Washougal council may vote on mayor's resignation
Councilman Jon Russell mentions impeachment as an alternative

Post-Record staff

Washougal Mayor Pro Tem Molly Coston could end up serving as the city's next mayor -- at least through Dec. 31.

Councilman Jon Russell plans to introduce a resolution asking for Stacee Sellers to resign during the next council meeting Monday, at 7 p.m. He mentioned the possibility of impeachment, if Sellers does not willingly agree to a resignation.

"This is a crucial budget period, and we need stability," Russell said during the council workshop Monday.

Councilman Michael Delavar added his call for Sellers's resignation. Coston read a letter written by Delavar, since he did not attend the workshop.

"If the city has difficulty functioning or maintaining a high level of respect from the public, then it is in the best interest of the city that the mayor resign," Delavar said.

"I lack faith in the current mayor to fulfill her duties properly," he added.

Sellers said Thursday she would be on vacation during the council workshop but would attend the council meeting Monday. She made the comments while moving from a townhouse she has lived in since the summer to an undisclosed location, reportedly within Washougal.

The move began Wednesday morning - the day after Sellers lost her re-election bid to Sean Guard - by a margin of 2,277 votes (72.45 percent) to 831 votes (26.44 percent). That involved 46.65 percent of the registered voters in Washougal.

Guard called the results a "mandate."

"There were just a lot of people who were not satisfied with where the city was or where it was headed in the future," he said Monday. "I don't believe there is much confidence in Stacee and her ability to work with staff and the council at this point. There is a massive distrust and lack of honesty and cohesiveness. I don't know if it's in anyone's best interest for Stacee to stay in office."

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