Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lets all play the Jon Russell scum game! Staring Gary Wiram "WaPatHub" and the fabulous "TeacherJudyBanks!" played by Jon Russell!

It seems I've got some fans out there who worship the ground our miserable failure of a city councilman walks on.

Wiram, or "WaPatHub" as he prefers to be known, is a particularly nasty little worm, who's been out there commenting on a wide variety of things... typically without bothering to mention that he's on Russell's pay roll. That way, the less informed reader might actually think the simple minded idiot actually is doing this sort of thing out of altruism for the liar from Washougal.

"TeacherJudyBanks" is most likely Russell himself.

Russell has a history of attacking others under made up names. I know that, for example, he was stupid enough to attack me under the guise of "The Black Hand."

Both of them are total scuz buckets and certainly Russell has done well attracting that sort; he has a history of hiding behind fake identities to attack others, and has done this sort of thing in the past.

Run a web search, and that fake identity pops up magically on Aug 3rd, spewing the kind of garbage Russell is famous for in the past.

I get that he's frightened with the impending end of his despicable political career. Once that happens, of course, no one will care that he lied so much about so many things.

But you see, for Russell, I have hammered on that little psycho so long and so accurately that there is absolutely NO WAY he can stay out of it. And he knows that *I* know he has told others about his fake identities in the past.

Right, "Black Hand?"

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