Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So, Russellians commenting here claim I have no "proof" of the Russell-sockpuppet connection.

For some people, a video of Russell typing in the actual words wouldn't suffice as "proof."

Here's what I've got:

A fairly convincing timeline and Russell's own actions in this matter would, I believe, cause any reasonable person to conclude that Russell is, in fact, "teacherjudybanks" AND "alexisclassic."

The teacherjudybanks timeline:

1. "teacherjudybanks" registers and starts posting on the 28th of July.

2. The 28th of July just happens to be the day the ballots start to hit.

3. "teacherjudybanks" then proceeds to engage in a vitriolic and filthy series of lies and innuendo, including comparing the cost of a "corridor" Russell wants to build with the cost of another blogger's viagra.

4. A review of "TJB's" posts all show one recurring theme: Pro-Russell, and almost violently anti-Hinton with a splatter aimed at Rivers.

5. This persona comments on, or about, absolutely nothing else.

6. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, "Judy Banks" comments on Russell's Facebook page about the terrible things "Ann Rivers is doing to him."

7. Russell replies at the same time, based on the Facebook record screen-captured below. Ever seeking to polish his facade of "Christian," Russell replies "Thanks, Judy. Remember, we don't battle against flesh and blood. Pray for them."

8. There are, of course, no coincidences in politics.

9. I look at "Judy Banks" friends on her Facebook page, and discover a collection of fringe left types, including a claimed democrat national committee member and at least one gay rights group friend on the list. I think to myself: why would anyone with friends like this want to do anything but drive over Russell with a bus?

10. I smell a rat. With 6 years of experience with Russell, I begin to detect his typically underhanded politics.

11. I decide to go for the shot in the dark. I call Russell out... here on this blog and on CCP, and I accuse him of being "teacherjudybanks" and "Judy Banks," facebook persona.

12. Next morning, Russell, who is a faithful follower of this blog, has made any mention of the "Judy Banks" persona disappear from his Facebook page.

13. Equally, there is no mention on the "Judy Banks" Facebook page that Banks posted anything on Russell's "Wall." In short, visually and on the surface, there is no proof that Banks ever posted anything on Russell's campaign Wall. It's simply... vaporized. In fact, if I hadn't anticipated Russell's actions (he is rather predictable) by getting te screen capture of all of this, there'd be no evidence of a "teacherjudybanks" - Russell facebook connection at all.

14. Further, "teacherjudybanks" seems to have fallen silent on the newspaper website.

15. That, of course, brings us to "alexisclassic," another pro-Russell, anti-Hinton scum-spreader.

16. Records indicate that this "alexisclassic" person registered at the same time as "teacherjudybanks."

17. I pointed out the similarities of the two personas. Of note is that the "teacherjudybanks" persona immediately stopped posting on the Columbian web site, but believing he hadn't been figured out, Russell, using the "alexisclassic" identity did one last slash and burn attack.

18. I posted the similarities between the two, and I tied Russell to both.

19. "alexisclassic" hasn't posted since.

So, there you have it. Two very outspoken and opinionated identities, suddenly silent. One completely vaporized off Russell's Facebook campaign Wall, as is any mention of her posting to that Wall from "her" own Facebook page.

If these identities were real, would they just go away, quietly, into that dark night?

Would they just suddenly stop posting? Would Russell have removed any mention of Judy Banks from his Facebook page if Banks were real?

Of course not.

But instead, he panicked and tried to cover his tracks... and I caught him.

While this case is completely circumstantial, it is more than enough to convict.

So, for those of you reading this who don't believe I have "proof" of anything, feel free to keep thinking that. But then, short of a confession... the kind of confession this "Godly" man, who had been "changed" by the "birth of his daughters" told me he had undergone... SHOULD be publicly making to take responsibility for his actions... many of his supporters would refuse to believe how badly they had been taken in by this huckster, and not accept ANY evidence.

What you, the reader, believe or don't believe is up to you. But the facts speak for themselves, and there's only a few available conclusions.

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