Sunday, July 18, 2010

Russell attacks Slade Gorton, Jaime Herrera AND the Tea Party?

The idiocy that is Jon Russell resulted in two of his more moronic letters to the editor in the Daily News (that he had someone else sign, of course) wherein Russell's stooges attacked Slade Gorton, Jaime Herrera AND the Tea party?

Why would he do something so stupid?

Because his campaign is a train wreck. And when you're so far behind in every conceivable way, lying (a pattern he's worked hard to establish) is all you've got left.

One of the letters attacks Ann Rivers for taking the stance that is the basis for many in the ranks of the Tea Party. Russell claims in one of his moronic letters that according to Battle Ground School District minutes, Rivers "distanced herself from the Republican Party."

Jamie Herrera distances herself from the Republican Party with every speech by attacking it, and idiot stick Russell has ENDORSED her:
Yet, several times now, Jaime readily criticizes the very party she seeks support and votes from, lastly at the Leadership Clark County forum where she expressed admiration for Barack Obama in that he made health care a “priority” while the Republicans completely failed on any health care issue.

At previous forums I attended she criticized Republicans for issues ranging from border control to poor congressional performance, once stating Republicans losing control of both houses of congress in 2006 “was a good thing.”
So, in the hypocrisy strewn world that is Jon Russell, it's OK for Ridgefield Barbie to positively trash the GOP; tell us what a great job Brian Baird has done, and then thank her fellow empty suit in the White House for Obama care... and Russell has no problem with that?

It is the non-responsive, non-visionary GOP made up of people like Russell that Rivers, myself and millions of others are "distancing" ourselves from. Rivers sees, however, that change must come from within. I see that change coming, and a major part of that must be to keep scum like Russell out of any position of responsibility within that party, least his disease of lies, exaggeration and a complete lack of vision spread.

So, there we have Russell AGAIN, under the guise of letters to the editor that he or one of his minions wrote and had somebody else sign, attacking BOTH Jaime Herrera AND the Tea Party.


And then, this idiot attacks Slade Gorton... the chief (one of the few, actually, of any substance) endorser of Herrera. And what is is Slade? What does Slade do?

He's a lobbyist.

So, there ya have it. Not only is Russell a stone cold liar... but he's a stone cold political moron.

Here's some advice, Jon: Get your uneducated ass back in school and LEARN something. Then come on back.

I'll still be here, hammering on you like a drum. But you'll possibly be a little smarter about it.

May be.

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