Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ANOTHER in the never-ending series of Russell lies in letters to the editor.

Look. I get that Russell was a miserable failure as a congressional candidate. And that he can't raise money to save his life. But the lies he pumps out in his LTE's? Why, that's enough to make my cocker spaniel cough up a fur ball... and that ain't easy, given that he's a dog.

Here's some of his latest turds in the punch bowl.

"Russell will stand against federal mandates"

While getting his head caved in by Stacy Sellers, helpless and incompetent to do anything to keep Washougal city government on track, Russell couldn't even stand up to the blond grenade.

How anyone thinks this clown can stand up to "federal mandates" or, for that matter, the democrat Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, is beyond mere mortal's comprehension.

Part of Russell's scam for avoiding responsibility for anything that happened in Washougal is based on his inability to do anything in the face of Seller's edicts:

The people responsible for that oversight are members of the city council. Three council members — Russell, Lou Peterson and Paul Greenlee — make up the finance committee tasked with approving city employees' and officials' receipts and spending.
The expenditures are first submitted to the finance department, and then go to the mayor for approval, Russell said. Each week, the mayor sends the finance committee members e-mails with the accounts payable receipts and statements for their review and approval, he (Russell) said. Sometimes the statements have details of specific charges, sometimes they only include the employee's name and how much they are to be reimbursed, Russell said. Unless the committee members ask to see the details of those reimbursements, oftentimes they don't know the specifics. And many times expenditures are approved as long as they fall within the amount included in the annual budget, he said.
Russell said he does not recall whether he saw details of the Las Vegas trip expenditures.
"It's not at all a perfect system," Russell said.

The committee members do not meet to discuss the expenditures; that practice ended several years ago in favor of council workshops, he said. Instead, members are told to go to Sellers with questions, Russell said.

"We have been told by the mayor not to talk to department heads to get answers, that everything has to go through her," he said.

The use of city money to purchase alcohol was questioned by the committee and reviewed earlier this summer by the city council. Sellers was notified that the practice was prohibited by city policy and she reimbursed the city for the cost of alcohol charges, Russell said. City officials were not available to comment on the amount of the reimbursement.

"She was under the impression for some reason that it was permissible," he said.
His usual incompetence aside: If he failed, and he DID fail, to stand up to Stacy Sellers... how can you expect him to stand up to anything else?

That would certainly require a level of courage that Russell has, so far, failed to show. Is he going to magically grow it now?

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