Friday, July 30, 2010

it's amazing how quickly Jon Russell can change the information about himself...

... when he thinks it makes him look bad.

Yesterday, the Columbian did a profile article. In it, they listed Russell as being 42 years old. From Russell's Facebook:

Jon Russell
Jon Russell The columbian[sic] wrote a decent article on our race. Other than stating that I am 42 years old and not mentioning that I want medicaid patients to pay a co-pay the article was pretty accurate.

But if you go back to the article, here's what it says now:

Jon Russell


• Age: 34

• Residence: Washougal.

See, Russell is all about the truth.

When it suits him.

He wants his age to be listed accurately.

His education?

Not so much.

Even after complete exposure by the newspaper, Russell still insists on saying that he has an AA degree on his Facebook page:

He also doesn't seem to have changed anything in the on line voter's guide: if you go over there and look Russell up, you see this:

That's really kind of strange, isn't it?

Russell jumps through the hoops and gets the paper to change his listed age almost immediately. He even comments about the inaccuracy on his Facebook page as listed above.

The mystery to me is why does he fail to correct the other errors that make him seem to be, well, more qualified than he really is?

Age wrong?

Not only pick up the phone and get it changed (as if anyone really cared whether he was 34 or 42) but they print a correction:

Correction: Jon Russell

Russell’s age: Jon Russell, a Republican candidate for the 18th Legislative District, is 34. A story profiling candidates for the race published Wednesday on Page C1 reported an incorrect age for Russell.

Odd, isn't it?

So many other things Russell COULD fix... make accurate... tell the truth about. Instead, he gets them to print the right age.

Yup. Just what we need in an elected official.

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