Monday, July 12, 2010

As expected, Russell continues to break the law.

So, Russell filed his C-3... and did it manually, in continuing violation and disrespect of the law.

In an era where transparency among candidates is a vital component, Jon Russell continues to violate the law and do everything he can to obfuscate where he's getting his money FROM, and what he's using it FOR.

Here's a screen capture of his filed paperwork heading: (The total amount he's raised is around $12,000, more or less.)

Below is a screen capture of an electronically filed C-3.

Some people might ask: "What difference does it make, one way or the other?"

Besides the fact that it's the law, you mean? Here's the difference: Jon Russell's campaign has raised, as I said, $12,000, more or less. But if one were to go to the usual method of determining how much money a campaign has raised or spent, in the case of Jon Russell, because he's filing manually, here is what you would see today:

What you see is that Jon Russell has, according to the data base, raised $9,024.73... the figure off his last C-4, dated June 10. So, using Russell's method of choice, you have to manually access each of his C-3's and add them up to determine how much money he has raised. When you file these numbers electronically, the database is updated almost instantly.

The problem is that as I've stated, Russell has, in fact, raised around $12,000. In short, he's raised 25% more than the system actually reports.

This is not, in my opinion, accidental. Russell knows he is required by law to report utilizing electronic methods, via computer, instead of manual systems, via fax or mail. He knows this.

The PDC sent out an email REMINDING everyone that if you intend to spend $10,000 or more, whether you've raised that amount or not (The question being only if you INTEND to spend that kind of money) that if you INTEND to spend that kind of money, you MUST file electronically.

Russell continues to chronically break the law for reasons only he knows. But know them he does; his violations of election law are deliberate and willful, not that "ignorance of the law" provides him with any excuse.

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