Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Russell continues to illustrate his lack of integrity; insists on posting under fake names to attack his political opponents.

The Post Record put out an article that showed candidate Caryn Plinski to be completely unqualified, by lack of either knowledge or involvement... and, of course, Plinski is a creature completely of Jon Russell's making in his pathetic attempt to take over control of the Washougal city council.

But that's explained below. THIS post is to, once again, point out that slimeball Jon Russell continues to use fake identities to attack those who oppose him or his political allies in public forums (The posts by Russell are boldfaced.):

"Caryn Plinski attended her first Washougal City Council meeting on Sept. 19,"

Yep. That says it all right there.

Most people in the city have never attended a council meeting. I catch the council meetings on youtube when I have the time. I think it's great that she is willing to step forward and serve on council.

"Most people" aren't running for City Council, Petra. Attending your first meeting AFTER the primary isn't the best way to show voters you are prepared to integrate into the city's business.

"She said she would also represent the perspectives of “the younger families in Washougal who need a voice.”"

Are you saying the younger families do not have a voice? Or that they are not be listened to by the current Council? I want someone that will represent the perspectives of ALL of the citizens without an age discriminatory statement such as this. Thanks for helping me decide who will not be getting my vote.

Ummm Striker, Petra said the council meetings are on youtube. This may be a new technology for you, but how it works is that people go on to what is called the internet. They type in youtube and watch video footage. Here is a link to illustrate: endless supply of quotes:

"“I am not doing it because of any sort of an agenda or because I know either side.”

Meaning, "I don't have clue about any of the issues facing Washougal today".

I am sure Ms. Plinski is a very nice person. However, Washougal needs someone that has at the very least a cursory knowledge of the issues.

And the next part of the sentence, Washougalbusinessowner, for those of us that do read entire statements,

"and afterwards described it as an “eye-opening” experience."

Significantly implying that she had never seen a council meeting until that time, on video or live.

The younger people do have a choice, it is called voting, which is something they did not do in the primary election.

Your right Choice. Older citizens with reason and concern overwhelmingly voted against Rod Morris. Almost 70% of them.

Jon, make up your mind. On the other article, you are polis. On this one, you are washougalbusinessowner (which you really aren't, by the way).

Yes, Washougal really needs someone who doesn't know what the issues are and has spent no time until AFTER the primary to try to understand what they are, let alone bring some ideas for solutions to the table. Are you expecting to "help" her understand the issues, Jon?

Has a debate been scheduled for any of the candidates?

Here we go with the Russell stuff. Now you resort to the old guessing game. Drama.

Sorry to correct you, Striker, but Jon is here on this story and on the Connie Joe story as polis, washougalbusinessowner (you are right here, though. He is not a washougal business owner) and he is also Petra. All three of his most recent aliases are at work, except humblecitizen and Teacher Judy Banks (so far).

I find this erratic behaviour very disturbing.

I also find it a mighty big coincidence that both Jon and Polinski used the same quote ...."needs, not wants"..... Ok, not so much of a coincidence. Jon did afterall, publically state that he got Connie Joe and Polinski to run for council.

Oh, wait. Polinski isn't on either side.

And in a previous Post Record story Connie Joe listed her only community service work as being the office manager for Jon Russell's failed campaigns for Congress and the State House. She has really been working hard in the last couple of months. Where was she before that?

I am soooooo confused.

The fact is, both of these newcomers might be nice people. They certainly are involved in their church work, and that is something I like.

In the end, however, it does look like their resumes and experience are a bit thin. In the case of Connie Joe, her exerience was also pointed out to be a bit overblown. Not a certified teacher (educator) and not a certified or accredited administrator and wasn't her college also unaccredited?

Time will tell.

twilliams: While I also applaud volunteer work with one's church, people should be careful of voting for someone for this reason. Stacee Sellers was supported by a majority of the Christian population in Washougal, one of the reasons for her win. We all know how that turned out.

“I was concerned on Monday because the votes went three and three, and then the mayor broke the tie,” said the Position 2 candidate. “The votes were the same each time. I am sad that everything is so divided.”

Really? Surprised? Why? it has been that way for 19 months. 3-4 officials voting on national interest issues, political idealism and advancing their own personal agendas vs. looking out for the interests of all the community. It's not about liberalism, conservatism or Tea Party polkitics; it's about who ahs the best interests of the community and the citizens at heart. That would be Molly, Rod, Joyce and Niki.

My bad, Striker. Your point is well taken. I did not mean to imply in any way that I would be voting for Freeman or Polinski.

Stacee went so far as to "join" the Catholic church and immediately quit attending once she was elected. Even had her campaign manager send donation requests to the St. Thomas membership. Saw two that my sister and Mom received.

A member of Gateway Community Church used their mailing list for a letter in support of Stacee. To their credit, they immediately sent out an apology when they found out about it.

@ Cari, I cannot say for certain but I have heard talk about some of the candidates boning up for the LWV debate in Washougal. The date I heard was Oct. 11 but I've heard nothing further on this.

I attended the last LWV forum much earlier in the campaign process and liked it a lot. I do hope they have another one in an actual debate process.

Mike Briggs Washougal

I don't have a problem with Joe Sixpack using fake names; after all, the issue is typically the idea.

However, when an elected official who so desperately wants to be a state representative or some such gets psycho and, effectively, has conversations with HIMSELF, well, that's an entirely different kettle of fish.

Elected officials should always tell the truth. Jon Russell seems genetically incapable of the art, a bizarre trait for someone claiming to have such a close relationship with our Lord.

But then, that's clearly a campaign prop as well.

I urge Jon Russell to get help. Being a fake Christian psychotic politician is no way to go through life, son. (With apologies to Dean Wormer.)

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