Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Odd. One of Russell's scummier elements stopped by and:

... left this burning bag of poop on my doorstep:
LOL. Hey Kelly, lets talk about you and Ann for a while http://yaddayaddah.com/ Your[sic] such a tough guy....Your[sic] a joke. - Anonymous
Dude (Or dudette?) it's actually "you're."

Well, it certainly takes the right kind of courage to leave an anonymous post on an enemy's blog, doesn't it?

The problem for Russell and the scum surrounding him is that I'm hardly a "joke." Were my meager blogging effort here a "joke," why Russell and his slimeballs wouldn't be paying any attention to little ol' me...

... would they?

This, of course, is a classic example of the fine art of knocking someone off message. And for the Brown Shirts supporting Russell, they're too dense to realize what's happened here. Russell and his band of Nazis are so far off message it can't even be pumped to them through a hose.

Jon and his "servant loser" message doesn't play. When you market yourself as some sort of Christian and then act like your politics are from the sewer... as Russell has done ever since he arrived here... the biblical act tends to run a little thin.

For me, personally, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That these weasels have made an abortive attempt to imitate my "Watch" blogs is flattering, but it's also indicative of a complete lack of original thought... and original thought has been conspicuously missing from Russell's campaign.

You see, I'm not running for anything... ever. And, unlike Russell's minions, no one is paying me a thing to write what I write or do what I do. They may feel free to spend all this time and energy beating on me all they want. But the fact is that none of that does a thing for Jon Russell, except to make him look like small-minded, whiny little bitch. someone who can't win on the issues... and someone who is getting hammered for reasons he doesn't even begin to comprehend.

Maybe those hit pieces coming out will help explain it to him a little better.

I've gone after Russell since he announced for Congress 13 months or so ago because he represents a cancer on the political scene. You see the kind of people drawn to him... the type that embrace his lies and deceit and double talk... the type that look the other way in the face of his self-aggrandizing dishonesty.

I don't. And I won't.

Yes, today it sucks to be Jon Russell or any of his clown posse.

But you know what?

I think it pretty much sucks to be Russell or any of his herd every day.

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  1. Obviously, even the Columbian has seen through Russell's facade as they endorsed Ann Rivers and Dennis Kampe, while mentioning Jon's questionable conduct and claims throughout this campaign.

    Jon continues to be his own worst political enemy.