Monday, October 24, 2011

A typical Russell supporter: your[sic] still going to loose.[sic]

For anyone to actually support Russell or his stooges, they have to be both functionally illiterate AND stupid.Delete One wonders: what, exactly, does "loose" mean in this instance?

Anonymous said...

Keep digging man, your still going to loose.

12:16 PM

"Loose" what?

Does this anonymous clown mean LOSE?

Well, I've been in politics just long enough to know that anything can happen. After all, look at Vancouver. They actually elected a slime ball like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt as mayor... so anything CAN happen.

But is it likely that scum like Jon Russell actually has any political support among the rank and file?

Anyone paying attention knows he's a liar with the integrity of a hyena.

He DOES seem self-deluded enough to actually believe that his endorsement in the democratian actually HELPED these people, instead of clobbering them...

But that is what I believe to be the case. That is, Russell's ongoing, pathological ability to lie is a symptom of his self-delusion.

And in this case, there is practically no chance that this repeatedly failed candidate's puppets are going to win. The people of Washougal seem to have had enough, a fact Russell has ferreted out... as he makes nice with Ann Rivers and actually posts over his OWN NAME.

But yeah, the run of the mill Russell supporter is ignorant and expresses him or herself this way. And will that make any difference at the polls?

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  1. Nice spelling and grammar. Are you sure Russell didn't send that to you himself? Hah!