Thursday, July 22, 2010

More PDC problems for Russell.

As we all know, Jon Russell has been breaking the law of the Public Disclosure Commission since he announced for state representative after his abysmal run for Congress.

The requirements are clear and have been posted here many time: anyone anticipating expending $10,000 in a campaign must file electronically.

I filed a complaint against Russell for each of the 3 weeks after he passed the $10,000 mark. Of course, I never should have had to file such a complaint: in the interest of transparency, Russell should have embraced the filing system for donations and expenditures that has been the template for many other states around this country.

Finally, Russell has filed electronically. But in filing electronically, even more efforts to hide expenditures and use state representative campaign funds to pay debt from his abortive Congressional campaign.

An additional complaint has been filed with the PDC outlining again how Russell failed to file electronically, failed to file debts in a timely manner, deliberately filed using incorrect dates (Russell, who attended the Clark County Lincoln Day Dinner as a congressional candidate on February 6, having bought 4 tickets for the pre-dinner price of $60 each ($240) he has reported the date as March first in one C4 filed manually, and April 12 in another C4 filed electronically.) Filed that debt on two different dates, one over 2 months after it was incurred and filed a congressional debt using state representative funds. (His Lincoln Day Dinner tickers for $240 were purchased while he was a congressional candidate and not a candidate for state representative and thus, are not eligible for payment from state representative campaign funds.)

It's really kind of hard to make the law when, for whatever the reason, you refuse to follow the law.

Ain't it, Jon?

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