Thursday, July 29, 2010

Destroying Trust in Government: What Sets Russell Apart From His Opponents?

His essentially pathological ability to lie and exaggerate. That he acts like he's the only pro-life candidate running. That he thinks having "full time employees" in a business makes him superior somehow. That he wildly exaggerates by labeling himself a "city legislator" as a title for his utterly incompetent tenure as a Washougal City Councilman. (Even his use of a bogus title is telling.) That he used the government and the people of Washougasl as a campaign prop.

But he leaves so much out.

He's also the only candidate to:

...lie about his education;

...lie to a newspaper and the 18th District PCO's about his wife's profession (No, she's not a doctor)

...lie to the 18th District PCO's about raising $10,000.

...deliberately violate Public Disclosure Law.

...have a disastrous tenure as a city councilman where as chair of the city finance committee (which, oddly, he never mentions) he approved Stacy Sellers Vegas expenses, hired an unbondable buddy as city finance director, and watched as $100,000 of city money vaporized.

...demand that we be stripped of our right to vote for who we want in a way that would keep us from voting for Joe Zarelli, Ed Orcutt and Tom Mielke.

...made almost $10,000 off a government agency in an effort to jack up our taxes to the moon.

...would lie about someone personally in an effort to discredit them.

...would use their state representative campaign funds to pay for his congressional campaign debt.

...and a host of other reasons.

And that, Jon, is what sets you apart. Unfortunately for you, no amount of mouthing platitudes and your fake Christianity can over come your despicable, dishonorable conduct of your campaign.

That's why you couldn't raise any money running for Congress. That's why you haven't been able to raise any money running for state representative. That's why you're desperate enough to pay people to slander and libel those opposing you.

And that's why you're not fit for elective office.

Yup. Destroying trust in government. That's what you do... that's who you are.

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