Friday, July 30, 2010

Russell's false portrayal of his wife as a doctor moves into investigation phase.

I've received a letter from the Department of Health/Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission, indicating that my formal complaint against Jon Russell as a clinic owner and Sarah Russell as a clinic owner who has been portrayed by Jon Russell as a doctor, when she is formally titled, according to the state, as an "Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner."

As previously mentioned, Russell has publicly referred to his wife as a doctor and a physician, has had a 3 month old article in the Vancouver Business Journal web site changed from showing her as a "Dr." to a "family nurse practitioner," had an ad up in the Camas Post Record showing both her clinic... and that she's a doctor.

I had been told that Russell frequently referred to her as a doctor during his congressional campaign, but frankly, I found that hard to believe given both the professional and political consequences of that sort of thing.

Now it's under formal investigation, so I believe we'll soon know the disposition.

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