Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Russell lies about his degree in on line Voter's Pamphlet.

Is there ANYTHING this guy tells the truth about?

I earned my degree from Thomas Edison State College

What does the phrase "I earned my degree" mean to most human beings?

To most of us, that means that he HAS a 4 YEAR degree from that college.

He doesn't. He doesn't have any degree from anywhere.

It's kinda like the difference between an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and a Doctor. They ain't the same.

He's lying on purpose, and now he's lying directly to the voters he would try and scam into voting for him.

I already feel sorry for his kids.

And I certainly feel sorry for the people of Washougal who are stuck with this clown until they either recall him or he gets bounced in the next election.

He even mentions McKenna like McKenna even knows this worm is alive.


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