Monday, September 22, 2014

A quick update as it seems Jon is beginning to show his true colors in his latest stepping stone community..

Keeping in mind the fact that Russell could care less for Culpeper, save for how quickly he can launch his ever-upward political career, Jon is beginning to show his true self... as he inevitably does to everyone watching.

Here's another example I just received from someone in the Culpeper community that is just... just... so JON!
Mr. Russell and I met in a volunteer political organization wherein he and I got along rather swimmingly (he even helped me find some lodging at the time for a meeting).  That said he and I exchanged political viewpoints over a couple of years me being a Green Moderate, him being a Zionist Libertarian. 
Being I considered this man to be an acquaintance (even hinging on a mentor/protegee relationship at times), I've watched his career closely never supporting him (politically) but always giving him some sense of support.  One thing I enjoyed about his political platform was his notion of transparency in government proceedings (this is one of his BIG things).  On an occasion (I don't recall the exact date), he posted a status to the effect of saying special interest (in government) was a bad thing. 
Being I am a student and filled to the brim with all curiosity, I asked him what constituted a 'special interest.'  I gave references that a monetary, religious, or even political gain might be construed as special interest (all politics is ultimately bribery in some form).  He responded that this was not the case and that I 'would know it when I saw it [special interest].'  I pride myself on my ability reason and implored him further so that I might recognize special interest when I encountered it.  He told me it was a thing only a politician would understand.  I asked him a third time: what is special interest? 
Unfortunately, Mr. Russell proceeded to not only unfriend me from Facebook but also block me.  This is not only insulting (since Mr. Russell was implying I was too dim to understand special interest) but is also extremely immature.  By blocking me, Mr. Russell has exposed his cowardice and acknowledged his inability to reason.  As politician who supported transparency in government, Mr. Russell revealed himself as a hypocrite not being able to answer my question: what constitutes special interest? 
My hope is that Mr. Russell will apologize and attempt to rectify his mistakes if not for his sake but for that of his children.  If this site proves anything, it is that he has hurt quite a few people, and a smart man might take it as a sign to learn a thing or to.
I would suggest the poster not hold his breath.  A man who deems himself incapable of fault is not likely to ever acknowledge it.

And that is this man.