Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jon Russell and little kids at a parade.

So, just finished a parade. It was a nice one, as parades go. Even though the weather was fairly threatening, the rain held off and the crowd wasn't bad.

Our hero, Jon Russell was there. He brought something of a posse... that included a few little kids.

Our campaign had balloons. A lot of balloons.

As we were leaving the Fleetwood parking lot, one of the girls in our campaign walked by these kids, who asked her for some of the balloons.

So, because they were tiny little kids (2, 3, 4 or so... something like that) she gave them 9 balloons.

Russell, who hadn't thought of bringing balloons, proceeded to take them away from these little kids, release 6 of them into the air and had 3 put into the truck being used for the parade.

What the heck is up with that... taking balloons away from little kids?

Yeah... I know they had a logo from a campaign he's competing with... badly... but these were little kids who could care less about politics, and who shouldn't be used as campaign props.

They were balloons.

Imagine how cool it would have been if Russell had just allowed these little kids to keep the balloons (which they probably would have released soon, anyway.) Yeah, I know... they're from a competing campaign. But no one would have noticed it out in the street; and if they had, they'd have thought that it took a really great candidate to allow little kids (tiny kids) to keep balloons from another campaign.

But that didn't happen.



  1. Ho took balloons away from little kids? What a tool.

  2. What an opportuniy he had to be a great role model for the children ancting with grace, Instead he takes the balloons from the disapointed kids showing his true colors.

  3. Isn't this guy supposed to be a Christian. Maybe he's a Kristian - like Krab with a K -- looks like crab, smells like crab...but not really crab at all.

  4. Wow those kids will remember their dad taking those balloons away for a loooong time. What a jackhole

  5. I inadvertently deleted an anonymous comment that said something to the effect of "What if someone gave your kid a balloon that said "I love Obama." Would you have allowed him to keep it?

    Think before you post," or words to that effect.

    To answer the question directly:

    Yes... I would.

    Because first of all, I would have realized that my kid's attention span didn't extend beyond the fact that it was a BALLOON, and not a political statement.

    Next, I would have looked at the balloon and observed that beyond 10 feet or so away, you couldn't read what was printed on it.

    And finally, I wouldn't have been fearful of a few words printed on a balloon.

    So, yes. I would have let my kid keep it.

    Thanks for asking.

  6. Are you a candidate? If you are not, then you may not realize how much it hurts your campaign to have advertising for another candidate.

  7. Nope. Not a candidate and I have no desire to become one past PCO.

    That said, having little kids carry balloons does nothing to hurt your campaign.

    As I mentioned, little kids don't care. I, personally, think taking balloons away from little kids you're using as campaign props hurts a campaign more than just letting them keep the darn things, and then explaining why you would do THAT; as in, "I just couldn't take balloons away from little kids who care about politics as much as they do thermonuclear dynamics."

    Everyone makes choices. Russell made the wrong one.