Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Russell's lie of the day: he is STILL claiming a degree; this time an "AA"

So, when this blog broke the story that Russell was lying through his teeth when it came to the issue of having a degree... ANY type of degree... we had this first:

Education Info

Then, after he was busted by the paper in addition to me, he switched to this:

And NOW, it says:

Of course, he still hasn't changed his campaign website, leading the casual believer to first, think he's got a degree, and second, think that degree is actually a Bachelor's degree.

It is this kind of thing that Americans feel is so despicable in politics today. And the problem, of course, is that when a politician is deliberately misleading as a part of his campaign, how can anyone believe they won't be as misleading or more if they're elected?

We don't need to look beyond Jaime Herrera as an example. She lied to the commissioners; lied about not wanting any other job, lied about her job with McMorris; lied about fund raising for Bush, and the people behind her appointment, which had nothing to do with the process, knew all that and it made no difference to them. They wanted a puppet they could control... and they got one.

And what did we get for that?

Someone who sold us out for the SEIU. Someone who who sold us out to the democrats to help them vaporize $229 million. Someone who moronically believes that Brian Baird was beyond criticism. A clueless, vapid, waste of time who only has one concern: herself.

Russell exhibits many of those same characteristics.

Yeah, I know: the specifics are different. But the underlying motivations are the same.

Otherwise, Russell would have no reason to lie... a series of lie that indicate to me that he is afraid we'll see the real Russell.

Well, I've seen it. And that's why I don't want him elected to anything that will impact me.

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