Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, uh, Jon... who's this "we" you're talking about?

You got a mouse in your pocket?

With all your years in politics, haven't you ever heard the rule that when you're in a hole, you need to stop digging?

Russell, perhaps the most self-destructive politician I've ever seen in my 20 plus years of working in the field, was moronic enough to babble THIS on his facebook page:

*I* am not your opponent in the Republican primary.

Truth... Integrity... and Common Sense.

Those three are your opponent in the primary.

Here's what *I* (That "we" thing of Russell's is just, well, weird.) and the Columbian and thousands of others concerned with electing a truthful representative know:

1. Russell has lied about having a degree. He has no degree in anything. He continues to lie as of this writing about having a degree on his campaign website, where it STILL says this:

2. Russell has repeatedly lied about his wife being a doctor.

3. Russell has lied about his education on the Secretary of State's Voter Pamphlet:

4. Russell is deliberately breaking the Public Disclosure Laws of this state.

5. Russell has lied to the 18th District PCO's, both about his education and the amount of money he claimed to raise as far back as May.

And these issues don't even begin to address his use of the City of Washougal as a campaign prop; his incompetence in helping the situation there spin out of control

And this guy wants to draw ATTENTION to his lies and failures? Of course, in his rank cowardice, he fails to post a link to this page so people can decide for themselves... but hey.... from Russell, what else can we expect?


Even for Russell.

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