Monday, June 14, 2010

ANOTHER lie by Russell? This time to

Imagine my surprise as I reviewed his responses to read this garbage:
12. A proposed casino off I-5 near Ridgefield is projected to be one of the largest in the nation. What is your position on the building of this casino?

I oppose the off reservation casino. As the Executive Director of Faith and Freedom Network, we were a part of the opposition coalition to stop the Cowlitz Casino. Tribal Casinos should be on reservation land.
To hear Russell tell it, while he was working with F and F, he single handidly accomplished everything.

Jon Russell has played absolutely zero role in that effort; nor has the Faith and Freedom Network played any role in any of the law suits or efforts to get the county commissioners to revoke the MOU.

In all the years I have personally worked on this issue (The last 6) I've never seen Jon Russell at any hearing held by the BIA, I've never saw him at any of the intergovernmental round tables held in the Spring of 2005; I've never seen him testify in front of or attend any LaCenter City Council meeting; I've never seen him attend Clark County Commissioner deliberations impacting this issue.

Gary Randall did some work on this issue as part of Citizens for a Healthy Clark County. But Russell had nothing to do with it.

While I agree with his perspective, I know that the most active candidate in opposition to this economic black hole was certainly not Jon Russell, who has had zero to do with keeping them out of here.

This all goes to the increasing pattern of Russell's lies and exaggerations, beginning with his lie about his wife being a "physician," his lie to the PCO's about how much money he had raised, and now about his efforts to stop the Cowlitz casino, a situation where he played absolutely no role.

When will the lies ever stop? Since Russell has and is lying to us now as a candidate; is it not reasonable to assume he'll lie to us in the unfortunate event he's elected?


  1. Actually, I don't see any place Russell states that he single handedly stopped the casion or was apart of any lawsuit. I think your being over sensitive. Saying that he is telling a lie is stretching it.
    Your girl Ann Rivers gets credit for stopping the Casino, that is seen in her PDC reports that show she has received over thousand dollars from the tribes. I also find it curious that she has refused to state her poitions on life & marriage issues. I always get nervous when politicians dodge the tough questions. Are we to assume that she really isn't a social conservative?

  2. So, Russell has done absolutely nothing to stop the casino, but "I'M" stretching it?

    I've been fighting the casino for 6 years. And in all that time, I have NEVER seen Russell anywhere where these battles have been fought. Not in court; not in the county commissioner's chambers, not in LaCenter's city council room, not at the BIA hearings, not at the intergovernmental round tables. In short, where the "opposition" was happening, Russell was no where to be found.

    And that's part of the problem I have with Russell. He takes credit for those things he hasn't done, he unnecessary exaggerates like when he lies about his wife being a physician, and then completely avoids responsibility for the failures of his political career; a career politician who sat by and watched Washougal become a train wreck on his watch.

    He tells us he'll stand up to "special interests" in Olympia when he couldn't even stand up to Stacy Sellers? Please.

    So yeah... he lied. No stretch, nothing like that; he flat out lied and exaggerated what he, personally, did. And he did it when he didn't have to.

    What would have been wrong with just writing: "I oppose the off reservation casino. Tribal Casinos should be on reservation land." Why did he have to lie about his nonexistent part in this fight?

    Why did he have to lie to the PCO's about how much money he's raised?

    Why did he have to lie about his wife's career? He he ashamed of her being a "physician's assistant" instead of a physician?"

    And that begs the issue: if he will lie to us (and he has) during a campaign; if he will exaggerate to us (and he has) during a campaign... what on earth makes you or anyone else think he won't lie to us if he ever gets elected?

    Actually, Rivers does not get credit for "stopping the casino," since the casino hasn't yet BEEN stopped. But unlike Russell, Rivers has indisputably fought the casino for 6 years. Russell hasn't fought them for 6 seconds... he's just claimed he has.

    Ann has clients. The clients believe in her work. The "tribes" she has received money from certainly haven't included the "tribe" that wants to ram this horrific casino down our throats here locally, or did you just fail to notice that?

    *I* also find it "curious" that you would falsely claim that Rivers has "refused to state her poitions[sic] on life & marriage issues."

    Rivers has pro-life credentials beyond Russell's comprehension. Further, she has made it abundantly clear to those paying attention that her only acceptable position on marriage is defined as one man, one woman.

    These positions aren't secrets. If you're unaware of them, you need to pay closer attention.

    And if you "always get nervous when politicians dodge the tough questions" then Russell's failure to address those issues ought to make you catatonic.

    Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to bring more questions.