Monday, July 26, 2010

So Jon Russell continues to lie about his education.

There are, of course, may things Jon Russell has done as a part of his campaigns.... first the train wreck that was his abortive congressional effort, and now his fall back, got-to-get-elected-to-something-to-get-me-out-of-Washougal campaign for state representative... that simply defy explanation.

His lies about his wife being a doctor. His lies about how much money his campaign collected. His lie about his efforts to oppose the megacasino. His personal lies about me. His lie about being responsible for Stacy Seller's departure.

But most puzzling of all are his continuing lies about his education.

Russell, ever the self-destructive type, whined to the Columbian about my blog's disclosure that he was lying about having a degree.

When the Columbian checked out his story, imagine their surprise when, lo and behold, it turned out that Russell... didn't have a degree... of ANY kind.

And, when confronted by the proof that I was right in calling him out for lying about his degree, what was Russell's response?

"I've always said I've earned my degree," he told the Columbian. "I've never said I obtained my degree."

Is that the kind of double talk that makes people hate politicians.

The ONLY way to "finish" your degree is to actually "OBTAIN" your degree. And, in this case, the "degree" in question is the lowest you can get from a college: an AA degree, not the real degree of a Bachelors or 4 year degree.

In this instance, Russell couldn't even get that. The fact is that Russell does not have a degree. And that he may have 60 hours, that doesn't mean he's completed the requirements for a degree, which does mean more than just some number of hours.

For those who don't have one, to get a degree requires strict requirements as to what types of hours for general requirements that all students have to take to get a degree as well as specified classes in a major to get the degree in question, unless it's in the ubiquitous "General Education" associates.

Still, Russell claims he has an AA from Thomas Edison.

Initially, Russell claimed an AA in political science. Russell's problem?

Edison doesn't offer an AA in Political Science.

So, he claims a degree the school doesn't offer. And even after being caught in a lie, Russell still makes that claim on his campaign web site.

You see, this is the part that just goes beyond explanation.

Russell has been lying about his education; he's still lying about it on his campaign website, his campaign FaceBook page.

The question is this: Why? Why lie about it in the first place? What difference does it make? I mean, I get that all of the other candidates save one are more educated then Russell. But how many of you have ever marked a ballot thinking, "I'm not voting for that guy because he doesn't have a college degree?"

But if you go over to Russell's on line voter's guide, what do you see?

You see this.

And that's one of the major issues I have with Russell.

No.... not the fact that he doesn't have a degree... but the fact that first, he'd lie about it, and then second, take no action to change it... as if it was still the truth.

And that's troubling to me. If Russell will lie to us about something like this... if he won't respond when he's caught lying... what else has he lied about... and what else WILL he lie about?
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