Sunday, August 8, 2010

So... is Columbian commentor "alexisclassic" ANOTHER Russell sock puppet?


As I pretty much established below, it seems that Jon Russell is so angry and frustrated by his inability to successfully campaign, or get support, or funding... that he's kind of left to making people up.

It sure seems, based on the evidence, that "teacherjudybanks" is a Russellian sock puppet.

Can the same be said for "alexisclassic?" Let's take a look, shall we?

Russell, I mean, "teacherjudybanks," registered on July 28th.

Oddly, "alexisclassic" registered on, you guessed it, July 28th.

ANOTHER coincidence?

"teacherjudybanks" writes a certain way, using the same kind of verbiage as, well, "alexisclassic."

Earlier today, I killed off the "teacherjudybanks" sock puppet, so Russell, apparently somewhat angry I "outed" him, resorted to using the "alexisclassic" identity to blast me in a rage once again.

Interesting behavior, that. I'm thinking someone has some rage issues that he needs to get resolved.

Have you considered anger management classes, Jon?

You really should.

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