Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Russell violates the Public Disclosure Laws.... again.

How bizarre is it hat someone who wants to become a "law maker" actually finds himself incapable of following the very laws concerning campaign reporting?

Among other reporting requirements is the 7 day C4 expenditure reporting requirement that means candidates must report their expenditures 7 days before the primary election date of August 17.

While Russell's ability to follow that law is roughly the same has his ability to tell the truth.... that is, none at all, the fact is that Russell was required to send in that report by COB August 10.

Naturally, Russell, unconcerned by PDC requirements and laws to date, failed to file.

So, I have for the 5th separate time, filed ANOTHER PDC complaint against "teacherjudybanks." Looks like he's got time to post comments under a fake name... but doesn't have time to file the legally required reports.

You've got to wonder two things: why doesn't he believe the law applies to him... and what is he trying to hide?

Like all the others, I'll keep you posted.

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