Sunday, February 17, 2013

More on Russell: Well, looks like Jon Russell's still got that political bug: he's gearing up to run for something in Virginia.

Not content with screwing up politics in our local neck of the woods, Jon Russell has found his issue where he's roosting just now and will be attempting to use it as a scam to run for office... and soon.

Look this stuff up for yourself:

His self-flagellating web site:  rife with the self-promotion and "hurray-for-me-ism" that he's known for.

His Friends of Jon Russell Facebook page...

All of this is being done to raise his local profile so he can suck the people of Culpeper, Virginia in like he did those of Washougal.

Oddly, he doesn't mention Washougal anywhere that I can see.

Wonder why that is?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

You might be wondering: what's Jon Russell been up to?

Readers here know how highly I think of Jon Russell, who I believe represents the absolute worst that politics has to offer.

Detailed here,, the years-long psychotic episodes of lies, misleading, exaggeration, incompetence... well, I still get emails from people keeping me in the loop about this guy, because he is all about getting elected... to something... anything... and I have made it my pledge to be there when he actually tries to run.

Russell's own campaigns have been utterly abysmal.  His abortive run for congress was a disaster; his obnoxious run for the House of Representatives here and his subsequent abandonment of his job in Washougal, which, after all, he was only using as a stair-step and campaign prop to bigger and better things was an outright disaster... scandal after scandal, incompetence after incompetence.  Jon Russell Watch details it all.

Well, Russell landed in a bucolic little berg in Virginia named "Culpeper."

He's starting his campaign to get elected to something, because, as his biggest fan, he has GOT to get a title. 

So, he's set up the start of a campaign page on facebook ( ) that looks vaguely familiar.


That's what it's all about.

This time, however, he's at least being accurate about his accomplishments, although there's no mention of Washougal on this page... and no mention of, say, Jessica Bowen.

Now he's on a jihad to move the city council election date to November, with a claim of savings and increased participation.

While that may possibly be true, at the end of the day, the idea that he's doing this out of altruism instead of doing it to increase his name familiarity is absurd.

And when he does run... I'm going to be there... educating the people as to what they're actually going to get if he's elected.