Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jon Russell buddy Bivens facing 5 years in Club Fed.

Russell, a Washougal City Councilman and failed Congressional/state representative candidate, was in large part responsible for the hiring of Jeffery Bivens to the position of City Finance director, only to have $100,000 vaporize while discovering that Bivens wasn't bondable.

Russell, a friend of Bivens, is responsible in part for the sweetheart deal Bivens got to leave Washougal.

You remember, right? $45,000 to leave a job he never should have got in the first place? Since the city council, including Russell, hired Bivens KNOWING he had been suspended by the Bar for 18 months as a result of "charging unreasonable fees, conflicts of interest, failure to preserve the identity of clients’ property and dishonest conduct."

Now, Bivens seems to have bigger fish to fry... though the $100,000 seems to be remaining invisible.

Washougal City Government. You get something out of it whether you go there or not.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gee... who knew that Dennis Kampe was such a slime ball? Jon Russell, working on the Kampe Campaign, knew it.

Look, I get that Kampe is a democrat and all that, which shows questionable judgment to begin with.

I get that he supports a state income tax... opposes any form or privatization... and that he wants to saddle us with billions of dollars of debt so his union thug buddies can screw the taxpayers to build a bridge we don't need and loot rail we don't need OR want.

I get that his party is about as popular as the attendees of a NAMBLA convention. I totally get that even in the best of years (2008) let alone the WORST of years for a democrat, that they have no chance in the 18th, as deep and dark a red as you can find in the country today. I get that he coerced subordinates and students into "volunteering" to hold a fund raiser for him at the Skills Center, that taxpayer owned facility that he runs.

I get all of that. But up until now, I had no idea that Jon Russell had such a slimy influence on Kampe... or that he'd engage in gutter politics.

Of course, given Russell's involvement in support of Kampe's campaign, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

A mailer went out to some in the 18th District. It has Russell's fingerprints all over it, given that Russell is a Kampe supporter. Instead of a comparison on the issues, it attacks Ann personally.

And I understand that. Because, like Russell, Kampe can't win on the issues. So personal attacks, lies and distortions are all he's got left.

It's also the kind of false character assassination that Russell and his winged monkeys revel in... and tried to use to get Russell elected.

Instead of addressing the issues... issues.... you remember, Dennis? ISSUES?

Like Dennis supporting a state income tax?

Like Dennis supporting the enslavement of 65,000 commuters to put his fellow union thugs to work on a bridge we don't want or need?

Like Dennis opposing privatization? Like that?

You know.... issues?

It attacked Ann Rivers because she represented a special interest as a lobbyist in Olympia.

That "special interest" that slime ball babbles about?

The Battle Ground School District.

It attacked Ann because she had a business client that provides hundreds of jobs...


It attacked Ann because she works with several "big money clients..."

Like the American Cancer Association, where she donates time as the publicity chair for the West Clark County Relay for Life.

I had the opportunity to observe Dennis during the past several months on the campaign trail.

He seemed personable enough... given that he knows he can't win, since he's a leftist democrat and all.

I get that he's upset that he can't raise any money because he's going to lose and everyone knows it.

I get that he's pissed because Ann gets $800 checks while he struggles to get $50's. I get that he's desperate.

But still, this slop of a hit piece was so despicable, such a gross exaggeration, such a deliberate attempt to run away from the issues HE supports that I was stunned at it's ineffectiveness and shortsightedness. And it has Russell's fingerprints all over it.

And I really, really wish him good luck when he tries to get funding for the Skills Center next legislative session.

I really do.

Retirement, anyone?