Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looks like Russell has yanked his facebook page down... again.

So, a few days ago, I got into a "discussion," via Facebook, with Jon Russell. Part of that is addressed below... enough to provide a snapshot of the mindset of Jon Russell, a mindset where lying as part of a campaign strategy is OK, and, of course, the typically abysmal outcomes are "God's Will (tm)"

Well, upon reflection, Jon seems to not want to be associated with his words and he certainly doesn't want to have traffic reading mine.

So.... what does he do?

He takes it all down.

This is (was?) the link to Jon Russell's Facebook page. Guess what happens when you click it now?

Absolutely nothing.

That's right... instead of addressing the issues... instead of introspection... instead of the realization that lying doesn't make for a really great platform for a campaign, a marriage, a business... a life... he just takes it down.
LinkBut since then, of course, he's been shooting off his word processor using fake names (as he typically does) to attack his opponents and support his "stable."

Why are we not surprised?

And yet another article where Russell shows his lack of honesty, integrity, and character:

The other candidate in Russell's stable is one Connie Joe Freeman.

Freeman does a much better job with the pater, but while Plinski has what she claims is a degree from WSU, Freeman has a degree from an unaccredited institution called "Southern California Bible College...", or Matchbook University.

In short, Freeman has no recognized degree (Shades of Jon Russell's numerous fake degrees!)
So, the choice is between someone with a fake degree who's a school bus driver and a graduate of the Univeristy of Arizona with degrees in organic chem and biology with a record of community involvement as long as your arm... unlike Freeman.

But again, Freeman is but another empty suit being ran by Russell in his ongoing effort to take control over Washougal City Government.

That's been discussed a great deal as far as that goes... and again, that's not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is to again, point our Russell's habit of using fake identities to attack opponents and support his stable: (Again, Russell's posts are in boldface, and remember, he's RUNNING Freeman:)


Good job Connie Jo. You are a great candidate. Thank you for visiting with me at my home.

Thanks, Post Record, for pointing out the glaring differences between Molly and Freeman. Molly understands the role of city council and each council person. Her thoughtful responses printed here underscore her vast experience and knowledge.

Ms. Freeman does not appear to understand the city's role in economic development. On the one hand, she states “We have to continue to entice businesses here, by having good competition with other cities." Having the city invest in its infrastructure is part of that enticement, and yet she states "Stop the spending on non-necessities,” referring to the “E” Street improvements and construction of the pedestrian tunnel near Pendleton Woolen Mills. She has not been paying attention to the efforts of CWEDA and Paul Dennis (she was NOT in attendance at the CWEDA public meeting yesterday).

I have concerns with Ms. Freeman telling the public things that are untrue. She stated at the League of Women Voters forum that the city is spending city dollars on Public Art, when in fact this is absolutely not true.....and apparently she actually knew this, but said it anyway.

Her son did not find drugs until her move to Washougal? That hits on so many levels, and is an irresponsible statement. Does that mean that the schools are responsible for her son's drug problem? Did she stop educating her son about drug use when she relocated? And are there no drugs in Los Angeles County, California? What does that say about how she views our city? Why did she even move here?

There is no comparison, in my opinion. Molly Coston is the best candidate, and she has my support and vote.

It will be nice to finally have a Councilwoman like Connie Jo who understands government works for us. Not the other way around.

Jon (polis) Russell, you are getting quite mean to your fellow councilmembers.

Guess all that talk by you, McDaniels and others about working together isn't going so well.

Oh, I forgot. Your public pledge was to spend the next two years "making the left froth at the mouth" or words to that effect.

Sorry, I got you mixed up with one of the folks who actually wants to help our community, not stomp all over it.

I'm actually a little insulted that she suggests Washougal schools are to blame for her son using drugs. What about self accountability?

Cari, since Connie Joe consider Jon Russell a mentor, it is safe to assume that they deny themselves any self accountability.

Besides, aren't her kids home schooled? If so.......oh, I am getting confused. Someone ask her to clarify.

Good call, Cari. Freeman obviously doesn't understand the importance of a good infrastructure, economic development, the history of Washougal's impact fees and the history of developers taking advantage of the City in past years. Maybe she and other candidates need to start attending not just Counicl meetings, but economic development meetings, Port meetings and school meetings. I see some very weak candidates out there that are nothing but mouthpieces for larger causes that have nothing to do with the business of operating a small city.

Cari, it is further proof how far removed and disconnected Ms. Plinski and Ms. Freeman are.

twilliams. Blah Blah Blah. According to the people who make it their business we know Cari Wallace is Choice, we know dlarson is Sean Guard, we know Bingo is Mike Briggs, we know Russell is a plethora of aliases. So what? Do you bring any substance to the discussion? Do you thrive on providing misinformation?

I don't whether to be flattered or creeped out that you have gone to so much trouble to find out my name. Alas, however- you are wrong. I am not Choice. Always have been Cari..and I have not been Wallace for many years now. Is there a reason why this is important for you to know?

WBO, hate to break it to you but that is not my name. I really don't want to be in your guessing game either. Someone must not be doing a very good job. I am not running for public office so it really doesn't matter. On the other hand I would expect our elected officials (especially the ones that were put in this position by god) to be a bit more forthcoming.

Wow. Lots of interesting things flying here tonight.

I support Molly Coston decidedly over Connie Jo Freeman. I support veteran councilman Rod Morris over Caryn Plinski.

Mayor Sean Guard is not dlarsen and I don't know who that soul is. I only write under my own name of Mike Briggs. I don't know who Cari Wallace or Choice is.

Washougal City Councilman Jon Russell uses many names including in just this article's postings: two in order: "washougalbusinessowner" & "polis". This information is not new to any reader.

I think Conne Jo better start looking for another campaign manager real soon- Nov. 8 is just around the corner.

Mike Briggs Washougal

Again, this dissociative Jon Russell should seriously get some real help.

Between lying about his education, his wife's job, his fund raising, and that he's a conservative Christian and this stuff, it's kind of clear he's certifiable.

Russell continues to illustrate his lack of integrity; insists on posting under fake names to attack his political opponents.

The Post Record put out an article that showed candidate Caryn Plinski to be completely unqualified, by lack of either knowledge or involvement... and, of course, Plinski is a creature completely of Jon Russell's making in his pathetic attempt to take over control of the Washougal city council.

But that's explained below. THIS post is to, once again, point out that slimeball Jon Russell continues to use fake identities to attack those who oppose him or his political allies in public forums (The posts by Russell are boldfaced.):

"Caryn Plinski attended her first Washougal City Council meeting on Sept. 19,"

Yep. That says it all right there.

Most people in the city have never attended a council meeting. I catch the council meetings on youtube when I have the time. I think it's great that she is willing to step forward and serve on council.

"Most people" aren't running for City Council, Petra. Attending your first meeting AFTER the primary isn't the best way to show voters you are prepared to integrate into the city's business.

"She said she would also represent the perspectives of “the younger families in Washougal who need a voice.”"

Are you saying the younger families do not have a voice? Or that they are not be listened to by the current Council? I want someone that will represent the perspectives of ALL of the citizens without an age discriminatory statement such as this. Thanks for helping me decide who will not be getting my vote.

Ummm Striker, Petra said the council meetings are on youtube. This may be a new technology for you, but how it works is that people go on to what is called the internet. They type in youtube and watch video footage. Here is a link to illustrate: endless supply of quotes:

"“I am not doing it because of any sort of an agenda or because I know either side.”

Meaning, "I don't have clue about any of the issues facing Washougal today".

I am sure Ms. Plinski is a very nice person. However, Washougal needs someone that has at the very least a cursory knowledge of the issues.

And the next part of the sentence, Washougalbusinessowner, for those of us that do read entire statements,

"and afterwards described it as an “eye-opening” experience."

Significantly implying that she had never seen a council meeting until that time, on video or live.

The younger people do have a choice, it is called voting, which is something they did not do in the primary election.

Your right Choice. Older citizens with reason and concern overwhelmingly voted against Rod Morris. Almost 70% of them.

Jon, make up your mind. On the other article, you are polis. On this one, you are washougalbusinessowner (which you really aren't, by the way).

Yes, Washougal really needs someone who doesn't know what the issues are and has spent no time until AFTER the primary to try to understand what they are, let alone bring some ideas for solutions to the table. Are you expecting to "help" her understand the issues, Jon?

Has a debate been scheduled for any of the candidates?

Here we go with the Russell stuff. Now you resort to the old guessing game. Drama.

Sorry to correct you, Striker, but Jon is here on this story and on the Connie Joe story as polis, washougalbusinessowner (you are right here, though. He is not a washougal business owner) and he is also Petra. All three of his most recent aliases are at work, except humblecitizen and Teacher Judy Banks (so far).

I find this erratic behaviour very disturbing.

I also find it a mighty big coincidence that both Jon and Polinski used the same quote ...."needs, not wants"..... Ok, not so much of a coincidence. Jon did afterall, publically state that he got Connie Joe and Polinski to run for council.

Oh, wait. Polinski isn't on either side.

And in a previous Post Record story Connie Joe listed her only community service work as being the office manager for Jon Russell's failed campaigns for Congress and the State House. She has really been working hard in the last couple of months. Where was she before that?

I am soooooo confused.

The fact is, both of these newcomers might be nice people. They certainly are involved in their church work, and that is something I like.

In the end, however, it does look like their resumes and experience are a bit thin. In the case of Connie Joe, her exerience was also pointed out to be a bit overblown. Not a certified teacher (educator) and not a certified or accredited administrator and wasn't her college also unaccredited?

Time will tell.

twilliams: While I also applaud volunteer work with one's church, people should be careful of voting for someone for this reason. Stacee Sellers was supported by a majority of the Christian population in Washougal, one of the reasons for her win. We all know how that turned out.

“I was concerned on Monday because the votes went three and three, and then the mayor broke the tie,” said the Position 2 candidate. “The votes were the same each time. I am sad that everything is so divided.”

Really? Surprised? Why? it has been that way for 19 months. 3-4 officials voting on national interest issues, political idealism and advancing their own personal agendas vs. looking out for the interests of all the community. It's not about liberalism, conservatism or Tea Party polkitics; it's about who ahs the best interests of the community and the citizens at heart. That would be Molly, Rod, Joyce and Niki.

My bad, Striker. Your point is well taken. I did not mean to imply in any way that I would be voting for Freeman or Polinski.

Stacee went so far as to "join" the Catholic church and immediately quit attending once she was elected. Even had her campaign manager send donation requests to the St. Thomas membership. Saw two that my sister and Mom received.

A member of Gateway Community Church used their mailing list for a letter in support of Stacee. To their credit, they immediately sent out an apology when they found out about it.

@ Cari, I cannot say for certain but I have heard talk about some of the candidates boning up for the LWV debate in Washougal. The date I heard was Oct. 11 but I've heard nothing further on this.

I attended the last LWV forum much earlier in the campaign process and liked it a lot. I do hope they have another one in an actual debate process.

Mike Briggs Washougal

I don't have a problem with Joe Sixpack using fake names; after all, the issue is typically the idea.

However, when an elected official who so desperately wants to be a state representative or some such gets psycho and, effectively, has conversations with HIMSELF, well, that's an entirely different kettle of fish.

Elected officials should always tell the truth. Jon Russell seems genetically incapable of the art, a bizarre trait for someone claiming to have such a close relationship with our Lord.

But then, that's clearly a campaign prop as well.

I urge Jon Russell to get help. Being a fake Christian psychotic politician is no way to go through life, son. (With apologies to Dean Wormer.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Russell's puppet, Caryn Plinski, never even attended a city council meeting until 10 days ago.

Now, I get that someone as mentally unbalanced as Jon Russell could have a certain "Jim Jones-Guyana" effect on some people.

After all, the more ignorant believe him to be both truthful and honorable... and, as I have proven over the months, he's neither of either.

But apparently, a completely empty suit who hadn't even attended a city council meeting for the 6 years she's lived in Washougal; who has no prior elected or government service, who has no education having anything to do with government (You'd know all about that, wouldn't you, Jon?) and no experience in business, no community service for the city she loves so much and, well, no qualification of any kind save a desire to be failed congressional candidate/failed state representative candidate Jon Russell's bitch on the Washougal City Council appears to be the best Russell can do.

The article in the PR had some startling revelations about Plinski, including the fact that she hadn't ever bothered to attend a city council meeting until the 17th of September.

That, of course, means she has no depth of understanding about the history, dynamics or issues confronting the council, save those hand-fed to her by Psycho Johnny.

The article describes a clueless woman with no idea what she's doing:

To cut costs, Plinksi said the city should review its paid positions, and determine what is and isn’t necessary. She cited the recent approval by City Council to fill the newly created assistant to the city administrator as questionable.

“The city is currently functioning without the position,” she said. “Do they really need it, even if it is a lower cost?”

Plinski then qualified her statement by saying that she might need more information about the issue, but then added: “If I was on council, I would really take a strong look at needs versus wants.”

Plinski did not identify examples of other areas where spending could be reduced, instead saying that if elected she would enter the annual budget development process with an open mind; any potential cuts would need to be considered individually.

I absolutely admit that I don't know either of the Russell Stable who he's doing his very best to pack the council with... all, of course, so he can make an effort to become the defacto mayor since he could never get the job any other way.

She may be a(and likely is) a very nice person. But that she worked for yet another of Russell's miserable campaign efforts shows she's totally drank the Russell kool aid, combined with her complete lack of knowledge or involvement in city government makes her completely unqualified to hold elective office in Washougal.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

So, how can Russell fix this?

Readers of this blog know of my contempt for Washougal city councilman/failed congressional candidate/failed state representative candidate Jon Russell. The question one might ask as a result is this: what can Russell do to fix this?

Based on my recent Facebook conversation with him, wherein he attacks me... kind of... but disputes none of my allegations, it's pretty clear he's confused.

We read about "God's will(tm):"

  • Jon Russell · Top Commenter · Friends with Peter Van Nortwick
    God does as he pleases for the things he wants to accomplish in each of us. Everything is about a spiritual growth and lessons, not political gotcha.
  • And that's fascinating, because one of the things I learned in a philosophy class a long time ago was that one way we would know that God is talking to us (rhetorically) is by running out the string and challenging our own disbelief.

    For example, it would be unlikely that God would order any of us to, say, murder every 3rd person.

    We know this because we believe we know the nature of God, an entity capable of a wide variety of things but likely not capable of violating his own commandments (Thou shall not murder.)

    Thus, it is, for me, at least, that anywhere in the will of God is the idea that God would want someone to run for political office and use lies... in any way, manner shape or form to accomplish that feat.

    So, Jon, perhaps the thing to do here if God's will is the basis for one's actions... then stop lying.

    About anything.

    Because frankly, Jon, I have a genuinely hard time believing, for one minute, that God would help someone who believes they have to lie to succeed.

    Introspection, Jon. A self-assessment that would explain to you why you're not getting the things you want.

    Oh, you can fool people for awhile, Jon. You can pass yourself off as this honest, honorable, Christian individual.

    But sooner or later, they find out that it's a sham... a false perception.

    And you, as a man of God which you claim to be, should be the LAST person on EARTH to engage in this kind of activity; engage in the very actions you so loudly and hypocritically condemn in others.

    You reflexively, for example, lump me in as "liberal," by assigning me "liberal friends" as if "liberal friends" were untermenschen. I ask you to name one. You have no reply.

    See, Jon, it's this kind of playground BS that keeps you down. It's the kind of thing that shows a complete lack of maturity. It's right up there with lying about your education. It's unnecessary crap, like hitting the ball directly into the net.

    So, how do you fix this?

    Simple. You stop.

    You stop lying. You stop exaggerating. You stop believing that your lies and childishness make no difference.

    Because they do.

    You do what I TOLD you to do two years ago: You let time pass so you can prove you've reformed.

    Because if you don't, me and you are going round and round and no matter who you run against politically, you will also be running against me.

    And how's that worked out for you so far?

    Seems I've upset Mr. Russell.

    Jon needs to learn to have a thicker skin in the political realm.

    And if he'd learn to stick with the truth instead of making this crap up, perhaps he'd not run into these difficulties with such frequency.

    • So sue him. Been to Russell Watch lately?

    • Jon Russell · Top Commenter · Friends with Peter Van Nortwick

      Kelly Hinton (AKA Kaged McClued), your smear website is of no concern to me. You have filed Public Disclosure Commission complaints against me and you have tried to get the State Medical Assurance Board to conduct an investigation against my business. All of your efforts have been dismissed, found false and erroneous. So I do not need to file lawsuits against you or your liberal friends, God will always vindicate me.

    • Jon Russell "My liberal friends?" Name one. You can't file a suit against me, Jon, because the truth is always a defense. You lied about your campaign donations, lied about your education, lied about your wife being a physician, and even she has admitted you've lied about who you are when you're commenting on websites like the Post Record. You consulted on the biggest local tax increase (Port Levy) in local history and YOU accuse ME of having "liberal friends?"

      That "Gott mit uns" crap didn't work for Hitler, and it ain't gonna work for you, either.

    • Jon Russell
      For those of you wondering who I am talking to meet Kelly Hinton. He keeps his profile on super secretive mode so he can say things without any consequence. So as you read these replies to Kelly Hinton aka Kage McClued this is the reason wh...y you don't see his posts. I don't need to file suit against you Kelly. Every time you have made a charge and tried to have something done to me, you have failed. All you are left with is a blog. Have fun with that.See More
      5 minutes ago ·
    • Kage McClued Deny any of it, Jon. And there's two things I succeeded at, Russell: You're not a Congressman and you're not and never will be a state representative in the 18th. And frankly, those are the only things that matter to me.
      2 minutes ago ·
    • Jon Russell God did those things. Not you. Sorry.
      2 minutes ago ·
    • Kage McClued Really? God used me as an instrument to keep you from getting elected? Imagine that. Meanwhile you don't deny any of the many allegations that shatter any pretense of honesty or integrity on your part. Interesting...
      a few seconds ago ·

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Jon, the answer is "no."

    I get that you hate being stuck as a Washougal City Councilman and you want to dump your constituents there as soon as you possibly can.

    I get that you know that Rep. Ed Orcutt (R-Kalama) will likely be re-districted out... meaning there's an open seat to be had.

    I get that you're hanging out with Madore so you can access his checkbook.

    I get that you want to make nice with Rep. Ann Rivers (R-La Center) who beat you like a rented step child in the last election you were in.

    Now, I don't/can't speak for Rep. Rivers. But my guess is, the answer is going to be "no."

    See, Rivers likely knows you helped out democrat Dennis Kampe after you were embarrassed in the last primary (Who Rivers destroyed in the general, in excess of a 60-40 vote, the equivalent of a political massacre) and that you definitely did help fellow slimeball Keath Huff with his sick effort to silence me because I insisted on beating the political hell out of his girl, Ridgefield Barbie.

    She likely knows of your incompetence and inability to accept responsibility... for anything... concerning the debacle of the missing $100,000 (gone on your watch) along with your eagerness to toss Sellers under a bus when YOU were in charge of the city finance committee... Along with the hiring of your buddy as finance director (Is he in jail yet?) while NONE of that was your responsibility, because if you ever made a mistake, you'd certainly never be man enough to admit it.

    Those kinds of things don't go away, and why would Rivers want a back-stabbing liar as her seatmate in the Legislature?

    See, Jon, the problem for you is this: I told you to your face back in the Summer of '09 during that bizarre congressional run of yours that I didn't want you in my government, and nothing's changed, except you've lied more, cheated more and been more dishonest. You even now, having been outed by your own wife, you CONTINUE to use fake names on newspaper sites to attack those who oppose you and support those you like... and yourself, of course.

    The moment you start campaigning for this, I'm gonna kick it into gear. Every public event. Every letter to the editor. Every time you turn around, Jon Russell Watch is going to be there.

    The people will know everything they need to when it comes to you.

    Look forward to it.

    Cross posted at Clark County Politics.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Looks like Russell has gone over the edge.

    There's an article on the Camas Washougal Post Record web site concerning the $100,000 that vaporized under Jon Russell's nose.

    Russell was chair of the Washougal finance committee when Stacy Sellers had a wild weekend in Vegas, most of which Russell signed off for, and when $100,000 in city money mysteriously vaporized.

    (And no, for aficionados, I'm not alleging that Russell took the money... just that his incompetence helped make it disappear. He, of course, bears absolutely no responsibility for that disappearance... just ask him.)

    The article brings everyone up to date on the issues... and tells the folks that, well, no one seems to know where the money went or who took it, but that on some level or another, the
    investigation continuuuuuues.

    But that's not the point of this post.

    Earlier, Jon's wife, Sarah, outed him for using false identities to comment on newspaper and other sites.

    The strangest part of her admission wasn't that Russell had been using fake names to attack his political opponents.... most everyone involved in politics locally has been aware of that, litterally, for years.

    No, the strangest part of her comment was that he hadn't been doing that "for over 6 months."
    SO, Here's for one: Jon Russell may have used aliases and fake names in the past but has not commented, blogged or otherwise produced written material under any fake names for over 6 months.
    Which brings us to this article... where Russell uses TWO fake names and even refers to himself in the 3rd person:

    Well, Jon Russell (polis) should know where this money is. After all, he was the chairman of the finance committee when all of this was taking place. He MUST have some idea, wouldn't you think?

    Yes, Get'em and string him up. You get the pitch fork Striker, I'll grab the rubber mallet. Got an extra cigar? You wear your stupid looking sailor hat and I'll wear my silly red nose. Meet you down at Shelby's for drinks afterwards.

    Nice, Jon. I thought your wife said you didn't post under aliases anymore.

    What, you not on board captain? I thought you said he knows where $100,000 is..That's a handsome sum......I thought you were ready to go with me....Let's go get'em.

    Point being, Jon, is that if proper records had been kept and maintained, then reviewed by the Finance Committee appropriately, there wouldn't be a question of where the money was, now would there?

    How much intelligence does it take to figure out there is a problem if you hold an event or program that requires fees to be collected and you show no revenue, eh?

    But Striker you said, Russell (polis) should know where this money is..So let's stop playing around and go get the SOB. I mean obviously if the council could not find the money, the city finance director could not find the money and the State Auditor could not find the money.....the obvious conclusion is that Russell knows where the money is...He probably has it in his freezer, so let's go.

    I find it quite disturbing that you refer to yourself in the third person while posting as an alias that you have told your wife you no longer use. Have the marbles completely rolled away now, Jon?

    Striker, Come on man, quit playing around. You stepped to the plate and pulled back on the bat but now your going to bunt? Let's go get that money. If my calculations are correct Russell probably split the loot with Sellers and so he probably has at least a good portion of it left. You can grab him from behind and I'll slap him upside the head with his fake diploma until he talks. His fake doctor wife can take care of him after we rough him up a little. We can do this thing.

    I think it is really a shame that people of Washougal and all over East County have to subjected to the likes of Jon Russell and his aliases as he pokes fun at all of us, will not admit to his part in the missing funds of money, and basically thumbs his nose at all of us with these actions.

    Anyone reading this- why does he get away with this kind of behavior? Why does he support Connie Jo Freeman, Caryn Plinkski and no one says "Boo" about this? Why does he take money from David Madore and it's ok? Doesn't anyone care?

    I find this all very sad and distressing for Washougal.

    Last night I attended a City Council meeting in Camas. It was a long one and very tense. And do you know what? Everyone acted like gentleman and ladies, everyone got their say, and no was upset even when a 7/0 came down against someone's wishes. And do you know why? Because it was very apparent to everyone, the side opposed to the project and the side in favor for the project, that everything was fair, above board, and all the city codes were followed. Newcomer City Councilman Tim Hazen said it best for me as he said out loud to the audience, "I want everyone to know NO ONE on the council as talked before hand about this issue and we all come here tonight to give our individual opinions and vote fairly". (or words to that effect)

    Isn't this the kind of government that the people of Washougal want also?

    When we all vote in this coming election I hope everyone reading this remembers how are Washougal Council acts, who is trying to do good for Washougal and who is trying just to promote themselves for another office or their own private agendas, who comes regularly to city council meetings, and who fights all the time and just stops Washougal from functioning well.

    Please do this. Please remember and vote accordingly to whom you believe, in your hearts, is representing you the best in our town of Washougal and who wears funny masks, talks under different names, and support two complete unknown's for office.

    For my vote, I plan to vote to keep Molly Coston and Rod Morris!

    Mike Briggs Washougal

    (my real name)

    This kind of acting out is just... well... bizarre.

    Cross posted at Clark County Politics.