Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sources: Jon Russell's grubby little paws are all over the "Steve Bang" race in Camas.

As we all know, Jon Russell would sell his own mother into white slavery to get a pay check... or to get elected.

Well, the "Bang Race" is no different.

Russell is behind a group that he's designed to use as a fund raising base for his next self-inflicted massacre, his run for an open 18th District seat in the next House elections. He has no chance, of course... pathological liars rarely do.

The name of the group is available on any of the signs that have mysteriously popped up: The Clark County Business Association or some such.

The problem?

Russell is all over this.

The connection?

Multiple sources have contacted me and told me Russell is setting this group up. Added to that, he uses a real moron named Steve Jones as the treasurer for the group.

Jones is chillin' in his single wide in a trailer park in Washougal. Like Russell, he's fond of using fake names to attack... and he's been Russell's political butt-boy inn the past. Oddly, he's using his employer's phone number as his contact number. I guess he can't afford a phone.

Now, this group CLAIMS they won't be receiving... or spending.... more then 5K. Well, considering that Russell will be doing his typically worthless consulting job, that he isn't being legally paid for any of this isn't surprising.

Russell, who's made up a poorly disguised PAC, has ILLEGALLY made himself involved with the Bang effort to use a write-in candidacy.

I say "illegally" because his involvement is no where to be seen... but he's out there.

And Russell ain't doing this for free.

I freely admit that I don't know Bang from Adam. But Jon Russell's involvement, the obvious coordination between Bang, Russell, and this "PAC", the illegal Bang web suite (You do have to list who paid for it) and the PDC scam ALL have Russell's modus operandi all over them... and if Bang is supported by Russell, that's all I need to know.

Vote for whoever else is running.


  1. Would like to have written Bang in, too bad Russell is his buddy.

  2. Looks like Bang, Bang went boom boom. ooops. Buh-bye, Bang Bang.

  3. So, what happened to Jon's predictions of huge wins after the primary?

    Looks like Canny Joe has a teeny-weeny lead she will likely lose in the next few days.

    Plinski, who was caught lying this week in an email to a constituant is going down, down, down. Good-bye, Barbie.

    Looks like his fair -haired Delavar has LOST!

    McDaniel? Likely to be a very close race to a total new-comer. Voter or not, she has 45% of the vote. Jeniffer, still feel really comfy? Hope not.

    And Jon loses in Battle Ground (Zanmandela, the race card only works when you can legitimately play it, you dork).

    Jon loses in LaCenter. Troy V. may be a nice guy, but taking in Jim Irish? Are you nuts?

    Loses all around by Madore candidates. Only 1-2 possible wins county-wide, IF they admit they took his money.