced errors of calling himself a Christian, fake conservative who made 5 figures working for the PRO-tax side on the Port Levy... a college graduate, lying to the PCO's about his fundraising acumen, and his truly bizarre fixation on referring to his wife as a doctor... not to mention his exceptionally strange desire to assume multiple identities on various comment sites on blogs and newspapers... all very Christian, you understand...

All combine to make him politically DOA around here. And, of course, those he supports get caught in that splatter.

So, Russell tries to run a couple of unheard ofs so he can try and circumvent the mayor... taking over that position in a de facto manner of speaking... political allegiances being what they are.

They're not remotely qualified to hold positions on the city council, either by experience (One of his herd just attended her first city council meeting a couple of weeks ago) or temperament. Russell's history of campaigning is, of course, an outright disaster; the only campaign he won was against the woman who ran against him in his only contested city council campaign... and the reason for that?

Well, she filed... and that was about it.

He brings those same mad skills that made his congressional campaign and state representative campaigns such a disaster to the table when he tries to "assist" in the campaigns of others. And these are no exception.

The Post Record notices these things, I'm sure... and here's their take:
Washougal City Council races: Vote for Morris, Lindsay, McDaniel and Coston

It won’t be long before General Election ballots begin arriving in local mailboxes, and what voters in Washougal will find are eight City Council candidates — all with very different backgrounds and viewpoints on local issues.
During the past three weeks articles profiling these candidates have been published in the Post-Record, and four of those individuals stand above the rest.

When considering the Washougal City Council elections, voters should cast their ballots for Rod Morris (Position No. 2); Joyce Lindsay (Position No. 4); Jennifer McDaniel (Position No. 5); and Molly Coston (Position No. 7).

In the Position 2 race, incumbent Rod Morris is the clear choice against Caryn Plinski. Morris possesses the experience of 16 years on the council, during which time he has demonstrated balanced decision making and thoughtful consideration of the issues that are important to the citizens of Washougal. He also has shown a general willingness to work with his fellow council members, even those he may disagree with.

And while Plinski seems to have enthusiasm directed toward a run for the seat, she lacks knowledge of the issues or distinct opinions on how Washougal can and should move forward successfully.

In Position No. 4, Michael Delavar’s experience of two years on the council does not outweigh Joyce Lindsay’s clear passion for Washougal and her desire to keep the city on the right course. Lindsay has done her homework. From mailing out questionnaires to citizens, knocking on the doors of residents, and setting up meetings with business owners and local officials, she has set out to understand what the city’s constituents think about local issues. Her life experience, which includes owning a small business, will serve her well as a councilwoman.

Delavar, on the other hand, has spent a good deal of his efforts on City Council championing state and national issues that Washougal doesn’t need to spend its time addressing. While topics including immigration, abortion, the ethics of using stimulus funding and the state and federal deficit are important, they are best tackled in different arenas.

In Position No. 5, while Niki Anderson has that hometown spirit and seems to truly want to listen to and give back to her community, incumbent Jennifer McDaniel has served the city well during her first term in office by working hard, weighing the issues and making the best decisions she can — even when they are not always popular with all of her fellow council members. Her style is quiet, civil, and straight forward, yet strong and authoritative. She should be allowed the opportunity to continue to serve the city.

In another election, against a different opponent Anderson might be the choice to serve. But in this election, she doesn’t offer enough reasons to unseat McDaniel.
Sitting in Position No. 7 since May 2005, Molly Coston has consistently been a diligent, hard working council member, who stays abreast of the issues and votes her conscience. Although her desire to have a City Council that works together better and more efficiently is noteworthy, she could stand to take a harder stand on issues of importance.

Coston’s challenger Connie Jo Freeman seems enthusiastic about becoming involved in the city, and wanting others to be involved. But she falls short when it comes to having a real knowledge of the issues, or offering ideas on how to solve problems impacting Washougal. Coston, by contrast, has earned a second term on the council.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Jon Russell's future: Reardon confronts Hope about fake name allegations

Down here in Clark County, we have our own version of this kind of controversy.
As we all know based on his wife's confirmation, Jon Russell has had an interesting habit for several years now: he uses a fake name to attack his opponents or policies he opposes, while using a fake name to support those on his side of the issues, and candidates he supports: here locally, candidates for Washougal City Council Caryn Plinski and Connie Joe Freeman are entirely constructs of Jon Russell's efforts to take control of the city council by packing it (ala FDR's effort to "pack" the Supreme Court) so he can become the de facto mayor, since he thinks so little of the current holder of that position.
Jon Russell wants to be MY state representative. As a result, I am going to be everywhere public that HE is, to ask him to explain his fascination with multiple fake names to attack his opponents... instead of using honesty and integrity as his position as an elected official demands.

To that end, this confab over candidates using fake names is Jon Russell's future. And the voters of Washougal should be guided accordingly in their consideration of who to support this November: those tied to Russell like the 1`3th Amendment never passed... or those who owe him nothing.
In reality, it's a simple equation: do you want someone like "Russell" running your city?
I wouldn't.
The Seattle Times

Reardon confronts Hope about fake name allegations

Posted by Emily Heffter
In a candidate forum Friday morning, Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon confronted his opponent Mike Hope about accusations that Reardon staffer Kevin Hulten used a fake name to file frivolous complaints and records requests.
Reardon asked Hulten Wednesday whether Hulten was using the fake name "John Chambers." The executive was quoted saying Hulten didn't know anything about Chambers' complaints.
As it turns out, Hulten wasn't pretending to be Chambers. But Hulten is a close friend of Chambers' and the two were sharing information about Hope.
In a Friday morning debate at the Tulalip Resort Casino, Hope confronted Reardon about his management abilities, saying Reardon should investigate his employees. If elected, Hope says he would have an office of professional integrity.
Hulten "lied to your face the other day, and you said you would take his word for it," Hope said.
Reardon shot back that he's a tough boss. "You step out of line in my office, you're terminated," he said. As for Hulten, Reardon said Hope falsely accused his employee of "a felony."

See, this kind of thing represents political fly paper. Why Russell engages in it is beyond me.... but he does.
Combine that with his lies about his education, his lies about his wife being a physician, his lies about what he, personally has done and his lies about being a conservative... well, you get the drift.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looks like Russell has yanked his facebook page down... again.

So, a few days ago, I got into a "discussion," via Facebook, with Jon Russell. Part of that is addressed below... enough to provide a snapshot of the mindset of Jon Russell, a mindset where lying as part of a campaign strategy is OK, and, of course, the typically abysmal outcomes are "God's Will (tm)"

Well, upon reflection, Jon seems to not want to be associated with his words and he certainly doesn't want to have traffic reading mine.

So.... what does he do?

He takes it all down.

This is (was?) the link to Jon Russell's Facebook page. Guess what happens when you click it now?

Absolutely nothing.

That's right... instead of addressing the issues... instead of introspection... instead of the realization that lying doesn't make for a really great platform for a campaign, a marriage, a business... a life... he just takes it down.
LinkBut since then, of course, he's been shooting off his word processor using fake names (as he typically does) to attack his opponents and support his "stable."

Why are we not surprised?

And yet another article where Russell shows his lack of honesty, integrity, and character:

The other candidate in Russell's stable is one Connie Joe Freeman.

Freeman does a much better job with the pater, but while Plinski has what she claims is a degree from WSU, Freeman has a degree from an unaccredited institution called "Southern California Bible College...", or Matchbook University.

In short, Freeman has no recognized degree (Shades of Jon Russell's numerous fake degrees!)
So, the choice is between someone with a fake degree who's a school bus driver and a graduate of the Univeristy of Arizona with degrees in organic chem and biology with a record of community involvement as long as your arm... unlike Freeman.

But again, Freeman is but another empty suit being ran by Russell in his ongoing effort to take control over Washougal City Government.

That's been discussed a great deal as far as that goes... and again, that's not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is to again, point our Russell's habit of using fake identities to attack opponents and support his stable: (Again, Russell's posts are in boldface, and remember, he's RUNNING Freeman:)


Good job Connie Jo. You are a great candidate. Thank you for visiting with me at my home.

Thanks, Post Record, for pointing out the glaring differences between Molly and Freeman. Molly understands the role of city council and each council person. Her thoughtful responses printed here underscore her vast experience and knowledge.

Ms. Freeman does not appear to understand the city's role in economic development. On the one hand, she states “We have to continue to entice businesses here, by having good competition with other cities." Having the city invest in its infrastructure is part of that enticement, and yet she states "Stop the spending on non-necessities,” referring to the “E” Street improvements and construction of the pedestrian tunnel near Pendleton Woolen Mills. She has not been paying attention to the efforts of CWEDA and Paul Dennis (she was NOT in attendance at the CWEDA public meeting yesterday).

I have concerns with Ms. Freeman telling the public things that are untrue. She stated at the League of Women Voters forum that the city is spending city dollars on Public Art, when in fact this is absolutely not true.....and apparently she actually knew this, but said it anyway.

Her son did not find drugs until her move to Washougal? That hits on so many levels, and is an irresponsible statement. Does that mean that the schools are responsible for her son's drug problem? Did she stop educating her son about drug use when she relocated? And are there no drugs in Los Angeles County, California? What does that say about how she views our city? Why did she even move here?

There is no comparison, in my opinion. Molly Coston is the best candidate, and she has my support and vote.

It will be nice to finally have a Councilwoman like Connie Jo who understands government works for us. Not the other way around.

Jon (polis) Russell, you are getting quite mean to your fellow councilmembers.

Guess all that talk by you, McDaniels and others about working together isn't going so well.

Oh, I forgot. Your public pledge was to spend the next two years "making the left froth at the mouth" or words to that effect.

Sorry, I got you mixed up with one of the folks who actually wants to help our community, not stomp all over it.

I'm actually a little insulted that she suggests Washougal schools are to blame for her son using drugs. What about self accountability?

Cari, since Connie Joe consider Jon Russell a mentor, it is safe to assume that they deny themselves any self accountability.

Besides, aren't her kids home schooled? If so.......oh, I am getting confused. Someone ask her to clarify.

Good call, Cari. Freeman obviously doesn't understand the importance of a good infrastructure, economic development, the history of Washougal's impact fees and the history of developers taking advantage of the City in past years. Maybe she and other candidates need to start attending not just Counicl meetings, but economic development meetings, Port meetings and school meetings. I see some very weak candidates out there that are nothing but mouthpieces for larger causes that have nothing to do with the business of operating a small city.

Cari, it is further proof how far removed and disconnected Ms. Plinski and Ms. Freeman are.

twilliams. Blah Blah Blah. According to the people who make it their business we know Cari Wallace is Choice, we know dlarson is Sean Guard, we know Bingo is Mike Briggs, we know Russell is a plethora of aliases. So what? Do you bring any substance to the discussion? Do you thrive on providing misinformation?

I don't whether to be flattered or creeped out that you have gone to so much trouble to find out my name. Alas, however- you are wrong. I am not Choice. Always have been Cari..and I have not been Wallace for many years now. Is there a reason why this is important for you to know?

WBO, hate to break it to you but that is not my name. I really don't want to be in your guessing game either. Someone must not be doing a very good job. I am not running for public office so it really doesn't matter. On the other hand I would expect our elected officials (especially the ones that were put in this position by god) to be a bit more forthcoming.

Wow. Lots of interesting things flying here tonight.

I support Molly Coston decidedly over Connie Jo Freeman. I support veteran councilman Rod Morris over Caryn Plinski.

Mayor Sean Guard is not dlarsen and I don't know who that soul is. I only write under my own name of Mike Briggs. I don't know who Cari Wallace or Choice is.

Washougal City Councilman Jon Russell uses many names including in just this article's postings: two in order: "washougalbusinessowner" & "polis". This information is not new to any reader.

I think Conne Jo better start looking for another campaign manager real soon- Nov. 8 is just around the corner.

Mike Briggs Washougal

Again, this dissociative Jon Russell should seriously get some real help.

Between lying about his education, his wife's job, his fund raising, and that he's a conservative Christian and this stuff, it's kind of clear he's certifiable.

Russell continues to illustrate his lack of integrity; insists on posting under fake names to attack his political opponents.

The Post Record put out an article that showed candidate Caryn Plinski to be completely unqualified, by lack of either knowledge or involvement... and, of course, Plinski is a creature completely of Jon Russell's making in his pathetic attempt to take over control of the Washougal city council.

But that's explained below. THIS post is to, once again, point out that slimeball Jon Russell continues to use fake identities to attack those who oppose him or his political allies in public forums (The posts by Russell are boldfaced.):

"Caryn Plinski attended her first Washougal City Council meeting on Sept. 19,"

Yep. That says it all right there.

Most people in the city have never attended a council meeting. I catch the council meetings on youtube when I have the time. I think it's great that she is willing to step forward and serve on council.

"Most people" aren't running for City Council, Petra. Attending your first meeting AFTER the primary isn't the best way to show voters you are prepared to integrate into the city's business.

"She said she would also represent the perspectives of “the younger families in Washougal who need a voice.”"

Are you saying the younger families do not have a voice? Or that they are not be listened to by the current Council? I want someone that will represent the perspectives of ALL of the citizens without an age discriminatory statement such as this. Thanks for helping me decide who will not be getting my vote.

Ummm Striker, Petra said the council meetings are on youtube. This may be a new technology for you, but how it works is that people go on to what is called the internet. They type in youtube and watch video footage. Here is a link to illustrate: endless supply of quotes:

"“I am not doing it because of any sort of an agenda or because I know either side.”

Meaning, "I don't have clue about any of the issues facing Washougal today".

I am sure Ms. Plinski is a very nice person. However, Washougal needs someone that has at the very least a cursory knowledge of the issues.

And the next part of the sentence, Washougalbusinessowner, for those of us that do read entire statements,

"and afterwards described it as an “eye-opening” experience."

Significantly implying that she had never seen a council meeting until that time, on video or live.

The younger people do have a choice, it is called voting, which is something they did not do in the primary election.

Your right Choice. Older citizens with reason and concern overwhelmingly voted against Rod Morris. Almost 70% of them.

Jon, make up your mind. On the other article, you are polis. On this one, you are washougalbusinessowner (which you really aren't, by the way).

Yes, Washougal really needs someone who doesn't know what the issues are and has spent no time until AFTER the primary to try to understand what they are, let alone bring some ideas for solutions to the table. Are you expecting to "help" her understand the issues, Jon?

Has a debate been scheduled for any of the candidates?

Here we go with the Russell stuff. Now you resort to the old guessing game. Drama.

Sorry to correct you, Striker, but Jon is here on this story and on the Connie Joe story as polis, washougalbusinessowner (you are right here, though. He is not a washougal business owner) and he is also Petra. All three of his most recent aliases are at work, except humblecitizen and Teacher Judy Banks (so far).

I find this erratic behaviour very disturbing.

I also find it a mighty big coincidence that both Jon and Polinski used the same quote ...."needs, not wants"..... Ok, not so much of a coincidence. Jon did afterall, publically state that he got Connie Joe and Polinski to run for council.

Oh, wait. Polinski isn't on either side.

And in a previous Post Record story Connie Joe listed her only community service work as being the office manager for Jon Russell's failed campaigns for Congress and the State House. She has really been working hard in the last couple of months. Where was she before that?

I am soooooo confused.

The fact is, both of these newcomers might be nice people. They certainly are involved in their church work, and that is something I like.

In the end, however, it does look like their resumes and experience are a bit thin. In the case of Connie Joe, her exerience was also pointed out to be a bit overblown. Not a certified teacher (educator) and not a certified or accredited administrator and wasn't her college also unaccredited?

Time will tell.

twilliams: While I also applaud volunteer work with one's church, people should be careful of voting for someone for this reason. Stacee Sellers was supported by a majority of the Christian population in Washougal, one of the reasons for her win. We all know how that turned out.

“I was concerned on Monday because the votes went three and three, and then the mayor broke the tie,” said the Position 2 candidate. “The votes were the same each time. I am sad that everything is so divided.”

Really? Surprised? Why? it has been that way for 19 months. 3-4 officials voting on national interest issues, political idealism and advancing their own personal agendas vs. looking out for the interests of all the community. It's not about liberalism, conservatism or Tea Party polkitics; it's about who ahs the best interests of the community and the citizens at heart. That would be Molly, Rod, Joyce and Niki.

My bad, Striker. Your point is well taken. I did not mean to imply in any way that I would be voting for Freeman or Polinski.

Stacee went so far as to "join" the Catholic church and immediately quit attending once she was elected. Even had her campaign manager send donation requests to the St. Thomas membership. Saw two that my sister and Mom received.

A member of Gateway Community Church used their mailing list for a letter in support of Stacee. To their credit, they immediately sent out an apology when they found out about it.

@ Cari, I cannot say for certain but I have heard talk about some of the candidates boning up for the LWV debate in Washougal. The date I heard was Oct. 11 but I've heard nothing further on this.

I attended the last LWV forum much earlier in the campaign process and liked it a lot. I do hope they have another one in an actual debate process.

Mike Briggs Washougal

I don't have a problem with Joe Sixpack using fake names; after all, the issue is typically the idea.

However, when an elected official who so desperately wants to be a state representative or some such gets psycho and, effectively, has conversations with HIMSELF, well, that's an entirely different kettle of fish.

Elected officials should always tell the truth. Jon Russell seems genetically incapable of the art, a bizarre trait for someone claiming to have such a close relationship with our Lord.

But then, that's clearly a campaign prop as well.

I urge Jon Russell to get help. Being a fake Christian psychotic politician is no way to go through life, son. (With apologies to Dean Wormer.)