Thursday, July 8, 2010

A new feature: Russell's lie of the day.

This start's a new feature here on JRW: The Jon Russell "Lie of the day."

I will be posting and discussing Russell's various lies and exaggerations to provide some balance to what appears to be an increasingly UNbalanced candidate, Jon Russell.

Today's lie from his "What do you mean he's knocked me off message blog?" is this hoot:

Is it true that Jon wants to be State Representative to abandon his wife and children

This is an accusation made by Clark County Politics' author Kelly Hinton, business associate of Ann Rivers, Jon's opponent in the Republican Primary: Is it true that Jon wants to become State Representative to abandon his wife and children?

No way...Both Sarah and the kids look forward to Jon becoming State Representative. Sarah's family live in the Aberdeen area and it will be nice to visit with them while Jon is in session.

It has become routine now for Mr. Hinton to talk about Russell's children & wife by saying things like I already feel sorry for his kids or calling his wife a liar.
Here is the FACT of the matter. I HAVE written the following:
I find it hard to understand the motivation of an alleged Christian who would lie about these things, or, for that matter, who wouild be so eager to leave his wife with yet another infant so he can go up to Olympia and play State Representative.
First of all, the Russell's already have 2 small children. You've seen the picture, right? Russell uses them as a campaign prop as well.

NOT so well-known is that Jon 's wife, the ubiquitous "Dr. Sarah" is very pregnant with a child due around the November election.

So, while Jon is out there trying to play pol, in the unlikely event he's successful, his wife will have a newborn to contend with while Jon is engaging in his long term, career politician political fetish.

The word "abandon" doesn't appear anywhere in there. Of course, Russell knows that. But then, Russell seems just the tiniest bit self-centered as far as that goes. It's just kind of sad that he would put politics ahead of his own family... as running for election and leaving a newborn behind when, one might argue, Russell's presence SHOULD be needed the most.

But it is, I suppose, not unlike the difference between having a degree and not having a degree.

Right, Jon?

So, today's lie of the day from Jon Russell?

That ANYONE, but PARTICULARLY ME, has suggested that he is "abandoning" his family.

Tune in tomorrow for the RUSSELL LIE OF THE DAY.

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