Monday, July 12, 2010

Russell dumps the "Fact Check" link off his FaceBook.

Well, it appears at least SOME common sense has prevailed for Russell, and it seems he's gotten rid of the incredibly stupid link that draws attention to some of his multiple lies, the bizarrely named "Fact Checking The Web."

The link, located on his campaign FaceBook page, actually drew ATTENTION to his lies. I, of course, blew it up like a balloon:

Jon, didn't I learn you better'n that that? Russell starts his OWN blog and the lies keep coming!

Unlike Russell, who lacks the guts to link to this blog, I freely and actively will link to his:

It's called Fact Checking The Web.

Now, how do I know it's Russell's? That's easy:

So far, it's possessed of a single post. In preparation of destroying it, I offer it here, unabridged and unedited.
Now, instead of that particular bit of idiocy wherein the first thing people saw under his picture was a link to his incredibly lame effort to attack me and misrepresent the issues and the truth, we get this:

It used to have something quite different.

The fact is that Sarah Palin said it best:

No matter how much lipstick you put on the pig.... it's still a pig.


  1. Poor Jon, he can't even do a cheap imitation of John 'F'in Kerry very well.

    Maybe he figured it out that all he was doing was sending people to your blogs.

    If he really wants to a serious and effective politician, he needs to back up, regroup and totally change his tactics.

    The current ones are doing too well for him.

  2. The irony in all of this is that none of it was necessary.

    How many people would have voted for Jon because of a (now-knowingly non-existent) degree? How many will vote for him because his wife was a doctor... even if she WERE a doctor?

    The "why" of it is the thing. None of this makes any sense.

    Why lie? Why break the PDC law? Why present yourself as something you're not, particularly when the thing you're presenting yourself AS wouldn't get you any more votes any way?

  3. So does he have a degree or not? Is his wife a doctor, or a nurse that can prescribe meds? I am totally confused.