Friday, October 21, 2011

So, why would you want to be a city councilwoman when you rarely vote... like once in 10 years?

I've got documentation which indicates that candidate for Washougal city council, Nicole "Niki" Anderson has only voted once... in the last decade!

Here's a snap of Niki Anderson's voting record... a public document, I might add.

I have verified this through the Sound Politics Voter Database:















Yes, the last time Anderson voted seems to be Novemeber of 2004. In fact, it seems to be the ONLY time she's voted in the last decade.

Now, we've had other examples of those running for office who failed to take this responsibility seriously:

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt comes to mind. The bizarre aspect here is that Leavitt blew off voting WHILE HE WAS ELECTED TO THE VANCOUVER CITY COUNCIL.

Then, who can forget the legendary County Assessor candidate, Janet Seekins, who hadn't voted in the entirety of her LIFE. (The rag endorsed her anyway... because, well, she was running as a democrat.)

In this instance, and in the interests of consistency and non-hypocrisy, I can't view Niki Anderson as someone I would want elected to anything either.

After all, the last time anyone was elected around here with a horrific record of voting in the general or in primaries it was The Liar Leavitt. And he's turned out to be an unmitigated disaster of Obama-esque proportions.

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  1. Being here in Washougal, and listening to some of the political garbage being thrown out by Russell / McDaiel, et al, I would rather vote for someone who has seldom voted in the past than for McDaniel who votes as Russell tells her too.

    Frankly, maybe Niki is as fed up as the rest of us and this will be a new beiginning for her.