Saturday, June 12, 2010

Man: That Russell and his canned letters... a real yuk fest.

I stumbled across this steaming pile in the LTE's to the Columbian today:

Russell will protect states’ rights

Obamacare is coming to Washington state and we need someone in the state Legislature who will stand against the federal mandates handed down. That is why I am supporting Jon Russell for state representative from the 18th Legislative District, Position 1.

Russell is the owner of a family medical practice and he will take a constitutional approach to protecting our freedoms. Too many politicians compromise on big issues like health care. Russell will reduce the size of government and stand with us during the difficult times ahead.

Joshua Barton


This is the same Jon Russell that couldn't even stand up to Stacy Sellers concerning how Washougal was being run... and this poor idjit sends out a bogus, obviously written for him letter by Russell telling us how Russell will stand against ANYTHING?

Since when?

Remember how he was such a whiny punk when people started asking "What about Russell" when the incompetence of the Washougal city council became such public knowledge? You know, the $100,000 vaporized? The approval of Sellers Las Vegas T-Bar receipts and the like?

And THAT'S how he's going to "stand up" for us?

No, Thanks. Cretin level representation was bad enough when it was from Herrera. Compound the error with Russell?

You're kidding.... right?

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