Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Russell STILL lying about his education?

Here's what his FaceBook page USED to say.

his FaceBook page:

Education Info


Now, it says:

Let's remember what Russell's campaign web site STILL says as of this writing:

Do you see anything about "Zoology" anywhere in that lie?

I get why he had to change it. After all, it's kinda tough to claim you've completed the requirements for a degree that doesn't exist. And no, Edison does not offer an AA Degree in political science.

So, to that end, Russell even lied to the newspaper.

Here's what we've got.

We've got a pattern of lies and obfuscation. We've got a history of lying about his wife being a doctor. We've got a history of Russell violating the PDC laws in a half dozen ways.

What we DON'T have is a reason to vote for a liar.

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