Saturday, July 24, 2010

Russell suffering from paranoia?

Over on the Russell facebook page, Jon seems just the tiniest bit paranoid.

He spews:
The ballots for the August 17th primary election will be in the mail this week. Please be watchful on behalf of our campaign. I fully expect one of my Republican challengers to mail out an attack piece against me or some cloaked third party will mail out an attack mailer on their behalf. Also, be prepared for possible automated calls with an attack message. If you receive one of these calls on your answering machine, please save it for us. I know this is a possibility, because I have seen my opponents team work in the past and I know how they operate.

It is very important that you contact my campaign as soon as you receive these mail pieces or phone calls. Your watchful eye will help us respond quickly. Let’s hope all sides will promote their ideas and candidacy without resorting to attack mailers or robocalls.
Having been knocked completely off message, there's really no point in doing any kind of piece about a campaign that is self-immolating.

The rule in politics is this: when your opponent is set on committing political suicide, your duty is to stand by and allow him to finish the job.

Russell, of course, is as politically dead as a wedge.

Lying about his non-existent degree that he's "finished." Lying about his wife being a doctor. Lying to the 18th District PCO's about his education and how much money he's raised, lying about playing any role in fighting the megacasino, making thousands of dollars off his abysmal effort to enable the port to jack up taxes to the stratosphere, in charge of Washougal's finance committee while $100,000 vaporizes... the kind of guy who would ask me for a political opponent's social security number so he could do God knows what with it.

And, given his genetic inability to raise any money... even when hit pieces go out, he'll be far too broke for any response. The hit pieces on the way will flatten him like a pancake.

I, of course, won't have anything to do with them... and neither will anyone I know.

But the idea that Russell will or even can "respond quickly" may be the biggest joke in the campaign.

Time, of course, will tell.... won't it?

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  1. Does Jon mean attacks like he did to Stacee Sellers one week prior to the election, giving the Democrat the win?

    Or, does he mean attacks like he did in desperately trying to tie you and Ann Rivers together?

    Or, maybe his strong hints that Ann Rivers isn't pro-life, in spite of knowing her history in regards to abortion?

    Or, maybe sending his surrogates out to attack Ann for business associations from the past, while neglecting how he, through Northern Concepts, tried to foist the largest tax increase in our history off on us?

    This paranoia of Jon's is the result of so many years of stepping on other people to get ahead.

    As I keep saying, Jon is his own worst political enemy.