Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This week's PDC Complaint Winner is..... Jon Russell!

As readers know, last week I filed a 5 count PDC Complaint against Jon Russell.

That complaint alleges:

First, if you and anticipate spending more then $10,000 in a campaign, then you must file electronically.

I understand why a career politician type like Russell wants to hide as much of his campaign as possible. But the rules are the rules, and they're fairly straightforward, and certainly someone who constantly reminds us that he owns a clinic (as if that's any reason to vote for him) while having a nothing-but-political-resume' should have no trouble figuring out the PDC rules....

Should he?

Second, it’s really naughty to pay off congressional campaign debt with state representative campaign dollars.

I know Russell is an abysmal fund raiser. Who would actually WANT to give money to him? Months on the Congressional campaign trail.... and Russell could only raise $30,000.

Don Benton, while running for the US Senate, raised that in a week.

Third, it's just as naughty to falsely report the date of a debt on a C-4.

Fourth, did you really believe you could list March debt on an April C-4 reported May 10th?

And finally, when you use those darn consultants, an itemization of their services is required.

Especially those consultants you're paying while they trash someone... or others... without mentioning, even in passing, that you're still paying them.

Yes, this is certainly the Jon Russell we all know and love.

The PDC seems to have agreed with my position, or the following email was just a huge coincidence:

From: Jennifer Hansen []
Sent: Thursday,June 24, 2010 5:32 PM
Subject: PDC Filing Reminder - Weekly C-3s
Importance: High

A filing reminder from the PDC for 2010 candidates and their treasurers:


Mailed reports are filed when they are postmarked; electronically filed reports are filed when they are transmitted. E-filed reports can be submitted 24 hours a day. Any candidate may e-file contribution and expenditure reports, candidates who spend or expect to spend $10,000 must e-file their reports.*

So, you see, the part about filing electronically seems fairly straightforward and simple enough that even Russell, who seemed stumped as to what his duties were as Chair of the Washougal City Council Finance Committee, given his horrific overwatch of the Sellers Debacle and the $100,000 that still vaporized should be able to get it.

Only.... he didn't. And, apparently, doesn't.

Because he is STILL filing manually, in violation of a rather clear requirement as outlined above.

So, to that end, I AGAIN filed an ADDITIONAL PDC complaint against Russell for again failing to file electronically. And when he fails to file electronically NEXT week, I will AGAIN file a complaint against him for that.

I guess in Russell's world, he don't need no stinking rules.

Just like we don't need him in government.

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