Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Post Record's take on the latest Russell debacle: What makes a qualified candidate?

The PR nails it by asking, and answering the question: What makes a qualified candidate?

Failed candidate Jon Russell's continuing hypocrisy in having ever opposed to Mike Briggs for planning commission is inexplicable in the face of his horrific, underhanded, despicable political campaigns, first for Congress and then for state representative in the 18th District as he does anything and everything he can to ditch Washougal and move up "To da BIIIG House."

This blog is replete with his bogus efforts to portray himself as some sort of Christian conservative, as he struggled to put distance between his lies concerning his education and his wife's profession, his history of getting paid to run a campaign designed to jack up takes to the stratosphere for the Vancouver Port Commission; his fake identities so he can attack others while keeping his own skirts clean, his signing off on Stacy Seller's expense account and getting his buddy hired... as an unbondable city finance director, lying to the 18th district PCO's... his asking ME for a political opponent's social security number, and a large number of other foibles... documented on this blog.

So, when Russell came out swinging against Briggs, I nearly blew chunks.

This was so obviously a political ploy... so totally and completely pay back to a political opponent, that a blind squirrel could see it in a minute.

The PR addresses those issues with their take on Russell's idiocy:

What makes a qualified candidate?

By Heather Acheson

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What should make a candidate qualified for appointment to a position on a local government body? This question will be up for discussion during Monday night’s Washougal City Council meeting. The topic is a result of councilman Jon Russell’s opposition to the recommendation by a panel that Mike Briggs be appointed to the city’s Planning Commission. That panel included a current planning commissioner, city councilman and city department head.

As recounted in an article in today’s Post-Record, Russell said he questions the appointment because Briggs has made “disparaging remarks” and “personal attacks” against Mayor Sean Guard, the City Council, and developers on local blogs and in the media. Although no specific examples of this were mentioned that evening, the issue is expected to be part of Monday’s agenda.

An informal survey of Briggs’ public comments reveals that he has leveled strong criticism against some decisions of the Washougal City Council, and some actions of specific members, including Russell, Michael Delavar and Dave Shoemaker. However, Briggs has also voiced his support of other council actions.

It’s not a secret that Briggs does not agree with Russell’s support of issues including having red light cameras in Washougal city limits and the Arizona immigration law, among other things. In fact Briggs has accused Russell, a 2010 Primary Election candidate for the 18th Legislative District representative seat, of using these issues to “grab media attention to further his own political ambitions.”

Those kinds of comments have not portrayed the City of Washougal in a positive light. But, isn’t this kind of criticism and critical thinking about the decisions made by our leaders an essential part of the public process? Shouldn’t citizens feel free to publicly, and even vehemently, disagree with the actions, comments or opinions of its city officials without fear that it will lead to a backlash later on?

The answer to all of these questions is most definitely “yes.”

Before he shot off his mouth, if Russell had any concept of service to the people instead of using them as tools for the greater glory of Russell, he would have ran his opposition to Briggs through the filter listed in this editorial.

But he doesn't. For Russell, it's all about him. And this time, it blew up in his face.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Failed Candidate Jon Russell puts his hypocrisy aside: now says he'll support Briggs on Washougal Planning Commission.

Was it just a week ago that I nailed Russell by the shwantz for his rank hypocrisy in publicly attacking Mike Briggs?

Russell set new boundaries of hypocrisy by claiming that Briggs had "...made 'disparaging remarks' toward the mayor, City Council and developers in local blogs and media."

Russell's horrific state representative campaign, which followed his equally horrific congressional campaign, clearly showing that he would take ANY political job to get out of Washougal, was replete with lies, exaggerations, insults and everything sleazy about politics.

How HE could accuse anyone ELSE of something he, himself was so over-the-top guilty of is simply beyond belief.

And this is one of Russell's MANY problems: he refuses to hold himself to the same standard he applies to everyone else. And it's this kind of megalomaniacal narcissism that makes him unsuitable for any elected position, anywhere.

So, imagine my surprise when I read the following:
Washougal councilman changes opposition to potential planning commission appointee

Council decision is expected during Monday meeting

By Dawn Feldhaus

One has to wonder.

If Russell is such a "person of faith," then why did he feel the need to trash Briggs last week? Why was it OK then... but not so OK now?

His fake "person of faith" shtick is just one of the reasons why he's so objectionable to me as a politico.

There's much more in the article, but you get the gist of it: this brouhaha was Russell being Russell.

And that's not a great place to be.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Failed congressional/state representative candidate Jon Russell reinforces his rank hypocrisy.

Haven't heard much about Russell lately since his utterly abysmal twin jokes of a failed-from-the-start congressional campaign and an equally and embarrassingly inept state representative campaign replete with his typical lies, exaggerations and false claims concerning his education and his wife's status as a "doctor."

So, in response to those who keep asking me about this twit, I stumbled across this tidbit, where some of the most rank hypocrisy I've ever seen in politics was presented with this twit's usual failure to apply the same standards to himself.

Washougal Council delays appointment of planning commissioner

Interview panel had recommended Mike Briggs

The appointment of a new Washougal Planning Commissioner was anything but routine during a recent City Council meeting.

Council member Jon Russell made a motion on Nov. 15 that the appointment of Mike Briggs be tabled.

Russell said Briggs had made “disparaging remarks” toward the mayor, City Council and developers in local blogs and media.

“There have been personal attacks,” Russell said.

Councilman Dave Shoemaker said planning commissioners have varying opinions. He said he enjoyed talking with Larry Wagoner when they served on the planning commission.

“Those were valuable, civil discussions,” Shoemaker said.

However, he would not be able to support Briggs’ appointment to the Planning Commission due to “personal attacks.”

Councilman Rod Morris spoke in favor of talking about concerns during the next council workshop.

“This should be out in the open Monday, and have Briggs hear it,” Morris said.


Now, it takes a special kind of snake like Russell to attack one of his myriad of political opponents for the exact same conduct that was the hallmark of his campaign.

Russell is lying scum. His campaign showed that he was, beyond any doubt, the absolute worst that politics has to offer. "Disparaging remarks" is the least of the despicable conduct this clown engaged in on a regular basis, conduct that included making up fake facebook and Columbian identities (Teacher Judy Banks) so they could post to each other about how badly I was smacking the crap out of the little creep.

He lied about his education. Lied about his wife's status as a doctor. Lied about opening up a second clinic. Assisted Keath Huff and others in their character assassination of myself and others.

Used fake identities on the Columbian web sites and other locations to attack me and others he's opposed, including on the ubiquitous CW Watch, where, using his punk identity of "The Black Hand, he would attack anyone and everyone wise enough to oppose him or his agenda.

The rank hypocrisy of his complaints over Mike Briggs making "disparaging remarks" about a scum bag like Russell, when Russell has done the exact same thing to Briggs cannot be overstated.

That someone like Russell hasn't been forced off the city council for repeatedly lying about his education is an absolute mystery to me. In fact, had he been a city councilor in Oregon, he likely would have faced arrest for his lies.

For Russell to object to Briggs is unspeakable arrogance and hypocrisy. And if the people of Washougal don't act to get rid of that punk, then they truly do deserve the government they elect.

Yes, it takes a genuine scummy little worm like Russell to do something like this. Why am I not surprised?

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Impressions on an election night.

First some awards.

Slimiest creatures to show up at the GOP Victory Party?

1. Keath Huff.

Huff was the gutless scumbag behind my namesake blog. In coming after me because I was constantly bitch-slapping Ridgefield Barbie for being a complete waste of political skin, that little worm decided he could attack and repeatedly trash Ann Rivers.

Huff is scum.

And then after all that, what does that slimeball do? He leaves this on Ann's FaceBook page:

It takes a genuine asshole to try and make nice after doing so much deliberate damage and engaging in an effort to politically destroy someone, particularly when that someone wasn't even in your district.

A grade A, number one anal orifice.


I understand your attraction to a complete empty suit like Barbie. But I will never forget the playground bullshit you ran in a genuine effort to destroy Ann's candidacy as if that would somehow shut me up about that clown in your picture... when all it did was to make me even more determined to see her out of politics, an effort I will literally spend the rest of my life engaged in thanks in large part to your work.

I can't speak for Ann. But she ought to kick you in what's left of your miniature testicles until you can't see straight.

2. Jon Russell.

Russell's lies and support of the Huffer's blogging efforts are well known. His support and work with the democrat Rivers destroyed in the election are even better known.

The political Russell's of the world are what give politics a bad name. Lying about his education to everyone, how much money he raised to the PCO's, and his wife being a doctor should have made him ashamed to show his face.

3. Nansen Malin.

Malin is the elected chair of the Pacific County GOP, a county something on the order of 100 miles from the victory party in Clark County. I wondered what the hell she would be doing HERE instead of her OWN county on an election night, until I remembered that because of her stellar efforts as a county GOP Chair, not a single Republican ran for anything anywhere in her entire county for this election.

Not one candidate.


For any position.

In all of Pacific County.

Best known for sending out a lying, scum-filled, vitriolic letter filled with false accusations and lies against a sitting state senator, Nan is all about using her position to be THE GOP social butterfly, working SO hard, EVERYWHERE in Washington State, except where she NEEDS to work: Pacific County.

Don't need to work there if, after all, you're such a failure that you can't even find someone to run for ANYTHING.

So, of course, if you're an abysmal, colossal, utter failure as a GOP County Chair and you're applying for the full time position of toady to an empty suit, why would you actually spend time in the county you were elected to run on an election night?

Silly me.

2. Biggest surprise.

a. I am surprised that Allen Svehaug appears to be the winner for the county commission seat. While the campaign wasn't anything to brag about, Alan only has to make up 2.1% plus one vote to take out Steve Stuart. With hard-right breaking votes to be counted in the next 31,000, I think he may just get it done. We'll sure know more by COB tomorrow.

Considering that alleged Republican Marc Boldt ENDORSED Steve "Easy Money" Stuart for re-election (Getting that quid pro quo thing all lined out) it could be just the tiniest bit awkward in the county commission chamber should Svehaug get this done.

b. That Peck didn't do better.

I thought it was going to be close, but I was reasonably sure that Peck would win. After all, the fact is that electing any democrat in the legislature for anything is yet another vote for the fringe left leadership that led to the horrific $800,000,000 tax increase on all of us from the last session, and Candy Man Moeller's moronic "is it candy or ain't it?" tax that the people slaughtered in the guise of I-1107.

c. That I-1100 didn't win overwhelmingly.

The slimy, nonsensical and moronic ad campaign the unions ran were a crock, start to finish. I was surprised that the people would actually buy into their lies and nonsense and overlook the obvious advantages of getting the state out of any retail liquor sales... or any other retail sales.

I-1100, which I supported, may still win. But I was sure it would be stronger.

3. Biggest disappointment.

That the people elected a worthless nit to a position of importance when she lacked the education, experience and integrity of a picket fence.

Never forget: Without Cathy McMorris-Rogers interfering in our local politics and making a deal with alleged Republican Marc Boldt, there is no way this scarecrow would have been appointed to anything, given the fact that she'd been gone for the ten prior years before McMorris hand-fed her the appointment because of her connection to Boldt.

Herrera accomplished absolutely nothing in the legislature, and she will accomplish absolutely nothing in DC that CMR doesn't order her to do, providing CMR's 5th District with a defacto second member of Congress.... except once again become a legend on the DC party circuit while we're paying her $175K to boogie.

Clearly, people like Huff and Barnett lost their minds about Babbling Barbie. And now we all have to suffer as a result.

Other thoughts as they occur.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jon Russell buddy Bivens facing 5 years in Club Fed.

Russell, a Washougal City Councilman and failed Congressional/state representative candidate, was in large part responsible for the hiring of Jeffery Bivens to the position of City Finance director, only to have $100,000 vaporize while discovering that Bivens wasn't bondable.

Russell, a friend of Bivens, is responsible in part for the sweetheart deal Bivens got to leave Washougal.

You remember, right? $45,000 to leave a job he never should have got in the first place? Since the city council, including Russell, hired Bivens KNOWING he had been suspended by the Bar for 18 months as a result of "charging unreasonable fees, conflicts of interest, failure to preserve the identity of clients’ property and dishonest conduct."

Now, Bivens seems to have bigger fish to fry... though the $100,000 seems to be remaining invisible.

Washougal City Government. You get something out of it whether you go there or not.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gee... who knew that Dennis Kampe was such a slime ball? Jon Russell, working on the Kampe Campaign, knew it.

Look, I get that Kampe is a democrat and all that, which shows questionable judgment to begin with.

I get that he supports a state income tax... opposes any form or privatization... and that he wants to saddle us with billions of dollars of debt so his union thug buddies can screw the taxpayers to build a bridge we don't need and loot rail we don't need OR want.

I get that his party is about as popular as the attendees of a NAMBLA convention. I totally get that even in the best of years (2008) let alone the WORST of years for a democrat, that they have no chance in the 18th, as deep and dark a red as you can find in the country today. I get that he coerced subordinates and students into "volunteering" to hold a fund raiser for him at the Skills Center, that taxpayer owned facility that he runs.

I get all of that. But up until now, I had no idea that Jon Russell had such a slimy influence on Kampe... or that he'd engage in gutter politics.

Of course, given Russell's involvement in support of Kampe's campaign, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

A mailer went out to some in the 18th District. It has Russell's fingerprints all over it, given that Russell is a Kampe supporter. Instead of a comparison on the issues, it attacks Ann personally.

And I understand that. Because, like Russell, Kampe can't win on the issues. So personal attacks, lies and distortions are all he's got left.

It's also the kind of false character assassination that Russell and his winged monkeys revel in... and tried to use to get Russell elected.

Instead of addressing the issues... issues.... you remember, Dennis? ISSUES?

Like Dennis supporting a state income tax?

Like Dennis supporting the enslavement of 65,000 commuters to put his fellow union thugs to work on a bridge we don't want or need?

Like Dennis opposing privatization? Like that?

You know.... issues?

It attacked Ann Rivers because she represented a special interest as a lobbyist in Olympia.

That "special interest" that slime ball babbles about?

The Battle Ground School District.

It attacked Ann because she had a business client that provides hundreds of jobs...


It attacked Ann because she works with several "big money clients..."

Like the American Cancer Association, where she donates time as the publicity chair for the West Clark County Relay for Life.

I had the opportunity to observe Dennis during the past several months on the campaign trail.

He seemed personable enough... given that he knows he can't win, since he's a leftist democrat and all.

I get that he's upset that he can't raise any money because he's going to lose and everyone knows it.

I get that he's pissed because Ann gets $800 checks while he struggles to get $50's. I get that he's desperate.

But still, this slop of a hit piece was so despicable, such a gross exaggeration, such a deliberate attempt to run away from the issues HE supports that I was stunned at it's ineffectiveness and shortsightedness. And it has Russell's fingerprints all over it.

And I really, really wish him good luck when he tries to get funding for the Skills Center next legislative session.

I really do.

Retirement, anyone?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

So, uh.... what ever happened to that second clinic?

It was part of the Russell mantra:

Let's see, a brief google tells us that he's told the world that "coming in September 2010" is the Grass Valley Medical Clinic at the corner of 192nd and 20th in Vancouver."

Well? Where is it? Or, as I suspect, is it just another of Russell's many lies and exaggerations?

You know... like his fake doctor wife or his fake college degree.

Now, maybe he's went ahead and opened it. But oddly, neither the Secretary of State nor the Department of Licensing are aware of it.

Maybe I'll just mosey out that way in a day or two and see if it exists.

Course, it could be that since Russell and his wife are under investigation for his many mentions of his wife being either a "doctor" or a "physician," that, well, maybe they aren't going to let him open up another one.

Of course, I'm sure there's just some delay. Or hell, maybe it's up and running and the state has screwed up their paperwork.

Or.... maybe.... the whole thing was a con. Time will tell.... won't it?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kampe campaign: mud slinging from the start.

With roughly 6 weeks to go until Dennis Kampe joins the long list of failed democrat candidates, his campaign, unfortunately, has already started the mud-slinging contest so reminiscent of the Jon Russell campaign.

Russell, who has publicly endorsed Rivers while privately supporting Kampe, who Kampe has described as his "good friend and political adviser," ran one of the most underhanded, filthy, inaccurate and flat out lying campaigns it has been my displeasure to witness.

Well, here's your sign: stick to issues, Dennis.

Look, I know you're a democrat with both hands tied behind your back: first, as I said, you're a democrat. In the 18th, that means you're in the wrong party in a year where democrats have become the political equivalent of child molesters due to their demand for tax increases in the middle of a recession, their kow-towing to union thuggery, their out of control spending, their efforts to bury this nation under a horrific mountain of debt, their failed economic strategies that screw the tax payer and their corruption and incompetence at the top.

Your second hand tied behind your back is your positions.

You support the bridge. You support light rail. You support a state income tax. You oppose privatization of liquor stores and any other government function.

So, you go so far as to attack Ann Rivers directly instead of talk about the issues... because, of course, you know you can't win on the issues.
"The voters of the 18th Legislative District have an important choice to make this November. Some people seem impressed that Ann Rivers already has plans. But are these plans that have been informed by her time lobbying for special interests?"

This is an excerpt from a canned Kampe campaign letter directly from Kampe's campaign organization that was farmed out to get someone who has no clue to sign it and send it in to a newspaper. (As a general rule, any letter that sounds like campaign talking points is, well, campaign talking points.) It is precisely the same thing that Jon Russell did, talking about precisely the same subjects.

And I'm surprised by all of this, given that Dennis now seems to be reduced to Russell's talking points... in this case, attacking a school district as a "special interest."

Of course, as a union leftist school administrator, Kampe wouldn't know anything about "special interests."

Would he?

So, here's the deal: stick to the issues. That way, when this is over and you get flattened, you'll at least have some shred of integrity intact.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's see... Jon Russell's campaign facebook page disappears... and so does the fabulous TeacherJudyBanks' facebook page!

It's not terribly surprising that Russell would get rid of his campaign Facebook page... and his rather moronic " page" (cached here) after all, after such an abysmal effort, who'd want to keep THAT around?

But guess who else's is missing?

That's right! Teacher.... Judy.... BANKS!!!!

Banks, of course, was Jon Russell using a fake identity. It's the kind of thing the local rag has attempted to crucify me over, but what they hey, Russell ain't me (Thank God) and so even though the Columbian knows he's used a fake name to post on their web site and Russell is still an elected official (Unfortunately) the rag gave him a pass for lying about his education, lying about his wife being a doctor and the use of the fake name.

Russell also had a campaign volunteer named Steve Jones who use the ID "Alexis Classic" to play Cheech to Russell's Chong.

But connecting the dots was too easy when this popped up on his now defunct facebook page:

That confirmed that Russell and Banks were the same person. Though Banks' posting time was cut off by my picture, it was the exact same time as Russell's response.

Confirming that he and Banks are the same person happened the moment Russell removed the post and his response to it, screen captured here, both from his facebook page and the "Banks" Facebook page.

And now... both Russell's campaign facebook page and the fake persona Russell made up, Banks, is gone with him.

Of course, this may be a result of Russell again being outed on the Political Blog on the cancer on our local society...

Hey Nailingit, I have wonderful news for you. Its the 21st century and progressivism has run its wicked course. Your political beliefs are irrelevant now because they have brought nothing but financial ruin and social decay.

teacherjudybanks — September 11, 2010 at 3:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Just googled you Jon Russell (a.k.a. teacherjudybanks). Just how pervasive and dishonest can a politician be? Mr. Russell, you not only give a black eye to the already battered, beat up, and out of control GOP, but humanity dictates that you should just step aside.If you can't be trusted to use your own identity, please don't advertise as a teacher.

nailingit — September 12, 2010 at 4:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

So... Russell is trying to cover his tracks with a semi-endorsement over 3 weeks from the election he lost... and he's so wrapped up in himself that he AGAIN used that fake identity?

How bizarre is this?

Russell has a plan. He smells a vacancy. He's rehabing his image to go after that vacancy. That's the only reason he's making nice with Rivers.

Unfortunately for Jon, putting on another face when you've just completed... badly... such a horrific, lying, underhanded campaign... well, no amount of shoveling will be able to cover that.

And I'm here to tell you: if a vacancy occurs... it ain't gonna be filled by Russell.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Memo for Jon Russell:The Code of Geddes

As most readers know, Jon Russell ran (badly) for both Congress and the state House. In running, he forgot a few things that resulted in continued lies and exaggeration, character assassination and a generally despicable campaign that wound up with the inevitable result: he got clobbered.

Well, here's a few rules that Jon SHOULD have lived by and remembered. Had he done so, the outcome might have been much different.

1. A degree or lack of it doesn’t mean a thing: it’s what you can do/bring to the team and the ideas you have that count, not a piece of paper.

2. Once a member of the team, you are a member for as long as you want to be.

3. Credit doesn’t matter, only results. Try to be sure that credit is given where it is due, but if you can share a bit with others, it adds and does not subtract. Be sure to credit all members of the team.

4. Ideas are great, but cheap; results are what count, and are truly valuable.

5. Identifying and treating a symptom of a problem is good, but identifying and treating the root problem (medical or otherwise) is best.

6. If you are not trying to better the human condition, why are you bothering to do what you do?

7. Always look on the bright side, and try to find something good to say about anyone.

These rules, extrapolated by an employee of Purdue University (Now working as an independent contractor) are rules that anyone seeking office should live by. Russell, of course, is incapable of such things, since it's all about him.

Yes, he should take these rules to heart. It might stop him from leaving his death wishes for me in the comments sections of these blogs.

It might.

But it probably won't.

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Jon Russell stops by... again.

He seems so.... unrestrained... since he got his butt kicked in the election.

Left one of his typical little turds. He drops them off every now and then.

Looks like this:
HA HA HA you idiot you can't even spell. You are such a fuck-up Kelly. I hope that you step out into traffic so that someone can step on the long slender pedal on the right just a little harder and rid us of the parasite called Kelly Hinton.
By Anonymous on More PDC weirdness from Russell. on 9/18/10
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That's OK, Jon. You can't even come close to winning an election for state representative.

I TOLD you I was going to kick your ass.

You should have listened.

Every once in awhile, the real Jon Russell oozes out.

This is one of those times.

I have a great feeling of accomplishment in ending this little weasel's political career. Now, whenever he gets the urge to run for something... anything... anyone checking him out will run across this blog, and know what a lying low life he really is.

In fact, it happened just the other day, right here:
Just googled you Jon Russell (a.k.a. teacherjudybanks). Just how pervasive and dishonest can a politician be? Mr. Russell, you not only give a black eye to the already battered, beat up, and out of control GOP, but humanity dictates that you should just step aside.If you can't be trusted to use your own identity, please don't advertise as a teacher.

nailingit — September 12, 2010 at 4:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

For as long as he lives, this is going to be here.

You should have listened, Jon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More PDC weirdness from Russell.

As this blog shows, Jon Russell is an interesting guy.

He's sworn an oath as an elected official to uphold the laws of this state, among other things.

Which begs the question: Why is he gaming the Public Disclosure Commission?

I've filed multiple complaints against Russell, who seems to view laws and rules concerning filing records and donations the same way he views transparency: something he's willing to pay lip service to but not something he's either willing to live by or follow.

Russell, for example, refused to file his PDC's electronically, a requirement of any candidate even THINKING about receiving or expending $10,000 or more, until I filed weekly complaints against him for failing to do so for at least a month.

In this instance, the issue is Russell's attendance of the Clark County Lincoln Day Dinner, which took place last February, while Russell was still "running" (if you can call it that) for Congress.

I filed a complaint about that, since Russell claimed the expense for those tickets as part of his state representative campaign... even though he was, at the time, running for Congress.
Not only did he do that, but he then lied about when he paid for those tickets, and, as far as that goes, how much they actually cost.

And on top of that, Russell has now REIMBURSED HIMSELF for the tickets, giving himself $20 more than the tickets actually cost.
This was the first time he filed for this charge, filing for it over a month late on his May 10 C 4.

Note the cost: $240 for 4 tickets, which is what you've paid BEFORE the date of the Dinner, when the cost went up to $260.

And then we see this masterful paperwork:

So, this is the time line.

For whatever the reason, Russell runs for Congress.

On February 6, he attends the Clark County GOP Dinner. He attends as a congressional candidate.

He has twice claimed the ticket cost was $240 as a part of his STATE representative campaign, even though he attended as a congressional candidate and, apparently, didn't file as a state representative candidate until over a month later, on March 10. On his expenditure paperwork (C4) Russell claimed that he paid it both on March 1 and April 12... only to go on and reimburse himself for those same tickets that were allegedly paid by his state campaign on August 19, right after losing the election. Failing to pay the cost in advance means the actual cost was $260, since $5 is added to the each ticket price.

Russell's campaign was confusing enough. But reimbursing himself for expenses he's claimed were paid by his campaign?

That's really confusing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's the details, Jon... the details.

Over on Russell's face book page, we're greeted with this:

Let's take a look at this phrase, shall we?

"In Camas 98607, I won all but 1 of Camas' precincts."

Well, no, Jon... you didn't.

"In Washougal 98671, I won every precinct with large margins in the Republican field."

Well, no Jon, you didn't.

You see, Jon, this is part of the many reasons why I see you as being unfit to hold elective office. Words, as you well know, have meaning. (You know, like "earned my degree" and "Doctor" or "Physician?" Words like that?)

At the end of the day, there were many precincts that you flat out lost to Dennis Kampe.

Yes, I know he's a democrat.

But your statement is clear and unambiguous: "In Camas 98607, I won all but 1 of Camas' precincts."

That's simply untrue. The fact is that Dennis Kampe won several of those precincts.

In fact, of the 6 Camas precincts, Kampe beat you in 950, 962, 963, 965 and 985.

Equally unambiguous is this phrase:

"In Washougal 98671, I won every precinct with large margins in the Republican field."

Again, untrue. Of the grand total of 4 (or 5) precincts in Washougal, Kampe beat you in 905, 910 and 914.

You LOST many of the precincts in Washougal... to Kampe.

And this points to the heart of the matter: You exaggerate and puff yourself up by using words that are somewhat less than accurate.

Did you get more votes an Rivers? Mostly.

But for example, when you write: "In Washougal 98671, I won every precinct with large margins in the Republican field," what you chose to leave out (That there are only 4 precincts in Washougal and that you lost to the democrat in at least 2 of those 4 precincts) is much more telling... and factual... then your blanket statement... which I've shown to be untrue.

Get used to the idea that we don't HAVE a "Republican field." What we've got is an every man for themselves (Or woman, as the case may be) primary system. Leaving out the details that include ALL of the information is the thing.

So, how could this nonsense have been written in such a way that it made sense while telling the whole, unvarnished truth?

Simple. Something like this:
"It was a hard fought campaign, where I did very well in the Camas-Washougal area. In many of these precincts, I was the top Republican, but in many of them, I was also bested by Dennis Kampe.

Good luck to Ann Rivers who made it into the top two, and who no doubt will go on to win... and thank you to those who supported me."
Of course, you lost. And as the loser, what would have been best would have been for you to remain silent about how YOU did... because this has never been about you.

This kind of self-serving word parse is what you became known for during the course of your disastrous campaign for Congress and your equally poor campaign for local office once it became clear you had as much chance of growing horns as you did getting elected to Congress.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teacher Judy Banks endorses Ann Rivers!

Responding to a massive amount of pressure from this blog and many other sources, Jon Russell has finally.... finally... endorsed Ann Rivers.

Russell, with a history of using fake identities to attack others around the internet, frequently utilized the fake name "TeacherJudyBanks" while commenting on The Columbian web site beginning with Brancaccio's bizarre columns about me.

Russell and a campaign volunteer of his posting under the fake name of "Alexis Classic" utilized those opportunities to write things about me that first, they'd never in a million years dream about saying to my face and second, to go along with Brancaccio's moronic idea that Rivers needed to be held accountable for, well, me.

So, when you consider the garbage that Russell, under the fake identity of someone else wrote about Rivers... not to mention his winged monkeys Gary Wiram and Steve Jones, it's only fair to point out that after trashing Rivers and taking over 3 weeks from losing the election as WELL as being identified as working with democrat Dennis Kampe because he lost... that it was, in fact, Russell's alter-ego TeacherJudyBanks who put out the hollow, late endorsement of Rivers' candidacy.

Many are wondering why now. Others, with deliberate acts of ignorance, refer to Russell's endorsement as a "class act," ignoring Russell's campaign of lies and deceit.

Well, the why of it is easy.

There's a buzz out there that if Dino Rossi wins, he's taking Zarelli with him.

That would create a vacancy in the Senate. The natural sequence of events under those circumstances is to move up the senior of the two House members from the same party to that position, in this case, Rep. Ed Orcutt, a move I would certainly support.

Such a move would result in a House vacancy. And Jon Russell wants to win by appointment that which he could not, and will never be able to win at the ballot box: a seat in the State House.

That, of course, is why Russell has allowed county commissioner Steve Stuart to use some of his sign locations and wood, as discussed here.

Russell thinks he can cut a deal with Stuart and get Stuart to influence the democrat commissioner vote in Cowlitz, not unlike the deal McMorris cut with Marc Boldt to get Jaime Herrera appointed.

Since for right now, the 18th is Charley's Country to the Dems (That is, a solidly Republican area they know they can't win) the dem commissioners in Russell's mind won't care who gets the job.

Of course, Russell has two problems with this scenario:

First, if someone from Cowlitz runs and makes the top 3, the commissioners up there would pretty much have to ignore Stuart and vote for that candidate.

Second, I'm a PCO. And as long as I'm a PCO, there is no way Russell will make it into the top 3.

Other then that, it's a great plan.

So, thanks to TaeacherJudyBanks for getting on board. It wouldn't have mattered in this cycle what Russell did, one way or another: even if he had as is rumored, sent out a mailer endorsing Kampe, no one would have voted for a union democrat as a result.

So, here's a memo to Jon:

*I* know what the deal is, and so will everyone else. The reasons you couldn't get elected this time haven't magically disappeared; you're still unfit to be elected to any position... or appointed. And coming in 3rd in a primary isn't going to allow you to overcome the lies, exaggerations, incompetence or your history of working for huge tax increases to enable you to get such an appointment.

Because every PCO you lied to in the 18th District meeting back in May will remember it... since I will do all I can to remind them.

Hopefully, Zarelli will stay put, and then I can avoid this unpleasantness. Otherwise...

Cross posted at Clark County Politics.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Still waiting for the Rivers endorsement, Jon. What's the hold up?

I've been solemnly assured by some anonymous posters here that Jon Russell would never THINK about endorsing or working for a democrat.

Yet, I keep hearing from more and more sources that Russell has been co-opted by the forces of the Dark Side. And the silence from Russell concerning that endorsement is rather deafening... wouldn't you say?

Times awasting, Jon. Your lack of endorsement speaks for itself. And what I keep hearing out of Kampe camp is, well, bizarre.

For you.

Tick tock, Russell. Tick tock.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm hearing it: throwing a tantrum, Jon Russell is supporting Dennis Kampe.

Showing his true colors... again... Jon Russell is picking up his football and going home with it, so to speak.

I've heard from a variety of GOP sources that "Republican" Jon Russell is working to get Dennis Kampe elected to the position of State Representative in the 18th District to replace Jaime Herrera in the open seat.

I'd heard rumors to that effect when I asked the rhetorical question, when is Russell going to endorse Rivers?

I admit I cheated when I asked the question. I already knew Russell was acting like a punk, and that he was going to support a fellow democrat for the position, meaning that I knew the answer to the question was "never," even while I was asking it.

To Russell, it's all about him. Screw those delusional enough to have voted for him because he's allegedly a "Republican;" he's going to do everything he can to get a democrat elected... like a spoiled, rotten brat.

Well, there you have it. Russell is actively working to get a democrat elected because he's playing the role of "victim." He's pouting in a way he wouldn't put up with if his 4 year old was doing it.

And the irony out of all of this is that Kampe is giddy... because he hasn't figured it out.

Russell wants Kampe to win so he can run against him in 2012. Period.

Does Kampe know that?

Russell thinks he can keep his abysmal political career alive only if he can target Kampe.

He knows that Rivers would flatten him... again... if he were stupid enough to go after her as an incumbent in the 2012 primary.

So, while Dennis may believe that Russell actually DOES support him, what Russell REALLY supports is his ability to run again in 2012. And Kampe winning is the only realistic way for Russell to get there.

Of course, Russell apparently doesn't realize that his multiple lies, exaggerations and public support of a democrat has killed his political future, so even if this fantasy were ever to see the light of day, Russell would still be unfit for political office... and he would still... lose.

Cross posted at Clark County Politics.

So, the question's been asked: "Why keep hammering on Russell?"

Fair enough.

First, Russell is still elected to something. That's not really acceptable to me, so keeping the people informed as to what he's all about and what he's doing is part of what this blog is about.

Second, had Russell lied about his education in Oregon, he'd be facing the same kind of difficulty the now former mayor of West Linn is under scrutiny for. Since I was the public source of the allegations, the paper buried it even when they found out they were true, instead of "holding him accountable."

He would have faced arrest, investigation and the essentially forced resignation from the Washougal city council that he so richly deserves. Does anyone believe that Russell, who ran for the city council even while still running for Congress, would have been elected had the voters there knew he had lied about his education and, for example, the nonsense about his wife being a doctor?

Third, Russell is now supporting a democrat in the 18th District.

Instead of endorsing the top vote-getting Republican, he's working to help Dennis Kampe get elected in the 18th.

Considering what his chief weasel, Gary Wiram had his panties up in such a bunch over (the nonsensical allegations that Rivers was a democrat) that Jon Russell (TeacherJudyBanks) would actually BE a democrat is kind of beyond the pail.

Russell is, allegedly, a staunch Christian. He waves his Bible around like a flag, and many people actually believe it.

But the major hallmark of a Christian is the ability to forgive. And while nothing I've written or said about Russell has been anything but the truth as I understand it, Russell sees himself blameless and a victim... the hallmarks of the leftist democrat. Otherwise, he would have already come out in support of Rivers, recognizing that he was just beaten by the superior candidate.

I will not, as others have suggested, apologize to Russell for anything I've said or done, particularly since I warned him ahead of time that if he ran, I would bring out the truth about him to as many people as possible.
"It is discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few
by deceit." --British playwright Noel Coward (1899-1973) (Thanks to Dave S)

People are shocked at my honesty... and pay no attention to Russell's deceit.

For Russell, his options are simple: He can continue on as he is, knowing that every political thing he does will be subjected to examination or discussion on this blog.

Or he can resign, before the recall gets up and running and he's invited to leave.

Meanwhile, the coverage continues. But as long as Russell is in politics, I'm going to be here.

Cross posted on Clark County Politics.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memo to Jon Russell: Lying about your education.

Reading the American Legion Magazine today, I came across a fascinating article on page 62, "Congress, by the numbers."

The most interesting factoid?

27 Representatives and 1 Senator have no degree beyond a high school diploma.

So Jon, when you lied about having a degree, it was totally unnecessary. It clearly didn't make any difference to those elected to the highest levels of government in the country today.

Odd that they could do it without lying, and you couldn't.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Guilt by Association?" The wierdness zone, Jon Russell and Steve "Cold Hard Cash" Stuart.

So, Steve "Unmarked Bills" Stuart was out and about today. And what was he doing?

He, Stuart, was PERSONALLY taking his 4x8'S off Russell's 4X8 frames, removing Russell's signs, and then replacing them with the signs he'd screwed on directly over the top Russell's as shown in the post below.

How weird.

Of course, I'm sure Stuart's had a few questions to answer just like Russell over his strange bed fellows.

How sad is it that Russell is so screwed up that he's given his locations and his wood to a fringe left democrat like Stuart, instead of Alan Svehaug, Stuart's GOP challenger?

And how sad is it for Stuart that he can't use his own wood and put up his own signs?

But to take Russell's signs down... and then put his own back up using Russell's wood, as if none of this had happened?

That is totally bizarre.

Note the Svehaug 4X8 attached to what had formerly been a Republican sign. Note the obvious signs of removal and re-attachment on Stuart's 4X8.

Why didn't Russell invite Svehaug instead of Stuart to use his sign locations and frames?

Inquiring minds want to know.

And Steve... Jon... I've got people everywhere.

Cross posted on Clark County Politics.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Guilt by association?" The curious case of Jon Russell... and Steve "Easy Money" Stuart

What's wrong with this picture?

In a political world where likes attract, here's the curious case of Jon Russell and Steve "I can be bought" Stuart.

Now, the scummier elements touting both Russell and Herrera generally, but Russell specifically, TRIED to run the scam that one of Russell's many political opponents was only masquerading as a Republican and that, in fact, she was a democrat. Russell's slithering lackey, Gary Wiram, was particularly fond of lying that way.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that Russell had given at least three of his 4X8 sign locations and frames to Steve "Unmarked bills, Mr. Barnett" Stuart... democrat... who proceeded to put his signs directly over the top of Russell's.

(Note the first layer of corregated plastic behind Stuart's sign. That's Russell's sign.)

No hypocrisy there, eh, Gary? Where's your sniveling about that?

Stuart, the most corrupt elected official known here locally today, who holds his office by virtue of a little $100,000 "gift" bundled through Progressive Majority (Not unlike a $40,000 gift bundled through "Unite Here", likely from the same source for Tim "The Liar" Leavitt. (Never forget: "Cash" Stuart was a major player in Leavitt's campaign)) from Cowlitz Casino developer David Barnett; Stuart is one of the people making a serious effort to saddle 65,000 commuters with a thousand dollars or more in tolls per year to screw them to pay for a bridge and loot rail system Stuart wants, but certainly won't have to pay for.

That brings me to the Russell-Stuart connection.

This entire blog is devoted to the fact that politically, Russell isn't anything close to the act he puts on. So now, I've got to ask: why is Russell doing Stuart this particular favor?

Now, I get that Stuart is terrified. There's enough money being put together out there to end his political world, especially now, where Stuart is caught up in having the decidedly wrong brand (democrat) and the decidedly wrong plan (hurting tens of thousands of county voters for his own agenda.)

Stuart is pro-abortion, pro tax, pro big government.

So, how is it that he's been given at least 3 prime Russell sign locations to the extent that all he had to do put his own signs directly over Russell's?

Is this what David Madore had in mind when he maxed out to Russell?

I don't think so.

Is it possible that Stuart is just taking the sign frames without Russell's knowledge or permission?

I don't think so.

All of which begs the question:

Why would Jon Russell allow Steve Stuart to do this? I mean, all of TeacherJudyBanks' followers were/are leftists, save one... but this is ridiculous.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

I've got to wonder: when is Russell going to endorse Rivers?

OK, the dust has settled. Russell's had a few days to get used to the idea that his political life is over.

The question is this: when is he going to endorse Rivers?

There's a been a lot of talk about unifying behind Ridgefield Barbie, no matter how unearned, undeserving, clueless and ignorant she may be so that we can get someone... anyone... in the seat with an R after their name.

But none of that talk seems to have seeped over into the 18th District, where Jon Russell brought all of his abysmal campaign skills from his disastrous run at Congress to an equally disastrous run in at the state representative level.

In large part, Russell himself bears the responsibility for that. In another part, a complete political moron by the name of Gary Wiram bears responsibility for helping Jon acquire the reputation of sliminess he's achieved, with a series of slithering pieces that seemed to mostly fail to mention that he was still getting a pay check from Russell... what little Russell could afford given his unbelievably awful fund raising abilities.

Hopefully, all of Russell's supporters have learned some valuable lessons here. Now the question is this:

Will Russell unequivocally endorse Rivers?

And why am I not holding my breath, since he hasn't done it yet?

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So... what happened to Jon Russell's campaign Facebook page?

I mean, he's still lying about having a degree of any kind on it... and his mention of McKenna (as if McKenna knows he's alive) as a faux endorsement is still in his picture package... but that's not what I'm referring to.

Go to Russell's wall,
and dozens, if not hundreds of comments have, well, disappeared. His last comment was March 19th. THE last posting was June 15th.

Does that mean he doesn't want to pray for the winners of the primary any more?

Facebook has been a useful tool in documenting Russell's lies about himself and nailing him over his sock-puppets. Is that why he took all that stuff down? Is it a "technical" issue?

Time will tell... and so will I.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A little more perspective, please, Jon.

I saw this blurb in the Columbian:

Russell concedes in 18th, urges prayers for winner

Blog: Political Beat


Republican Jon Russell, who made a strong showing in the competitive 18th District primary race, kept his fingers crossed until Friday, thinking he still had a chance to edge top fund-raiser Ann Rivers for the second spot. But on Friday, trailing by 1,400 votes, he conceded.

Russell, a Washougal city councilman, did not endorse either Rivers or Democrat Dennis Kampe, who took the top spot. Instead, he congratulated them both and issued this statement:

"I encourage my supporters to lift them up in prayer, to be equipped to meet the extreme pressure they will face, if elected in November. I also ask you to hold the winning candidate accountable to abide by the Founding Fathers' view of the Constitution on every vote."

Russell noted that he spent just $16,000 and managed to win 7,293 votes, while Rivers,a Republican political consultant, raised more than $60,000 and received just 8,729 votes.

Kathie Durbin

It seems just a little odd to me that neither Russell nor the paper mentioned the $30,000 he raised and spent along with the 6 month advantage of campaigning for the 3rd Congressional seat that Russell had over Rivers.

So, in reality, Russell spent $46,000 for this effort and campaigned for 6 months longer than Rivers.

Now, I understand why Russell wouldn't want to mention that, since his congressional race was a train wreck from the get go and his state race was a disaster.

But at the end of the day, Russell effectively campaigned for FIFTEEN MONTHS and spent a fair amount of money only to wind up with this typical-for-Russell abysmal outcome.

Perspective, Jon. It's what's for dinner.

Face it, Jon, you got beat by a superior candidate. A superior fundraiser (How embarrassing is it that even after running for Congress you couldn't raise any money?) and someone who didn't have to lie about her education; superior to yours as it is; or what her spouse was as opposed to you calling your wife a "doctor."

YOU had EVERY advantage when Rivers started to campaign, in everything from money spent to name familiarity to the fact that you were an elected city councilman who could, and did, use their position as a campaign prop.

And you lost anyway.

You need to learn the fine art of introspection. You didn't lose because Rivers had the money.

You lost because of who you are and what you did during the course of the campaign. It was, in fact, yours to lose and you pulled it off brilliantly.

The end.

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