Friday, July 9, 2010

Richard Carson expounds on Jon Russell.

Far be it from me to parse any one's words. So, here, unabridged and unedited, are a few remarks from independent candidate Richard Carson who seems to agree with me: Russell is using Washougal city government as a campaign prop.

This week Washougal city councilman Jon Russell succeeded in winning city council support for a resolution endorsing Arizona's tough new immigration law. The vote was 5-2.

That didn't sit well with Richard Carson, an independent candidate for the same 18th Legislative District seat Russell is seeking.

"It is a sad day when a state legislative candidate uses his political office to get votes," Carson said in a statement. He noted that the resolution specifically “encouraged state representatives in the 15th and 18th legislative districts . . . to sponsor and enact immigration law similar to law in Arizona.”

"The problem is that Jon Russell is running for the legislative office in the 18th District," Carson said. "So he used his position as a Washougal city councilor to attempt to get votes for a state legislative office. So much for integrity! What else would Jon do to get elected?"

At the council meeting, Russell, who sponsored the resolution, argued that illegal immigration affects even taxpayers in small cities like Washougal by putting a strain on services such as public safety, health care and education.

Carson said he supports Initiative 1043, the so-called "Respect for Law Initiative," which will require E-verify enrollment by every public and private employer in Washington State.

"Securing our borders is the job of the federal government," Carson said. "Arizona knows this . . . I would suggest that Jon Russell needs to do more than propose self-serving city resolutions. I would suggest he come up with an original Washington solution. After all, this is the state he wishes to represent."

-- Kathie Durbin

Now, I disagree with the idea that somehow, any level of government is constrained from commenting either in support or opposition to the laws of another state. Carson, unfortunately, seems to have remained silent on the idiotic boycotts by the various municipalities and even at the federal level, boycotting Arizona because they stepped up and took the appropriate measure to slap the fed for their failure to protect their southern border.

That said, Carson is, of course, absolutely right: Russell IS using his office to gin up votes for another election... and chances are, the rest of the city council is going along with it because they hope they can get rid of him.

And that's just sad.

Instead of doing the business of the people, Russell is doing the business of getting elected to a job that will ultimately result in his kicking of Washougal to the curb.

The people deserve better. And that's just one of many reasons why I will never vote for Russell for anything.

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