Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So, Jon finally got around to changing his "about Jon" page on his campaign website.

As I pointed out here: Russell was busted weeks ago for not having a degree he'd claimed.

Now, instead of saying this:

It says something a little more cryptic, where along with some oversights and deliberate failure to provide ALL of his background, Russell has changed it from the picture on the right to the following verbiage:

Thomas Edison State College (Trenton, NJ)

No mention is made of any kind of degree. That's progress of a sort.

Russell's FaceBook page about his education remains unchanged:

He doesn't HAVE an "AA" or any other degree you understand. But then, that's why the Columbian said something about him being "less than forthcoming" about his education.

Also of some interest to me is what Russell has left off his "about me" resume'.

You see, Russell says he's been "chairman of this," or "chairman of that."

But it seems he left off his chairmanship of the city finance committee. You remember.... during the Sellers debacle while $100,000 disappeared?

I wonder why that is?

He also left off his effort to jack the Vancouver Port taxes sky-high where he made almost $10,000 to pass the biggest local tax increase in our history. Nope. That's no where to be found.

Of course, that effort was a successful as his congressional run. In short, it was a disaster.

Man. These are hit pieces that write themselves!

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