Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Creating Distance From A Problem: Jon Russell kicks "teacherjudybanks and alexisclassic to the curb."

Ultimately, we observed the sun set on Jon Russell's political career yesterday with his actions confirming that he had set up not one but two fake identities designed with two purposes in mind: To pump up Jon Russell and to bash Ann Rivers and myself.

The moment he was confronted by the facts of the matter, he immediately set about to cover up his tracks. As described below, the fake Jon Russell posted as Judy Banks on his own facebook page, and then immediately answered himself.

The only way that could have possibly worked is if Russell had been on his page at the exact same time "Judy Banks" posted. And how likely is that?

Confirming that he and Banks are the same person happened the moment Russell removed the post and his response to it, screen captured here, both from his facebook page and the "Banks" Facebook page.

When I looked at Banks' friends list, it seemed kind of strange that it appears none of them were either local or family. Doesn't everyone on facebook have local friends and family?

And those friends listed... a claimed member of the democratic national committee, and the gay rights front group the Human Rights Campaign?

How likely is it that a devotee of Russell would have friends like that?

So, what happened is that Russell kicked that identity to the curb, along with his other Columbian sock puppet, "alexisclassic."

"Alexisclassic" managed to sign up the same day as "teacherjudybanks." That identity also managed to post the same way, on the same subjects; specifically, to support Russell and to attack me.

The moment I tagged Russell with using the "teacherjudybanks" identity, it disappeared from the radar screen. "alexisclassic?" Same thing.

The nature of the attacks Russell used were despicable, disgusting and offensive. They do show the true Russell, of course, but it's the faux Russell running for office.

Russell cannot win, now. And clearly, he is a disturbed individual who needs help.

It would be best for all concerned if he would withdraw from this campaign and resign from the Washougal City Council before he faces... and loses, an upcoming recall election I started hearing about today.

He needs to focus on his family, and healing, and getting the help he needs to become the same person on the outside that e is on the inside... whatever that may be.

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  1. Kinda funny, Russell's "fact" checking the web has gone strangely quiet.

    Nothing since July 14.

    Doesn't he want to give us "facts" on this??


    Amateurs, they always trip themselves up.