Monday, August 17, 2009

If Russell is running for Congress... then why is he also running for re-election to the Washougal City Council?

So... Jon Russell has decided to run for Congress.

Then why is he also running for city council?



SEAN GUARD 704 WEST S ST WASHOUGAL 98671 (360)834-2533


Council, Pos. 1

JON RUSSELL 1431 D ST WASHOUGAL 98671 (360)624-4934

And what, exactly, is that email link?


So.... this guy is running for one job, city council, that he hopes to be able to ditch by winning another job, a congressional seat.

Man. THAT'S commitment!

Tell ya what, Jon... maybe you ought to stick to city council. That way, you can be bothered to actually show up... and, you know... vote?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Destroying trust in government: Jon Russell's Blog

I hate political corruption. I hate it when the left tries it, as The Empty Suit has practiced it since he swindled us into voting for him.

I hate it when the right tries it, like Jon Russell, congressional candidate, is trying it now.

Jon passes himself off as some kind of conservative. But it's all for show.

One must not be judged by what they say or write when they're running for office. To find out the truth, one must review what one has done when he or she wasn't a candidate. And Russell is no exception.

Russell is no more a conservative than he is a brain surgeon. The fact of the matter is that I know a lot about Mr. Russell. And over the next several months, more and more will be provided on this blog, so you, too, will get to know Mr. Russell like I do.

And here's a disclaimer.

I do not work for any campaign. I am not writing this because anyone has told me to do so. I am not being paid, promised, threatened or coerced in any way. I just happen to know Mr. Russell and I don't like what I see. That said:

Today's tidbit?

We had a Port Levy election not too long ago back, when the Port Commissioners arrogantly attempted to ram a huge tax increase down our collective throats for money that, ultimately, they didn't need. The campaign was a miserable failure, losing in the vicinity of 70% "no" to 30% "yes."

Who was the political genius that ran that effort? Who was paid to do everything he could to ram through one of the largest tax increases in local history? Who was so politically inept and incompetent that the results will live on as one of the worst political massacres in local history?

Why, that would be one Jon Russell.

Russell has a history of political mercenary-ism. By running this unneeded and unwanted tax increase campaign, Russell has shown that, in the words of Charles Barkley, "If the money was right, I'd play for the Klan."

We've already GOT a cowardman that has sold out for campaign donations with huge earmarks.

Why we want to elect another one?

Ann Donnelly felt compelled to press release Russell in a recent column wherein she writes as the Columbian's token Republican (though certainly not a conservative... she's delusional enough to support the I-5 Bridge Replacement/Loot Rail scam) and Russell felt compelled to cut and paste it on to his blog... as if all of those words actually meant something.

They didn't.

We'll chat again.