Friday, July 10, 2015

Police union smacks Russell. (Don't blame me, I tried to warn you!)


The people of Culpeper generally and the Virginia Police Benevolent Association are sure learning their lesson.

But folks, please don't blame me... I tried to warn you.

Russell is one of those "say anything, do anything" to get elected types of pols that give politics it's horrific name.

This is no exception.

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Police union remind Culpeper Town councilman of his endorsement promises 
By Wally Bunker
© Gainesville Times 
 Last month, the association representing numerous Culpeper police officers and deputy sheriffs sent letters to Culpeper’s nine town council members – eight complimenting the council for its support. Councilman Jon Russell’s was much different.
Virginia Police Benevolent Association (VPBA) Executive Director Sean McGowan’s June 26 letter, on behalf of Culpeper’s 90-member PBA chapter, to Russell reminded him of promises he made while seeking the PBA’s endorsement during the May 2014 town council election.

Jon Russell Culpeper Town Council
The letter questioned Russell’s recent views and published media comments regarding the town’s lawsuit against Culpeper Commonwealth’s Attorney Megan Frederick for her refusal to prosecute any cases involving Culpeper Officer Matt Haymaker.

The Culpeper chapter of the PBA endorsed Russell’s election bid, along with two other council candidates, Keith Price and Pranas Rimeikis. All three PBA-endorsed candidates won seats on the nine-member town council.

On June 12, the local PBA chapter sent thank you letters to Mayor Michael Olinger and seven other council members for sending the May 15 letter to Frederick in support of Haymaker and asking Frederick to reconsider her refusal to prosecute Haymaker’s cases. Russell, who was out of town on business at the time the letter was circulated for signatures, said he would “probably” have signed the letter that the eight other council members signed.

However, Russell publicly opposed the filing of the town’s lawsuit. 
This very blog is full of a history that proves Russell shouldn't be elected dog catcher.  I tried to warn the good people of the community of Culpeper that this guy was a master manipulator and that he was just using you all as a step to bigger and better things... just like he tried to with the people of Washougal, WA, the last community Russell did so much to screw up.

Just sayin.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jon Russell got the itch again?

Ahhh, yes.  Jon Russell.

Years ago, when he finally ditched Washougal under a cloud of scandal, political failure and disastrous congressional/state representative campaigning, Russell pulled up stakes and inflicted himself on the unsuspecting town of Culpeper, VA.

He started ingratiating himself on the political scene, using an issue concerning moving city council elections to November to get himself name familiarity.

I pegged it, of course: the moment I started hearing about the scam to move the election dates, I knew it was just Russell using a bunch of rubes to increase his name familiarity so HE could run for office.

I, of course, steadfastly maintain my abhorrence of Russell being anywhere in my government.  Russell, naturally, wants to be all of those things he could never be over here.

I started a long range campaign to educate people to the true Jon Russell, using the fact set put together at the Jon Russell Watch blog.  Unfortunately, I started a couple of weeks too late, and Russell fooled enough people to actually get elected by a small margin.

I regret I didn't start earlier.  that's a mistake I won't make again.

I pointed out to the fair people of Culpeper that Russell was just using them.  He is not interested in Culpeper any more than he was interested in Washougal, beyond using them as a stepping stone.

So, I wasn't terribly surprised when I received this yesterday:

I have a very big political decision to make by Friday. I would appreciate your prayers for divine guidance. I have been receiving some wise counsel for a while now. I appreciate diverse perspectives; it helps me to think clearly.

  • Tara Boehlke Praising God for divine wisdom for you ..
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  • Victor L. Caldwell Praying for you!
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  • Jay Hines I don't know why this sticks with me, but your Dad told me, that you where never going to be a clock puncher. I know he is proud! Channel that conviction again! You will be great!
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    • Jon Russell Jay Hines Thanks for sharing that. He was absolutely correct. The only clock I punch is the 4 AM alarm clock, though I've gotten use to it now.
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    Russell is also a rather fake Christian, as it turns out.  An almost psychotic liar who made up fake identities to talk to himself (pat himself on the back) and attack others in the democratian's comment section and on facebook... so insecure that he ultimately lied about his education with fake college degrees...

    Even with this garbage, he wants people to believe that whatever decision he implements (and that decision has long since been made, the Lord's intercession notwithstanding) that it was somehow divinely inspired when, in fact, it was inspired by his non-Christian, coldly calculating political self-flagellating mentality.

    My understanding of "divine guidance" is that it's... well... "divine."  Nothing that us mere mortals will say, or think, or request.... will change it one iota.

    Russell knows that: so why would be trowel out this kind of nonsense to cover a decision he's made that will, no doubt, require him to move out from the little people of Culpeper?

    A different job (Has ALEC fired him yet?) some sort of political appointment... running for some bigger office?

    No matter.  It's all about Russell to Russell.  And you can bet that "God told me to do it" will be a part of that package.

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    A quick update as it seems Jon is beginning to show his true colors in his latest stepping stone community..

    Keeping in mind the fact that Russell could care less for Culpeper, save for how quickly he can launch his ever-upward political career, Jon is beginning to show his true self... as he inevitably does to everyone watching.

    Here's another example I just received from someone in the Culpeper community that is just... just... so JON!
    Mr. Russell and I met in a volunteer political organization wherein he and I got along rather swimmingly (he even helped me find some lodging at the time for a meeting).  That said he and I exchanged political viewpoints over a couple of years me being a Green Moderate, him being a Zionist Libertarian. 
    Being I considered this man to be an acquaintance (even hinging on a mentor/protegee relationship at times), I've watched his career closely never supporting him (politically) but always giving him some sense of support.  One thing I enjoyed about his political platform was his notion of transparency in government proceedings (this is one of his BIG things).  On an occasion (I don't recall the exact date), he posted a status to the effect of saying special interest (in government) was a bad thing. 
    Being I am a student and filled to the brim with all curiosity, I asked him what constituted a 'special interest.'  I gave references that a monetary, religious, or even political gain might be construed as special interest (all politics is ultimately bribery in some form).  He responded that this was not the case and that I 'would know it when I saw it [special interest].'  I pride myself on my ability reason and implored him further so that I might recognize special interest when I encountered it.  He told me it was a thing only a politician would understand.  I asked him a third time: what is special interest? 
    Unfortunately, Mr. Russell proceeded to not only unfriend me from Facebook but also block me.  This is not only insulting (since Mr. Russell was implying I was too dim to understand special interest) but is also extremely immature.  By blocking me, Mr. Russell has exposed his cowardice and acknowledged his inability to reason.  As politician who supported transparency in government, Mr. Russell revealed himself as a hypocrite not being able to answer my question: what constitutes special interest? 
    My hope is that Mr. Russell will apologize and attempt to rectify his mistakes if not for his sake but for that of his children.  If this site proves anything, it is that he has hurt quite a few people, and a smart man might take it as a sign to learn a thing or to.
    I would suggest the poster not hold his breath.  A man who deems himself incapable of fault is not likely to ever acknowledge it.

    And that is this man.

    Thursday, July 31, 2014

    Jon Russell makes the big time. Sorta. Kinda.

    Shortly before Russell fooled the people of Culpeper into electing him to their city council (A huge mistake as those of us paying attention in the local area knew) I was called by a reporter from a fringe-left outfit called "PR Watch," who wanted to chat about one of my favorite subjects, one Jon Russell, formerly Washougal city councilman, failed congressional candidate and failed candidate for state representative.

    So, always eager to help when it comes to Russell, I directed said reporter to the now nationally renown Jon Russell Watch blog.

    And I'm not as big on ALEC as I used to be, thanks to Jon: after all, if they can be fooled into hiring a guy like him, well, hell... what else can they be fooled into doing?

    This article is what follows.

    Posted by BRENDAN FISCHER on July 31, 2014

    After forty years of pushing corporate-friendly policy in state legislatures, this week the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is launching its new project aimed at doing the same at the local level.
    The director of the American City County Exchange (ACCE), Jon Russell, has been described as a "divisive" local government official, better known for pushing a national anti-immigrant agenda than for serving local interests and his constituents. ACCE's first meeting will coincide with ALEC's Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas this week.
    The creation of ACCE comes as national corporate and ideological interests increasingly try to exert influence over municipal government. For example, over the past year, David Koch's Americans for Prosperity has spent money on the mayoral race in Coralville, Iowa, the Board of Supervisors election in Iron County, Wisconsin, and school board elections in Douglas County, Colorado and Kenosha, Wisconsin.
    ACCE is not expected to spend money in local elections, but its role could be viewed as providing the policy counterpart to electoral spending by the Kochs and others.
    Early reports suggests that ACCE will pursue similar policy objectives as ALEC. According toThe Guardian, "An early draft of the agenda for [the] meeting revealingly listed ACCE’s very first workshop under the simple title: 'Privatization' – though in the final version the wording had been sanitized into: 'Effective Tools for Promoting Limited Government'." Privatization has been a long term goal for many ALEC member firms, and ALEC model bills have called for the creation of a special state commission to privatize public services. Other ALEC bills call for the privatization of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, public schools, state pensions and more. Another workshop at the inaugural ACCE meeting is titled "Releasing Local Governments From the Grip of Collective Bargaining," which fits into ALEC's long-standing antipathy towards unions.

    "ACCE is just another effort to rig our democracy"

    ACCE also largely mirrors the structure, goals, and funding stream of its parent organization.
    Its membership includes elected officials and corporate lobbyists, both of whom will have a say in approving "model" policy for the elected officials to introduce back home. According to ACCE's promotional materials, a benefit for corporate members is that it "enables business leaders to provide industry insights during policy creation."
    Like ALEC, ACCE's funding appears comes almost entirely from its corporate members. Local elected officials are asked to pay just $100 for a two year membership, where corporate members pay between $10,000 and $25,000.
    Some are skeptical of ALEC's newfound commitment to local control. For years, ALEC has pushed state-level preemption bills to prohibit local governments from enacting policies like paid sick days, a higher minimum wage, municipal broadband, or limits on GMOs, all of which would benefit ALEC's corporate members.
    Given this history, many local officials aren't buying that ALEC and ACCE are looking out for the best interests of their constituents, as opposed to the interests of ACCE's corporate funders.
    “ALEC and ACCE aren't about implementing a set of right-wing policies, they are about moving corporate America's agenda," Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges told the Center for Media and Democracy.
    "Local government is the best way to reflect the values and meet the unique needs of the local community," she said. "ACCE is just another effort to rig our democracy in favor of corporate special interests."

    ACCE Director Described as "Divisive" and as a "Lightning Rod"

    ALEC -- which has pushed "Stand Your Ground" legislation, voter ID restrictions, and prison privatization -- is no stranger to controversy. Neither is the new director of ACCE, Jon Russell. Russell describes himself as the "founder" of ACCE, although it is a project of ALEC and he is an ALEC employee.
    Russell was on the city council of Washougel,[sic] Washington from 2006 until 2012, when he resigned his office for a position with Students for Life of America, an anti-abortion group based in Manassas, Virginia. He was elected to the town council in Culpepper, Virginia earlier this year.
    During his tenure on the Washougel[sic] City Council, Russell was described by The Columbian newspaper as "one of Clark County's most divisive governmental figures" and "a lightning rod, to say the least."
    Russell "brought national causes to city government and backed conservative challengers against veteran council members in the 2011 elections," The Columbian wrote. Among other things, Russell introduced a resolution in support of Arizona's controversial immigration law, SB 1070, which many suspected was designed to boost his ultimately unsuccessful run for state office. (Incidentally, SB1070 matched ALEC's "No Sanctuary Cities for Illegal Immigrants Act" word-for-word.)
    He also made his share of enemies. The former Executive Director of the Washington Republican Party set up a blog to track what he perceived as Russell's misdeeds, which ranged from setting up fake usernames to post comments on news articles to taking balloons from children.
    Upon Russell's departure from Washougel,[sic] fellow councilman Paul Greenlee said he hoped his replacement would be more focused on local issues. "When they come into city hall, they need to be focused on Washougal, not on some agenda."
    When Russell ran for office two years later on the other side of the country in Culpepper, Virginia, Washougel[sic] residents tried to warn voters.
    "As a former resident of the town Jon [Russell] served on during his term, I wouldn't let him near a leadership position of my town ever again," commented Washougel[sic] resident Greg Evans on a Culpepper article.
    "Russell's commitment is to himself," wrote K.J. Hinton. "Russell was using his city council seat as a launching pad for higher office. Fortunately for us all, his abysmal congressional campaign was a complete failure, as was his fall back campaign for State Representative... where, had he won either, I would have found myself in the unfortunate position of being a constituent. Clearly, he was no longer interested in being a city councilman, and towards the end of his tenure, he missed the majority of meetings that he was supposed to attend."
    Despite Russell's spotty history as a local elected official, he insists that his group ACCE has the solution for making local government better. We'll see.
    For the record, I've got no more problem with the Kochs than these leftists have with George Soros.

    Nor do I engage in a double-standard like leftists typically do: if I had a problem with money in politics I'd have a problem with it no matter WHERE it came from, left OR right.

    But even now, Russell has to be fake:  He HAS to claim this:
     ALEC -- which has pushed "Stand Your Ground" legislation, voter ID restrictions, and prison privatization -- is no stranger to controversy. Neither is the new director of ACCE, Jon Russell. Russell describes himself as the "founder" of ACCE, although it is a project of ALEC and he is an ALEC employee.
    See, that's the kind of thing that keeps me working to keep Russell out of government.

    He has no problem doing this sort of thing, over and over and over.  But who, with integrity, would make such claims to blow himself up in importance as if this plan WERE his idea?

    I know you're reading this, Jon.  And I'm watching.  And next time you run for anything, I'm just going to work that much harder to make sure you don't win.

    Wednesday, May 7, 2014

    I apologize to the people of Culpeper: I should have started sooner.

    Had I been more active with this blog and putting up the link, you would have been spared what's likely to happen.

    By winning this campaign... barely... Jon is now fixated on his next campaign and he will begin the process of using his city council seat to build up a resume' for leaving your fair town.

    That is the modis operandi for Russell, who no more wants to stay in your fair burg and be a city councilman than he wants to be vaporized by Martians.

    Expect the grandstanding, the efforts to spread his influence (Like the scam he ran by moving the city council elections to November) and expect him to engage in the kind of things he can put on his campaign literature, because remember this: like Obama, he takes credit for everything good that happens (As if it were a one-person city government) and takes absolutely no responsibility for anything bad that happens.

    While I have warned you, the people of the fair city of Culpeper, I didn't start early enough.  But by his election, you'll find out exactly what a self-absorbed, narcissistic snake oil salesman you've hired.

    Soon... very soon... he will try and ditch you folks like he did Washougal.  And next time he runs... this blog will still be here, and I'll try much harder to warn the electorate.

    Because his next stop is your state capital if he can swing it... and then DC after that.

    And THE last thing *I* want is THAT man in MY government.

    Remember Jon, I'll be watching.  In the internet age, it'll be much like I moved in next door.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014

    Russell apparently won.

    Which is OK, I guess, since he's not in my government.

    But this blog will be waiting here when he ditches Culpeper to move on to his next try at elective office... and he leaves Culpeper in his rear view mirror... just like he did Washougal.

    They'll be sorry.

    Monday, May 5, 2014

    Russell sets you up for his election:"Here's why I'm asking for your vote."

    There's only one reason why this clown has waited all of two years to run for city council in Culpeper after using the movement of the city council election to raise his profile:

    It's because he's using you.

    He lists a great many reasons... and each and every one of them is designed to tell you what you want to hear... but not to tell you the truth.

    The truth is that he will ditch you as fast as possible for bigger and better things... just like he did in Washougal, WA.

    In 2010, this clown ran for Congress in Washington State's 3rd District.  And when that fell apart, he switched to state representative where he managed to get 20% of the vote in the primary.

    He had a bunch of people say the same things about him then that they are saying about him now.  But they left out the lies about his education, the lies about his fake identity... even the lies about his wife being a doctor.

    So, in the end, this isn't about you, people of Culpeper... it's about him.  And make no mistake... he is definitely using YOU to get what HE wants... and that's as far away from YOU as possible, as fast as possible.