Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jon Russell supporter trashes Jaime Herrera in the Reflector!

Wow... I never thought I'd see the day.

Here's the letter, tho.... read it yourself.

Who would Jaime Herrera serve?

Where did Jaime Herrera get her campaign contributions from? Here is a little breakdown of where it is coming from.

Results of 48 cash contributors for $22,975:

$12,775 from out of state for 56 percent of the total;

$300 from District 18 for 1.3 percent of the total;

$22,675 from out of district for 98.7 percent of the total;

$4,775 from PAC’s (special interest) all out of district, most out of state;

$5,000 from unions including SEIU for 2008

$100 from her home town Ridgefield or .004 percent.

All of this information can be found on the Public Disclosure Committee’s website.

So stop and think for a moment. If Jaime Herrera had gotten reelected, where do you think her interests would be? Judging by where most of her money is coming from, I would have to say that she might not have District 18’s best interests in mind. With the many issues that matter most in our area, we need someone in the District 18 representative position that will go to bat for us and not vote for the interests of someone that lined her pockets. Money sometimes has a way of changing people in ways that might not be the best. We have no way of knowing if Jaime will be this way but from the writing on the wall it looks like it could more than likely happen. This is why I urge you to join with me and vote for Jon Russell. Jon will reduce the size of government and stand with our best interests in mind and be strong for us during the difficult times ahead. Thank you for your time.

See, it's this kind of despicable crap that Russell is known for.

He was a pathetic fund raiser while he was running for Congress, and he's a pathetic fund raiser now. So all a clown like this can do is rely on the politically ignorant to send in letters he provides for them as if they were their own in a desperate effort to change the subject. Why he would have one of his minions stupidly write a letter that attacks Herrera for doing the same thing Rivers did.... But then, are we to be surprised by someone who lies about his education; lies about his wife; who uses his city as a campaign prop would stoop this low?

What's that? He DIDN'T write this about Herrera?

It was, instead, a lame attack on Rivers?


Never mind.


  1. Funny! Hey Jon... The truth is always the last word, remember?

  2. Jon will never learn that the days of stepping on people are long over, when it comes to advancing your political career.

    On his claim of how he stood up to Stacee Sellers, how could he? He told me, face to face, that he and the council did not know about what was going on until they heard it from Sean Guard as he read this letter he sent to the State Auditor.

    Jon is his own worst enemy.

  3. I simply cannot understand why he's doing this and how he believes it will help him in any way.